In case there was any doubt left in anybody's mind, I am drawn as if by an invisible and undefeatable force to the worst possible man I can lay my eyes on at any given moment. A friend got me into Blue Lock recently, and I am thoroughly enjoying it - there are plenty of characters in it that I adore with every fiber of my being, who stand out as being fun and lovable for either their charming personalities or how batshit insane they are.

Jinpachi Ego is not one of those characters. I hate this man. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Also, he is ugly. He is ugly and dumb and he has infested my brain like a fungus. God I hate him so so much it's unreal.

^ It took less than a month!!!!! I'm unwell in the head

Anyway, now that I've made it clear that I think he's ugly and mean and I Do Not Like him, I can go on to talk about how much I Do like him and how I have been obsessed with him for two weeks straight. Characters like this always seem to creep up slowly on me - I know that it will happen, I just don't know exactly when, and I always forget how bad it's going to be until it hits me at full strength. I find it amazing that the exact same thing happens time and time again and yet I never learn from it.

^ You are so mean and for what..........

I literally am so predictable when it comes to stuff like this... I Adore being the only person who will put up with an obnoxious and unlikeable guy. I have terrible taste and it manifests itself in me falling all over myself to do whatever they want and then they are STILL mean to me. We stay winning.

Blue Lock offers a perfect opportunity for me to blatantly self-insert in a way that is 100% self-indulgent and also doesn't affect the plot in any important way. Anri Teirei, my beloved Only Female Character In The Entire Manga, deserves way better than to just be Ego's assistant that he insults at every opportunity also that's what I'm here for, so I choose to believe that he puts her to work doing more important and serious assignments that she's actually qualified for. This leaves an opening for 'busywork secretary who gets snapped at for not doing data entry entry fast enough and has to buy crappy convenience store food for Ego because that's the Only goddamn thing he eats' (AKA my job).

I have a weakness for having my S/I be a secretary, or some kind of office worker, or just a general support role for other characters. I like having her do silly little tasks, and I also like when she develops a completely inadvisable crush on somebody who barely gives her any attention. It's all about the Pining TM...

PLEASE say that to me I am begging

But as much as I love pining after a character and being plagued with non-stop thoughts about them with no way to get over it, at some point, the pining has to turn to mutual affection - even if the 'affection' from the other party is steeped in tsundere attitude, low empathy, and not knowing how to treat other people (which are all traits I Love). I don't think that Ego ever in his life manages to get to the point where he says nice things to people, but he definitely continues to put up with her despite her shortcomings, which is basically as obvious as he can be about sort of having a soft spot for her. And she is totally okay with him still being verbally mean to her as long as she can give him a hug in secret sometimes when nobody is looking <3

I just want to help this stupid 35 year old asshole soccer coach relax after a hard day of changing the world of sports and hopefully teach him to eat something besides instant ramen for once in his life. Please for the love of God just eat a vegetable, that's all I ask. 

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