12 Oz. Mouse

12 oz mouse is a polarizing show to say the least. people seem to love or hate it, and honestly, those types of shows are right up my alley. its been on my watchlist for a while and i finally tossed it on after watching some reviews of it and an interview with the staff.

much like the review suggested, things started to get weird right around the third episode, and from then on it was hard to tear myself away. i have always been the gullible type of person who gets weirdly attached to certain series, media, or characters, even when - especially when - the idea of getting really invested in such a thing seems stupid. well, i tell you what, i think this show is going to fit right in that box for me. i started getting weirdly into it and found myself actually legitimately wondering and thinking about the plot once i hit season two. i'll have more to say once i finish the whole show.

pros of watching

- makes you feel like you can do anything. this got on national television for gods sakes
- voices like butter i want to eat their voices with a spoon
- funny
- peanut cop is really funny man idk every time he talks its so funny
- episodes feel like theyre 2 seconds long so you can watch a lot of them in a row
- this image (contender for new favorite image ever + feels like those violent stickmen comics)

- flex your high iq for understanding the show's subtle intricacies
- rocking theme song

characters (season one + two only, wip)


Fitz, also known as Mouse or Mouse Fitzgerald, is the protagonist of 12 Oz. Mouse. He has a propensity for drinking and robbing banks. He works for Shark doing odd jobs around the city. He gets flashes of odd memories that don't add up and goes on a search for the truth about his past.


Skillet is Fitz' best, and perhaps, only real friend. He is a chinchilla although other characters often call him a squirrel. He does not speak and communicates only through screeching. He is prone to violence and accompanies Fitz on his general capers as well as his quest for his identity. He is very good at the drums.


Shark is Fitz' boss at the company where he works. He gives Fitz a job in the first episode of the series. Over the course of the show it is revealed that he may know more about Fitz' past than he originally let on.

Rectangular Businessman / No-Eye Square Guy

The Rectangular Businessman is very rich, and lives in a bank. He is a partner of Shark, though the two of them have a very tense and complicated relationship. In addition to having no eyes, he also has no arms, but that's your problem, not his.


Roostre is a corn dog farmer who lives alone on his farm on the outskirts of town. He is a talented singer. He lost one of his hands and now has a hook in place of it. He offers Fitz some advice about his unnerving situation and is friendly with other characters such as Peanut Cop and Golden Joe.


Liquor, as his name implies, is the owner of the liquor store where Fitz often shoplifts $300 bottles of beer. He is extremely sarcastic and sometimes outright rude. He remains fairly calm and disinterested even in extreme or odd situations.


Rhoda is the bartender at the bar often frequented by Fitz and other characters. He has a loud mouth and is very chatty. He never closes the bar. Rhoda is easily intimidated and does things that ensure his own safety and well-being when faced with danger.