Total Trades:

Completed Sketchpads: 0

Current Sketchpad: 0/20

- checks activity log for every instance of the word "traded" to determine where trade entries are
- grabs the text content between the words "traded" and "to", i.e. the list of cards that YOU gave AWAY; entries must be phrased like:

traded cardname, cardname, cardname to name (other parts don't matter, but you can't use the word 'traded' in non-trade entries or it will get messed up)

- counts the number of cards given away in every trade entry, adds this up to get your total trades
- divides total trades by 20, whole number = completed sketchpads
- ^ remainder = current sketchpad progress out of 20
- PERSONAL TOUCH: updates your sketchpad image based on your progress out of 20

Only the three trade events matter here, the other ones are just filler like a real log!

- Oct. 26th, 2022: Traded svanhvit09, mukotsu14, ooeyama09, superpolice13, dreadspirits05 to @byakkun for pharaoh06, flowersmoke06, major18, ooparts05, ooparts19!
- Oct. 26th, 2022: Traded octava03 to @ryuusenka for echoes03 (dupe)!
2022: Received jerk03, pawpad06, explosion06, gramblaze18, aglaia19, aquamirror09, uriah04, deco17, mukotsu17, twindrill09, love-y16, ganja07, pinkskull04, invader11, jazzdance04, beliefs20 from Coloring Book 288! (+16 | 579 total)
- Oct. 26th, 2022: Traded ayesir12, sig_koinuko to @gloomlee for teleport12 (dupe), sig_gloomlee!
- Oct. 26th, 2022: Received nullify20, wingspear01, constellation14, return04, horseback14, akatsuki06, aniki01, boar17 from Art Lessons 314!