nagatoro episode 2: here we go again

Alright, here we go again! Diving into episode two. The opening is actually really cute, I really like the energy it's got going on.

In the cold open, we get reminded right out of the gate that this is an ecchi anime (with an unnecesary panty shot), so it sets the tone for the rest of the episode. Nagatoro catches Senpai with the new copy of Big Boobie Vampires (clearly shonen manga of the year), so of course Senpai is in for an earful. He insists that he only reads it 'for the story'!!  Sweetly enough, Nagatoro actually takes the time to read the manga, and even praises it. She actually liked it! And Senpai gets this cute, genuine smile on his face. This is another example, much like her observing his drawings in episode one, of how she actually takes the time to get to know Senpai. Of course, she's going to use this information to bully him, but it's still weirdly sweet. Like, before she does anything bad to him, she's taking a moment to acknowledge his presence in a positive away. I really like that. If she was just straight up horrible to him, I wouldn't like this at all.
Of course, we aren't going to fill 22 minutes with cute manga discussion! Nagatoro has some bullying to do! She decides she wants to try playing the part of a vampire, and wants to bite on Senpai's neck. She doesn't take no for an answer, and it really seems like she's going to get her chomp on, but she's turned away by his yakisoba garlic breath.
She falls and ends up with her hand on his dick, and both of them are mortified by the situation - but Nagatoro deflects and hides her embarrassment by laughing at him, saying he ended up in one of those 'accidentally lucky' ecchi manga falls. Which, technically, he did.
After their ordeal in the art room, they head home together. Nagatoro teases Senpai some more. Even after just two episodes, it's really clear to me as I watch that Nagatoro really likes Senpai - her face flushes here before she jumps on him again, and she's sweating slightly. It's subtle, but I think she might genuinely have a crush on him, whether she knows it or not. And of course the poor guy has absolutely no idea what she's thinking. Neither do we, to be honest. And later that night, Senpai can't help but fantasize about Nagatoro, to his own supreme embarrassment. They do like each other, your honor! They do!!!!!The B-plot is a thinly-veiled excuse for boob grabbing shenanigans, with the caveat that if Senpai wins Nagatoro's little game, he gets what is essentially a "get-out-of-jail-free" card. Also, once again, both of these VAs absolutely nail the comedy here. I'm laughing half the time just from their deliveries.
Later, Senpai goes to a restaurant and overhears a group date with Nagatoro, her friend, and two guys. When they try to flirt with her, Senpai expects Nagatoro to tease and bully them, but she just coldly turns them away. She has no interest in them whatsoever. This leads Senpai to ponder if he's the only one that Nagatoro plays with - and she shows up to play with him again, back to her cheerful, teasing self. Certainly something to think about...!
I'm really liking this show, aaaaaaa. My friend really threw me under the bus, but she was right. I'm invested. They're really cute!!!!! I'm excited to watch more. Next time, we'll meet Nagatoro's friends! What could possibly go wrong????

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