Where to find me (other than Neocities) if you need or want to for some reason!


・❥・ Colors TCG
An online TCG hosted on Dreamwidth! Registered as koinuko-colors. At the very least I am on multiple times a month because I usually try to keep current with trades a minimum of once a week. That being said I have been slipping a bit lately, lol!

・❥・ Ensemble Stars!! Music (EN server)
My user ID is 7737218251, and I am registered as koinuko! I usually log in at least once or twice a day!

・❥・ Flight Rising
Registered as koinuko!! Feel free to add me without asking as I'll add anybody back, but you should let me know you're from Neocities if you want so I can know who you are or check out your site! Will likely be on every day for the forseeable future as this is my New Thing.

・❥・ Jstris
Very simple online Tetris. Registered as koinuko. May pop in from time to time.

・❥・ Tetr.io
Another, more robust online Tetris client that also has a desktop version! Registered as koinuko. PLEASEEEE hit me up to play. Like, whenever. I don't necessarily play all that often but I am always up for Tetris.

・❥・ Old School Runescape
Registered as Widdok! OSRS requires both people to send friend requests for them to work, so please e-mail me with your username so I can add you back if you want to be friends. I usually come back every few months and play pretty hard for a week before taking another break. I am almost always F2P unless somebody gifts me a bond or something.


・❥・ Discord
Discord is actually the best way to reach me, but I'd kind of prefer that we've talked at least a bit (whether it be via e-mail or comments on Neocities) before you ask for it in a conversation/friend sense so I can make sure we vibe, lol. If you just have questions about commissions, small coding projects, or other assorted subjects though, feel free to ask me for it via e-mail since it's the fastest way for me to answer you!

・❥・ Dreamwidth
I do have a personal blog on Dreamwidth, but I am extremely bad at remembering to use it. Registered as koinuko.


・❥・ Anilist

How I keep track of my anime and manga consumption. Registered as koinuko.

・❥・ E-mail
You can contact me by sending an e-mail to koinuko (at) yahoo.com! I try to answer as soon as I can but it may be a few days if I'm not paying attention to my inbox.

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