I cannot believe the first Jojo page I'm making on my website is... this. Well. *sighs*

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Let me start this page off by saying I don't even like Hazamada. I think he is a grody little gremlin. I think he is horrible and he should feel bad about himself always. He is a genuine freak and I think Josuke should have beat his ass six ways to Sunday and that would have been the end of him. And yet against all odds I am kind of obsessed with him because I have this curse where every time I see a pathetic, unlikable loser character, I am irrevocably charmed by them somewhere in the deepest recesses of my brain. This is a psychological disorder called being an idiot with bad taste.

The agony of a friend rolling and claiming him in Mudae and forcing you to ask for him

horrible little man -__-

Hazamada follows that classic Part 4 villain structure of starting out as super scary and evil and then just turning into Some Guy That Hangs Out Sometimes, which I think is hilarious. I've made jokes before that Koichi is just a magnet for every freak in Morioh and you can tell that it's true because he's Hazamada's only friend, and even then it's a very cautious friendship at best, LMAO.

Koichi: I don't feel safe here o__o
Hazamada: Rohan's famous! What could possibly happen??
[laugh track plays]

They're so funny together tbh. The Rohan intro episodes with these two are some of my favorites. I love that Rohan just does freak shit in front of them and Hazamada is still like, 'wow, this guy is so cool!' Hazamada is such an insane person that he doesn't even care when Rohan makes him throw up or peels his skin off, only for Rohan to just go and absolutely roast him and calls him disgusting (which he is) even after he spent the entire day telling Rohan how talented he is. And then to add insult to injury after this, Rohan completely ignores him for the rest of the show and follows Koichi around instead. His misfortune is so funny because he absolutely 100% deserves it. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Get his ass Rohan!!!!!!!

Anyway, I haven't watched any Jojo for like two years now, but he wormed his way back into my head again and I could not rest until I did something about it. I complained about it to my friend and she said this to me and then I got mad because she was correct and I wish she did not say it.

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