mairuma s2: episode 8

Yes!! The conclusion of the Royal One Arc. At least, the arc where they obtain Royal One. For the rest of the series, this will be their classroom, and they definitely deserve it!!

Upon turning the thirty-six stamped permission slips from the rest of the teachers, Kalego still refuses to fill out the last form. His reason? He stated that the Misfits would require a permission slip from each member of the faculty, not just teachers - so every member of maintenance, the cafeteria workers, etc. Everybody.
The Misfits are, of course, taken aback and frustrated by this sudden left turn. Kalego intentionally misled them because he didn't want to give them Royal One in the first place. Just before they begin to despair, however, a janitor comes in with one more permission slip for Iruma, showing his gratitude for Iruma's endless willingness to help him out. And behind him, in floods every single member of Babyls' staff, with forms at the ready. This scene makes me tear up. It's just so genuine, and Iruma can't believe that they would all offer to help him back after the help he's given them. Of course, still under the effects of Ali's artificial evil cycle, he laughs it off incredulously. But you can still see in his expression how moved he is by their actions.
Kalego has no choice but to approve their transfer, although he struggles for quite a while before he can make himself do it. The Misfits win, and a festival is held to celebrate the opening of the classroom. All of the students are taking genuine notice of the Misfit class for the first time... and they're so embarrassed, they don't even know what to do. This is the first time they've ever been acknowledged as anything more than "the weirdos from that trash class".
Once inside, as the Misfits are admiring their new surroundings, Iruma wastes no time in settling himself on the old Demon King's Throne. And his bold move is met with silence and reverence from the others. They can't help but compare his figure to that of the Demon King himself, and they're strikingly similar.
I do have to say, though - although I really don't like people that harp on anime viewers and try to force them to read the manga, it's pretty clear Mairuma has not had the largest budget, so some things had to get cut. There's an absolutely breathtaking scene that this episode completely skips over, where not only is Iruma seated on the Demon King's throne, but the Misfits are lined up as his court. And Asmodeus' feelings for Iruma take center stage, here, as he imagines himself as Iruma's loyal servant and protector. Seeing Iruma on the throne solidifies Asmodeus' desire to serve as his spear, and it's a very important moment for him, so I'm upset that we didn't get that glimpse into his character in the episode. Anime-Azz is lovely, but he does feel a bit one-dimensional. Even this small glimpse into his adoration for Iruma could show anime-onlys that he really is serious about his endless praise, and it's more than the butt of a joke. Not to say that Azz isn't funny and absolutely ridiculous sometimes, but I do think it's important to recognize that he's coming from a place with emotional depth.
With this arc concluded, Iruma wakes up the next morning back to normal - and promptly yells at Ali. He's beyond mortified about his actions and attitude during his fake evil cycle. Luckily, though, he's back to being a sweet boy, and apologizes endlessly to everyone at school who will listen, although nobody was more put out by the experience than Iruma himself.
Next week we begin the school exam arc, which should be fun! We're at the point now where things are heating up, and the other students will get their time to shine. Look forward to it!!

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