mairuma s2: episode 7 

I adore Iruma-kun. I've already been watching it this season, so that's why we're starting in the middle with episode 7, which just came out today. I'm a manga reader, so this is all content I'm prepared for, but I still love to see them in action!

Iruma is still in the midst of his artificial evil cycle, brought on by Ali's interference. The Misfit Class is taking on the endeavor to convince the staff of Babyls that they deserve entrance to Royal One, the classroom where the Demon King Delkira once studied. And to do that, some of the other students in the class finally get to show off their stuff! In the first season, it was pretty much the IruAzzClara show, but here in season two we'll get to see more of everyone else and their individual skills!
The standouts of this episode are Sabnock, and the duo of Lied and Elizabetta. Sabnock's job is to get the signature of the teacher he violently assaulted way back in the very first episode, and this attack is not one to be easily forgotten. Professor Blushenko is prepared to take - and dish out - an equally violent beating, but Sabnock instead bows down and humbly begs his forgiveness. After observing Iruma, he's come to the realization that pure power and will mean nothing for a leader if he doesn't care about his subjects. This is a big moment for him, and Blushenko, moved by his apology, gives Sabnock his signature.

Meanwhile, Lied and Elizabetta use their Bloodline abilities to pull the wool over the eyes of Professor Oswell. I think this scene had a lot more power in the manga, but it still introduces the two of them effectively. (For real though, look how good my boy looks in this manga for his big moment.)
Finally, Irumean comes to Ameri for a letter of reccomendation that will coax the rest of the staff to give their seals of approval. Ameri, already suffering through the realization that she's in love with Iruma, is woefully unprepared for his more aggressive, confident personality, and is ultimately won over.
With nearly every teacher now on board with their plan, the Misfits only have one more obstacle in their way: Kalego himself. And we'll see how they tackle him next week!!

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