IDK exactly what to put here yet!! Sgt. Frog is a very bewildering franchise. The first time I encountered it was in 3rd or 4th grade. I found it on YouTube while watching the first episode of Lucky Star, back when anime episodes would get uploaded cut into three 8-minute-long parts. I only watched about half of it because there was a sex joke that freaked me out, but I really liked the character designs, and I would look up pictures of them and try to draw them. I had my own little frog OCs back then, but I don't remember anything about them.

The weird thing about Sgt. Frog is that I've probably gone through 4-5 phases in my life where I got really into it, then dropped it. I liked it as a kid the first time I saw it; Netflix carried it for a while, around 2012, and I got back into it (this time with crushes on the frogs); I think I tried to watch it for the first time seriously in high school, but only made it through 20 or so episodes.

This time, I'm just watching it casually; having gotten into Yugioh this past year, I finally realize the value and fun in watching an insanely long show. Also, the humor has like, continuously stood the test of time for me. The dub is god tier, but I'm watching the sub, because the dub only goes up to around 70 episodes and I don't want to have to switch once I'm that far in. These frogs are just so funny. This is a stupid show that anyone can enjoy, as long as you're in the mood for early 2000's goofy anime humor.

sgt frog said gay rights /hj

Anyway, that's all for now. I will probably put some Funny Pictures on here later, and old web graphics if I decide to look for them.

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