Welcome to my collection page for Colors TCG! The game itself is hosted on Dreamwidth. Here you can find my collecting decks, mastered decks, tradepile, and an overview of my activity and status below. If you want me to add your button/banner to my link section just leave a comment on my Dreamwidth profile! <3

I'm in the progess of edited/annotating my scripts and posting them in the 'Scripts' tab - so far I have the autolog and collecting scripts posted and ready to use!

Level: Amethyst
DW Post:
Joined: 10/07/22

Total Cards:

Total Trades:

Completed Sketchpads:

Sketchpads Turned In: 32

Current Sketchpad:

Recycled Art: Wed., Apr. 5th

Activity Log

>> April 30th, 2023:
- Received deltoro01, rosegarden08, chakram02, relicsong20, towndoctor06, instructor02, rewrite03, wonderofu04, evilmonk05, dreadnought19, arrogant02, diamonddust18, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 brown crayon from Deck Donation Rewards
- Received 3-e06, mascots04, meteo14, meteo15, quality01, asakura02, asakura03, asakura06, asakura17, babbit03, babbit14, elegance03, ganja05, glamorous01, greenday08, honorific02, killerqueen02, labcoat14, leocorp20, lockers19, noble05, otahen02, overexcited03, persevere19, pes13, pes16, prince10, railway15, riches03, roids01, sexpistols04, similar03, similar13, stone-face01, summersonia08, surgeon01, volcanic07, xyz05, asakura03, blackmist03, blackmist17, chair10, darts01, exposition03, exposition12, exposition14, flesh03, flesh14, flesh16, glamorous07, machine11, machine13, meteo13, pragmatic11, pragmatic12, pragmatic16, railway12, satisfaction16, shining17, starvevenom19, surgeon02, surgeon08, surgeon14, tapioca01, teaching02, teaching04, teaching11, teaching16, teaching18, third19, xyz09 from Recycled Art (backlog)

>> April 28th, 2023:
- Received myarea01, smarthawk01, windblade01, lovegauge01, magnetic01, acorn01, ascension01, cakepops01, jadedeer01, superdevil01, sanpaku08, sig_koinuko, broadcast06, broadcast07, amazing01, amazing02 from April Release
- Received heartsgame08, hammerhead17, shibainu15, piratehat02, silverpin06, punk01, justice14, girlsadvent01, annihilate20, carpenter09, bringit18, magicallily04, greatera18, magicjoker06, kork05, spelunking07, billiards04, villagerb19, muda15, armblade09, ofwrath09, longdau19, death19, princeps19, founder07, fd3s06, survey18, eraser20, disinfect16, agape18, mace07, flirting06, interact20, dwn-04419, pot05, cruiser07, megalonia16, skilled04, disciple08, folseus18, psg104, sapphire12, beatcall14, blueribbon12, wingspear01, genuine19, horns06, tsuki15, *2 red crayons, *2 yellow crayons, *2 blue crayons from Lady Luck Slots 100
- Gifted likeapanda02 to @tophatcats
- Gifted embership14 to @senchaa
- Gifted softness15 to @crabg1rl
- Gifted homeland20 to @wanderlast
- Gifted qrcode07 to @wachamachas
- Gifted penchant12, littlelady04 to @lingon
- Received safetyfirst01, penchant12, littlelady04, qrcode07, homeland20, softness15, embership14, likeapanda02, offrecord01, illumination01, kotobukiya11, kotobukiya19, geta03, blooddevil02, love-han12, sig_koinuko, maous08 from March Release
- Traded arthim13, sangriarosa13, bestia17, bottlecaps11, cyborgidol08, earthmagic09, fascinated08, finalboss01, heartereki06, icyhot07, icyhot18, kagemusha15, kagemusha18, kurofune06, magicjoker08, mamirin11, mamirin13, parade06, petting10, procellarum19, recitals03, recitals19, sixgravity13, staging10, necklaces14, uranohoshi10, yousoro19 to @sangonomiyas for 10join12, atmosphere14, averageness13, bling12, blueeyes15, blush11, bowwow12, brains20, canary13, charme12, classical20, collector05, collector12, crocodile11, domination15, dresses20, easyr16, evidol06, expedition17, flesh05, freespirit03, ganja08, gecko15, ghostroom16, guide03, guide08, guide13
- Received neko-owo03, robot08, divinelove17, amamya20, caelestite15 from No Context Theater 311

>> April 23rd, 2023:
- Received tabris20, leading14, iwant13, compelled04, gullible14, endings03, model20, cry02, amnesia02, arthim13, nyu08, hardhat01, process15, *1 orange crayon, *1 green crayon from Go Fish 354
- Received divination14, divination15 as gifts from @neverbepractical
- Traded bone12, shunshin09, shunshin20, namekian17, gamblingden20, jankenpon08, aldan01, aldan09, holyknight11, allmen09, coquettish15, demonsnow20, foolslove12, lightsnow20, marimo02, nightmare13, paradise18, persistent10, progenitor19, rashomon08, seiryuu19, silverknife16, tableware06, tableware07, toluca13, toys06, unlicensed01, wayside12 to @neverbepractical for 3-e13, appleacres16, atmosphere02, aubade03, benetnasch06, bling13, butcher10, candycane07, chair20, charme18, chilipepper09, classical18, collector17, confections08, confections10, crystal01, d4c03, darkside20, darts01, daymare02, debt03, debt06, debt13, debt14, destruction13, dinosaur19, diverdown12, divination05
- Received conartist18, serenade18, markv06, timeskip09, unrequited04, flowerpin08, finalerosso02 from Host Club Giveaway 235
- Received astraea07, sliceoflife12, ussocom05, fingersnap15, readsflags02, maverick11, simple05, pururun04, knave03, unlicensed11, dummy05, pokecenter15, dreamisland20, marionetta04, rogueship19, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon from Beauty Pageant 143
- Received underground09, sanction19, cementarii05, morethan06, medicine12, rhodes09, dynamo18, victory16 from Guess the Color 313
- Received *2 yellow crayons, *1 blue crayon, *1 brown crayon from Colorseum 56-3
- Traded deadmans10, fantan11, neofantasy12, abettor07, alice12, aquarimms15, arcusprima01, authors10, belderiver05, bloodbank19, bookseller18, butlers03, calamitas14, canis20, conman05, crossdressm11, design19, fontech07, goodnight18, hex10, hospital06, jetsam10, jetsam17, lepus12, manynames01, monoceros14, octavinelle11, seraphic06, spinea05, trulla02, trulla20 to @tophatcats for bdsm06, deadzone07, doubleflat18, dragon-type15, dressupdoll19, earring08, exodia08, fluffal14, gross07, heartcross14, honorific13, idolclub10, idolclub18, juicebat03, leeks14, machine15, mezzoforte18, mikorin06, omurice12, oshi-san05, professional12, professional17, razorleaf12, scheming14, sexpistols13, shattered05, shiny03, silhouettes07, usagibrand10, volcanic19, woodsman06
- Traded trulla09 to @aroseofmay for woodsman11

>> April 11th, 2023:
- Received icyhot18, catpaw04, french17, blast08, sweetdream17, *1 yellow crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received doubleflat07, dragondive20, sirix13, cepter20, senbon12, confidence18, journal09, fiddle11, sheep16, fiberhero18, noproblem06, sunburst04, ghosthand17, glasgow07, bladesaint03 from Seiyuu Guess 594
- Traded 5thdan07, 5thdan19, absolute16, copying14, errors16, fulldrive09, manynames08, mudabijin14, nidaime10, nightrain07, odasaku16, ridiculed04, rocker20, substitute02, traveler01 to @senchaa for benishigure18, charme08, divination19, dragonrage18, holypriest18, kamui20, metallica12, oiran03, riches11, ripple15, seacrystal07, solaria01, taiko08, third18, xyz20
- Received dreamdiary20, zangetsu01, corseit16, hiyokurenrei09, false13, dreamdiary13, tennis08, aerial14, objection07, fodlan14 from Most Wanted 60

>> April 7th, 2023:
- Received *2 orange crayons, *1 brown crayon, *1 yellow crayon from Colorseum 56-2
- Traded treasurehunt04, wristband16, suits12, camellia03, cat06, dranzer20, kirakira10, safetyteam03, snakes19, trygator08, valiente12, acdc16, colorball05, eleccode07, eleccode09, gutspunch12, halide16, magicfire05, scilab07, scilab20, heartjack17, heartjack17, ironmaiden19, just13, oldbailey14, pious01, precision03, shortfuse16, soisagent08, soisagent13, stowaway17, withwind03 to @crabg1rl for flesh03, flesh15, food06, lockers20, scheming20, securitycat15, wingman15, appleacres14, flat19, loop01, nervous08, accidental12, balthasar17, dresses02, gyoza20, hatched03, hunting01, mizar10, mizar14, oblock09, oblock10, oblock16, oblock20, overpower03, smol15, smol17, boom12, cannondale16, cyber12, debt08, greenday06, ohao17

>> April 6th, 2023:
- Traded fellpool07 to @aroseofmay for insect03
- Traded redlights12, zmei16, buttle09, buttle14, epichero06, fourfangs15, high-spirited01, mesmerizing11, perfectangel10, swordstudent05, violets18, virility18, highwaystar06, ribblades02, ribblades03, ribblades07, earlyshift09, otherside19 to @misheard for 00714, 17701301, 2wink05, abu11, academia04, academia11, academia20, aerialace07, alloflove04, amazing17, anklets06, anklets10, appleacres02, appleacres03, appleacres09, appleacres12, appleacres17, asakura19
- Traded altena06, kanahana09, kanahana17, might05, might08, receptionist09, vierzeberg04, vitalcheck01, brigid20, fodlan03, fodlan11, fodlan14, imitation18, melphis04, mimikins03, nevarl17, robo-nene01, starmiya10, wendel12, angelichowl15, arsmagna12, bohemian08, businesslike16, catastrophe19, child01, dojima19, dotdotdot03, dotdotdot14, dreamycrown07, femaleidols11, femaleidols13, ferolia14, ferolia19, ghosts05, girlinblack04, maitreya03, maitreya15, panepon10, panepon13, panepon17, ramune12, ratatouille07, selamatpagi20, selphia04, selphia16, sparkling03, spicyageha02, wind-up06, wing06, wing15 to @wanderlast for convoy03, appleacres11, aquarium04, babyls05, boarhead04, candycane20, canterlot17, chase13, chilipepper06, crocodile18, cyan15, d4c19, deadzone02, dinosaur09, dragonrage08, dragonrage09, dresses05, dresses18, fine15, flat19, gasmask17, goodlooks18, hatched06, illusion08, invention08, invention11, invention19, junkshop09, kayo-chin20, machine11, mikorin19, minerals04, minerals19, nee-san09, oiran07, primate17, professional08, raindance04, reporter09, riches16, shining05, similar12, skewering17, slyfox14, stench03, teaching11, teaching19, tune11, vest04, vest10
- Traded chu218, hollie13, lempicka01, qliphoth08, pizzicato08, requests01, requests19, shikamadooji14 to @wachamachas for destron16, destron19, crazyd09, ghostroom03, yesiam13, academia10, blackrose10, crocodile18
- Traded answer13, councillor14, drugs03, elevator06, invader11, invincible06, nailart01, popular12, seele15, swindler20 to @hellstarares for alloflove11, hangry08, hatched16, omurice17, specialeyes10, thunder14, thundergod16, usagibrand19, vice-captain16, yanderes16
- Received tetrageniot14, puzzlesp07, coronation05, bone12, maxter13, dyaus08, boat06, sprinter12, kyuudou20, grenades03 from Pokeradar 314
- Received darkfire13, redhood11, zomrades10, starmiya18, cr-s0109, dreams01, maledictor04, clerk07, language14, sensor03, seductress01, backlace02, *2 red crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received idolself09, hana07, photoclub04, *1 brown crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received watergun11, dwn-04519, skincare15, neofantasy12, superheroes09, iss12, *1 red crayon, *1 green crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received hougu10, language03, demonic17, *1 green crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received clover17, brainwash01, nukes05, fatherinlaw03, dolphin06, electriceel08, takasugi10, stararrow09, tomorrow20, tableware07, tall18, assignment20 from Hi-5 Radio 194
- Received imperial14, mini02, robattle05, ironmaiden20, finalturn07, enigmatic01, holyguard02, stillalive01, phosphate14, volatile19, zanza19, darkaura15, amaranthine10, cheerfuldays01, telekinesis14, judecca16, seduction03, forehead14, covered20, weakness01 from January Referrals

>> April 5th, 2023:
- Received convoy02, convoy03, convoy04, destron02, destron03, broadcast04, blranking17, vegitamura12, vegitamura15, vegitamura16 from April Fool's release
- Received cain01, absence09, abel14, cain05, cain06 from Most Wanted 59
- Received chefsknife01, usagimimi20, facepalms05, specialeyes05, hayamin18, advisors14, gsleague05, suwama01, sugarcookie15, maleprotags01, biometals02, clamp09, *1 green crayon, *1 brown crayon from Lady Luck Slots 98
- Received daggers17, glacies07, caress05, crested07, ditzy08, epoch02, 1stguardian15, *1 orange crayon from Go Fish 352
- Received solaria15, specialeyes04, hardwork20, permission01, smooth-talk04 from No Context Theater 308
- Received *2 red crayons, *2 blue crayons from Colorseum 56-1
- Received deadzone10, virility18, charme10, swordstudent05, hayato12 from No Context Theater 309
- Received yharnam05, shipon04, chuchu01, murderhotel17, fantan11 from No Context Theater 304
- Received burns19, kemari03, niconiya16, vest17, luzrov17, kingkazma16, chorrubor08 from Host Club Giveaway 234

>> March 27th, 2023:
- Traded burnish04, capsules05, eyes18, fractureray01, fractureray04, fractureray19, frei02, frei04, ironmouse15, jaganshi18, juniorarmy15, laevatain05, logic07, lycoreco01, lycoreco04, maschera02, myprincipal03, needles06, neofantasy03, playboy17, rose02, saturn08, yousei02, yousei11, crossdressf08, josei06 to @tophatcats for accidental15, adventure04, anklets02, blackrose17, chair03, chilipepper16, combatknives16, dancing16, debt20, flowersmoke10, hungrybug14, matsumura07, mizar02, naps12, nodirection07, riches12, satisfaction05, screams14, sewing06, sticker16, thefrog16, virtual12, volcanic07, waterpistol09, dragonrage19, psybeam13
- Received zaiwei09, vice-captain04, woodsman12, solaria19, croquet16 from No Context Theater 307
- Received ao-chan14, photoclub17, charme16, escapesp17, deadmans10 from No Context Theater 306
- Received dovlin16, waywardone01, neongem19, zaiwei02, macedon09 from No Context Theater 305
- Received fodlan03, older07, halloween02, hoenn01, kakkii09, kajiyuu14 from Deck Lover 358
- Received gakuran17, robots14, leaders20, fodlan14, crossdressf20, 4minutes01 from Deck Lover 356
- Received archers03, clubsunshine14, sexytype16, nekotalia19, rainbowroad16, lucavi16 from Deck Lover 351

>> March 24th, 2023:
- Received ogata09, carnivore09, griefseed19, rest12, fine01, fine19, relic17, kon16 as gifts from @crabg1rl
- Received redbean14, bodyswap20, gigant04, *1 red crayon from Scrapbook 271
- Traded arizona09, cosplayidol13, magiccrests14, mokkun02, mokkun19, phan-site19, vendredi06, aprbirthday20, augbirthday19, black01, brown01, decbirthday13, decbirthday19, grayscale11, grayscale12, grayscale14, grayscale16, pink16, purple16, purple20, red10, red18, sepbirthday08, white05, white11, yellow15, uppercut01 to @byakkun for aerosmith13, collector19, crazyd19, darts04, dtr20, gecko06, geta07, hangry04, honorific12, hunting08, lancecorp14, matsumura09, prima14, prince14, prince18, princely05, psybeam19, pullcord17, pullcord20, rollout08, secretrooms19, sextuplet06, silhouettes02, silhouettes17, similar01, similar02, similar14
- Received demonchild09, unluckiest16, sneakers13, eblan19, megaflare10, goodday01, nekopunch07, ki19, cleaver01, jetpack14, blackvoice07, inferior07, physician18, tvshopping04, liar06, palps12, soporific06, hairband09, shovel05, sealing01, canterlot05, exercising05, maschera02, cheerio02, *2 purple crayons from Lady Luck Slots 95
- Received percussion20, aquatic05, toxic19, mayonnaise05, konlulu17, buckshot01, gridania04, empowering11, ship13, name16, libido08, haikumaster11, assignment05, astraea07, dashing15, tutorial01, manacutter16, k2r05, babyls04, frei04, blackmailer06, qtpi18, natsu19, blue01, minami04, softandwet14, jello16, glare08, shortsword06, code0609, *1 blue crayon from Seiyuu Guess 590
- Received more02, uncute13, ishrasark16, noblesavage07, spicyfood14, bloodbag20, niceboat12, heavymetal06, compact13, falsewar15 from Stamp Card 37
- Received *1 yellow crayon, *1 red crayon, *1 blue crayon, *1 gray crayon from Colorseum 55-5

>> March 22nd, 2023:
- Received taffei13, morti04, corvus17, jankenpon08, fancastle14, nervous20, daughter09, conducts15, youkai14, sparkling08 from Delete Shiritori 238
- Gifted donutpond07, easel18, handicraft08, horny05, magnificent16, rolls06, rolls14, ruemorgue07, secretrooms14, secretrooms20, *a crayon rainbow to @damo
- Traded grandking05, wayward05, kishin15, toss20, symmetry13 to @larecrow for babbit03, carrots20, railway18, speedroid03, starvevenom11
- Received vegitamura19 as a gift from @beezebeora
- Received equable04, laser09, teardrop13, beaker01, warheit20, vendredi06, paradise18, yamabuki05 from Colors Chat 122
- Received magnet12, starter14, hakama20, dignity16, sylph18, dish03, dormouse17, senpai17, puririn15, lorddeath04 from Silly Blanks 152
- Received blranking20 as a gift from @admiral
- Received broadcast03 as a gift from @magaru
- Received blranking15 as a gift from @crabg1rl
- Received programmer11, lancecorp11, entrance07, hotel16, harasho16, commodore07, linda05, prediction01, victim13, magiccrests14, hysteria14, partyguests19 from Directions 165
- Received vegitamura17 as a gift from @sinew
- Received sultry07, popular12, loveng01, traveling01, rockhopper01, vogel17, matagi05, monstrous01, kittywitch01, ahoy18, naga02, fakekey14 from Hi-5 Radio 193
- Received marimo02, mutt07, fodlan11, bloodbag10, bond12 from Most Wanted 57
- Received blackblood06, foxspirit05, heartshaped15, petowl14, dechuwa16 from Most Wanted 55
- Received seiryuu09, caneblast06, josei02, mindreader19, letranger14, respectful07, nazcaa15, spicyfood12, learning02, engagement20, liberate05, haughty12, scanner02, mizuki06, dodge08 from Pokeradar 310
- Received vegitamura12, vegitamura17, blranking19 as gifts from @tophatcats
- Received broadcast03 as a gift from @moes
- Traded ningguang08, sweeping17, yeming02, yeming11, sig_koinuko to @lingon for echoes14, lightside09, tenbillion17, jester11, sig_emelie
- Received disgusting05, deathzone17, results15, sorcery16, wolfsbane15, debtmachine20, cruiser16, 89th01, tekigousha11, fluffal03, shoujomanga05, monomagia10, kagemusha18, constable03, nidaime10, hime02, hotelpool20, chickenwing02, nocturne01, journal06, mountains18, respectful16, dragoneyes03, volatile12, *2 blue crayons from Lady Luck Slots 94
- Received misguided02, fragarach01, bubbly13, gerbera07, auraarrow14, aquarimms15, trinisette12, satsuma19, geirrod20, chuchu07, peachclass04, solaria06, wilderness01, wing-borne01, meek02, cynic15 from Coloring Book 297
- Received wildduck17, nammu02, cutethings18, mainyu09, yogsothoth05, fierydesire08, breath18 from Host Club Giveaway 233
- Received muse20, pledge19, salamalyon13, naked06, rainmaker11, the5th12, futureeve19 from Host Club Giveaway 232
- Received *1 purple crayon, *1 green crayon, *2 red crayons from Colorseum 55-3
- Received *1 yellow crayon, *1 purple crayon, *2 green crayons from Colorseum 55-4
- Received *1 yellow crayon, *1 green crayon from Riku's Favors 32

>> March 3rd, 2023:
- Donated *1 red crayon to Coloring Book 297;
- Donated renowned08, mine09 to Silly Blanks 152;
- Donated farsia17 to Delete Shiritori 238;
- Received kid15, logic07, shinsengumi14, dechuwa11, drugs13 from Most Wanted 54
- Received aniue05, teach12, amara14, disobedient08, herbalist05, kawasumia01, mustasim03, lord18, hacker03, 2-303, topspeed14, schism19, frei02, jaganshi18, message03, noname15, heroine07, wife18, razorwind20, devoured18, darkpower13, trusting13, destruction02, surgical11, jinen06, outcast13, ticktock14, rots19, spinea05, spicyageha02, coupdetat07, ensanguined06, robin02, fractureray19, nachtmusik13, retto09, tarotrei03, robo-nene01, aman07, odango13, death09, combine06, neofantasy03, kishin15, *1 red crayon, *1 green crayon, *1 gray crayon from February Activity Rewards
- Received femaleidols13, hikikomori09, kneel14, seishun09, ironchef03, radiohost09, catch17, cosplayer19, artistic08, littlewomen12, worthy01, burnish04, holywar10, ishidaa14, treasurehunt04 from Seiyuu Guess 589
- Received draculina08, rasudan18, finalboss01, expelled19, dodge14, fists03, positive17, wind-up06, fensalir12, gin01, standup04, fourthchief20, forest07, artemisbow04, right04, paradox10, samarkand09, ais18, watcher12, shoujomanga07, sixwolf10, child17, camcorder04, ghosthand16, crossroads14, kicker13, gladius15, waterpistol10, homeworld12, mcgigolo20, miracle-like05, lightning06, glassheart11, idiom05, nadeshiko16, lifebelt02, war03, getiton14, sacrifice07, haiku14, myprincipal03, diamondsgame08, fourfangs15, regarding17, rulestime06, smooth-talk15, unchain07, refinednoble13, dovlin02, soleally04, *3 red crayons, *1 green crayon, *2 purple crayons, *1 gray crayon from POG 110
- Received grebe08, husbands11, saillune09, supportive17, abel08, powder18, dranzer20, homeworld09, alamode19, evolver14 from Pokeradar 309
- Traded kabbalah03, doctor12, grandis19, densecaress08, eskrima18, pomefiore12, savanaclaw20, waka-sama18, gambler09, gemini19, pisces01 to @byakkun for babbit08, breathers09, bucket04, bucket08, divination17, dragonrage06, ganja07, girlymatsu13, girlymatsu20, hangry14, plankton09
- Received phan-site19, achoo16, bigkitty13, 4minutes07, codex14, shogun17, tensai04, suits12 from Booster Bundle 171
- Received tamakoma04, iinchou07, curepapaya06, quantum12, sharpshooter05, emblaze01, gund-arm18, urusei04, odblood20, questions09, wayfarer20, wendel15, fractureray01, feathershine01, blooddevil03, vegitamura20, wayfarer16, leptailurus05, gunpowder14, ribblades03, seizeyouth08, ninjamaid18, skating16, panepon13, arizona09, trucking14, bakuretsu15, nevarl17, md-0032g16, oldmaid19, aerial01, 77-b17 from Booster Bundle 172
- Received swingrock15, rougeschool11, unite13, themoon17, eclair19 from Stamp Card 37
- Received hana19, graduate12, nekomimi16, saneprince10, heropon06, delivery12, demonsnow20, jeanpaul12, bountifully16, reglay18, golddemon04, uppercut01, beacons09, sorceria10, robberfly04, upbringing01, fireelement13, 4thsister20, maid08, kouki11, *1 orange crayon, *1 yellow crayon, *1 green crayon from Stamp Card 36
- Received mine03, buttle14, electricnet04, otherside19, analyzedata04 from No Context Theater 302
- Received perfectangel10, strongjaw10, cosplayidol13, wela09, strongjaw07 from No Context Theater 300
- Received wendel12, foxmask17, ribblades17, mardan12, perfectangel02 from No Context Theater 299
- Received panepon10, wela12, smolder04, perfectangel17, ningguang08 from No Context Theater 298
- Received morii16, clerks13, mflove05, femaleidols11, keyhole09, oninonaku08 from Deck Lover 354
- Received ofthesea20, kawakamit12, aglaia11, stage08, 5stars05, horror18 from Deck Lover 353
- Received *1 red crayon, *1 brown crayon, *1 orange crayon, *1 blue crayon from Colorseum 55-2

>> March 2nd, 2023:
- Received blranking13 as a gift from @wanderlast

>> Feb. 23rd, 2023:
- Received lucavi02, goddesses08, hats19, venoshock12, mayonaka04, accessories17 from Deck Lover 352
- Received forgiven16, dogtags19, arcana06, 1000needles04, ghibli10, projected10 from Deck Lover 350
- Received miyanom04, morikawa14, heirs11, gensokyo05, species11, corner16 from Deck Lover 349
- Received cosplay19, grayscale14, kanahana17, tsunderes01, cure03, namidai07 from Deck Lover 347
- Received smd12, chuunibyou07, mikakoshi17, cids04, barhara18, hirarin02 from Deck Lover 346
- Received darkside01, retro02, sabers05, white11, labyrinthia10, gamevil15 from Deck Lover 345
- Received *1 blue crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 brown crayon, *1 green crayon from Colorseum 55-1
- Received geta01, destron01, convoy01, bloodbag01, vice-captain01, neongem01, deadzone01, foxspirit01, vitality01, holypriest01, heartshaped07, sig_koinuko, heartshaped09, specialeyes18, nico-nii05, aerosmith11, expedition14, entermate19, private11, babyface05, car06, geta02 from Release 154

>> Feb. 23rd, 2023:

- Received grayscale16, mythicals18, gentletype11, demons14, ghosts05, swimtrunks16 from Deck Lover 344
- Received palicoes11, panepon17, microbes12, greenvale12, vampires09, selphia16 from Deck Lover 343
- Received decision17, nekotalia08, mothermila11, irontail13, isaac02, 315pro09 from Deck Lover 342
- Received usagimimi10, nes07, healers10, swimtrunks18, ghibli13, thieves08 from Deck Lover 341
- Received vegitamura04, resonance01, augbirthday19, epoch01, gentletype16, gourmate14 from Deck Lover 340
- Received kyous07, dotdotdot14, deities19, ponytail08, meteo08, fatherduma13 from Deck Lover 339

>> Feb. 22nd, 2023:
- Gifted burgers02 to @moes
- Gifted fiancee13 to @crabg1rl
- Gifted ribblades02, otherside09 to @aratakis
- Mastered SURFACE and TOYTOY! Received love-han10, love-han11, kanjipuns14, decbirthday13, erratic10, scrambled18, *1 green crayon, *1 gray crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Received pain19, pain20, toytoy18, entermate09, entermate11 from Riku's Favors 32
- Donated d-hero05, darkfusion11, pain03, pain12, oneshot07, toytoy14, pets08, pets12, performage08, performapal14 to Riku's Favors 32;
- Received ghosthand05, broadcast01, broadcast02, love-han07, love-han08, disqualified16, love-han09, disqualified17 from Little Spell Academia 248
- Donated crystalball11 to Stamp Card 37;
- Received pomefiore12, tarotcards05, darling17, yamato19, shocking02, oiran01, maid-chan11, ulysses18, venomspray15, anko12, sand10, saberface12 from Directions 163
- Received secrecy14, hakujoudai18, archest10, sparkling04, snake15, x1606, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received brutalswing07, ribblades07, sibling18, minstrel12, stellastage02 from No Context Theater 303
- [special] Traded gottasmoke05, greatknife04, lockedin12, mandragora18, mocking19, remaining19, shortsword01, teddybears01, xuandu02 to @sinew for candycane16, hungrybug13, king20, necklace02, sleepyash03, slyfox18, stitches02, totty08, allmate12
- Received teleport09, effeminate02, sanctuary17, cymbeline06, fen13, foolslove12, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received highly15, mahatma05, conquer17, partcat19, harmonica03, phonecalls09, farsia17, villager13, crowgoblins09, odblood15, crowgoblins15, addicted17, sexytype05, goya16, unlicensed01, damocles15 from Coloring Book 296
- Received stardust17, stardust05, stardust10, overpower11, overpower08, *1 purple crayon, *1 brown crayon from Riku's Favors 31
- Received broadcast11, broadcast05, diverdown04, diverdown11, diverdown09, kon01, pullcord06, skullbrooch13, skullbrooch05, *1 red crayon, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon, *1 gray crayon from Riku's Favors 30
- Received lumia05, seele15, fantasyland05, zoanthrope03, farethere14, venoshock04, union19, decbirthday19, asterisk10, kuuderes10, ivalice08, colossi02, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon from Lady Luck Slots 92
- Received zaku19, summer13, rikudou02, naraku13, dattebasa14, sweetsshop05, unorthodox08, firststar02, chimon04, cattown07, strain12, symbologist18, babyls13, jior20, calamitas14 from Seiyuu Guess 587
- Received vegitamura09 as a gift from @sangonomiyas
- Received car05 as a gift from @prisma
- Received surface11 as a gift from @syarapi
- Received surface11 as a gift from @goiioo4
- Received surface08 as a gift from @byakkun
- Received car04 as a gift from @larecrow
- Received blranking12 as a from from @aratakis
- Received surface12 as a gift from @lingon

>> Feb. 21st, 2023:
- Received grabhorns20, altena06, debtmachine18, car04, oldmaid16 from Coloring Book 295
- Received immelmann17, nazcaa09, featherfolk13, unorthodox20, toytoy14, waterflail04, indirect07, pluto02 from Player Report 235
- Received mellowbeat04, flea11, keptman12, oldmaid07, lorddeath20 from No Context Theater 301
- Received vegitamura11 as a gift from @hellstararesMost Wanted 53
- Received exorcise15, trickyfox17, letter20, ranger03, wristband16, goody06, contramundi18 from Host Club Giveaway 231

>> Feb. 15th, 2023:

- Donated *1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 296;
- Donated blackbird02, blackbird02, blackbird05, jester04, jester06 to Riku's Favors 31;
- Traded bibi08, captivate09, cards06, crownclip04, disillusion09, driedsquid10, face13, foursky19, guitar12, gungnir19, gunner07, ioforia14, keyblade15, kittydoor16, lovemaster15, nanashi17 to @moes for devillord06, duck04, heartcross18, honorific14, hungrybug03, hungrybug19, majority13, majority20, mammamia13, moonblast04, omurice08, pit15, poisonous05, quality05, scheming02, sewing09, sugarcookie20, translation17
- Received gamblingden20, gemini19, gaia07, bakuzan15, sacredpower20 from Most Wanted 52
- [special] Traded fashion11 to @tophatcats for zippers18. Received pullcord07 as a gift from @tophatcats
- Received sweeping17, 8years02, chair11, courtesan06, half-giant19, cheese13, misakistairs10, blossom13, honoo03, sudarshan09 from Pokeradar 307
- Received midlander17, flea17, whatkey04, crystalball11, gekokujou15, smitten05, nodirection10, marimo08 from Delete Shiritori 233
- [special] Traded dracaena01 to @beezebeora for blooddevil07; Received ghosthand04 as a gift from @beezebeora
- Received blackmailer02, nega14, pasttunnel05, rasetsu01, yamaken07, wedding01, gransys09, nyctophobia18 from Reading Between the Lines 329
- Received pawn19, stethoscope17, voltaic14, round02, cheater09, hmm01, fastball04, freeshooter19, dual-tipped18, hiddencurse04 from Silly Blanks 148
- Received averageness06, doublesharp15, kamiyan04, crocea16, sharnoth03, driving05, art19, medicine02, party03, beecontrol18, *1 purple crayon from Go Fish 345
- [special] Traded 5thsister07, bangsineyes16, curious15, curious16, employee05, employee16, mononokean03 to @lingon for aquarium15, babyls06, birthmark15, darts03, dtr18, ghostroom20, glamorous05; Received goodlooks01 as a gift from @lingon
- Received mokkun19, worm02, airheaded15, shine02, unsatisfied05, directions16, unborn16, rollingsaw03 from Delete Shiritori 234
- Received safetyteam03, gecko03, chindonya14, cahoots16, bugle06, honey16, koga17, rollingsaw09, pearl10, jimmies10, dutchman16, beginning11, densecaress08, vanguard02, fourstar10, ferolia14, housenka20, 12years05, suture11, begging04, amen14, thecow17, impulsive13, eins06, *2 green crayons from Lady Luck Slots 91
- Received financial12, hibakari19, crossfire10, minervykins16, dancecrew19 from Stamp Card 36
- Received x31s04, prison01, butlers03, shenzhou14, bullied12, demon12, fractale17, ideal15, shadowless12, girlymatsu16, lu-knight17, cynophobia05, curia02, kodama04, ooparts20 from Seiyuu Guess 586

>> Feb. 11th, 2023:
- Received gadgeteer12, arcusprima01, handler19, shikamadooji14, bloodthirst08 from Stamp Card 36
- Mastered SKETCH, FORM, NUMBERS, REDFLASH, TELEPORT, and TWINDRILL! Received love-han05, love-han06, pain14, pes09, pes10, nico-nii19, galzzly02, knife-throw15, belderiver05, warpspace03, visions07, omaruza04, handler11, angelpowder08, popgun05, yourbook03, ivalice05, aloupeeps17, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon, *2 yellow crayons, *1 blue crayon, *1 gray crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Traded clowndrop13, curepeace10, distrust12, dramas08, fetch16, fireelement07, focusing02 to @wachamachas for blush04, persevere10, pikori06, redeyes13, poisonous07, taiko06, wingman17
- Received surface10, wool13 as a gift from @wachamachas
- Received macho09, sanadaschool04, fensalir05, metallica08, receptionist09, lovewing20, sir18, grapejam01, twinsnipe12, hylia20, ticktock06, bestia17, image19, soryuju04, *1 green crayon from Host Club Giveaway 230
- Traded chronosrose11, dragonfoot03, dragonfoot17, faerghus08, greennoa07, kanaueda08, lock14, masochist13, md-0032g10, mylove04 to @citoyenne for babbit16, domination14, hangry09, necklace11, paired09, persevere19, simplicity18, smol06, spicegirl05, vincent06
- Received summersonia07 from Switch It Up 207
- Received yogurt09, curly09, trailblazer13, redchild12, akfield18, goldchain04, negi01, beatboxing03, sengoku14, nstackle07, towndoctor08, incapable18, bounties04, maouryuu15, slam09, 12thpillar17, questions19, simulated19, ahoge16, nerd08, *2 yellow crayons, *1 gray crayon from Stamp Card 35
- Received question14, minigun13, octavinelle11, cecaelia20, paired13, sextuplet09, sharpeye17, unborn05, honeyflash19, liberation02 from Pokeradar 306
- Received saberface17, redeyes12, bombardment15, clawmyheart05, gambler09 from Most Wanted 51
- Donated highpeak04, ryuseitai01, blranking07, blranking10, awaking16, harvest01, littlefeet10, rev06, rev10, germanium11, clockkeeper01 to Riku's Favors 30;
- Received sketch13, sixfingers09, sketch16, disqualified15, entermate07, car03, tenbillion13, tenbillion14, sketch17 from Little Spell Academia 247

>> Feb. 8th, 2023:
- Donated aether16 to Switch It Up 207;
- Donated bitterherbs20, sketch02 to Stamp Card 36;
- Gifted mahapralaya09, nammu09, netherworld03, shikaisen16, spinster09, stride18, teni14, vivace01, wicker14, wiseking09 to @wachamachas
- Traded volvagia07, osaka-jou04, chaldea10, deadoralive04, glyphs17 to @hopes for griefseed05, oneshot02, rest15, hangry02, hangry06
- Traded blackmail12, cobbleston17, companion11, defy05, dwn-04415, fitness18, flea03, grabhorns11, isaac01, levelseven15, masked07, oceanside07, player207 to @gloomlee for flowersmoke20, mrpoliceman14, shimonnu05, slopes14, academia15, gag14, ganja19, gasmask07, girlymatsu17, legendary19, marshmallows14, rope18, wingman19
- Gifted pomegranate13, rainbowshot10, starclip04, stray08, suba-tomo10 to @moes
- Received wuzhang08, helicopter08, tattoo01, *1 blue crayon from Birthday Gifts
- Received leeks20 as a gift from @tophatcats

>> Feb. 5th, 2023:
- Traded alternative07, diclonius19, ideal13 to @prisma for duck02, flat07, flowersmoke12
- Gifted neozeon04, oils12, pure07, snail08, snake18, tsunshun15 to @citoyenne
- Received smd02, selphia04, tharsis07, aerialace02, aglaia15, fairies03, 3-e01, wisdom03, lancers05, arousing12, acewitches20, ostia18, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon from Lady Luck Slots 89
- Received gladiator05, thekangaroo09, thorough02, goldsmith13, renais08, jobs20, directions03, elemia04, holylight11, bepsi05, lancers01, milkyway14, locket10, seemly06, errors16 from Seiyuu Guess 584
- Gifted racing07, rubber11, seawizard17, sepbirthday04, summer05, tender05, viruses12 to @gloomlee
- Traded aaa06, aaa20, awaking12, badcompany03, badcompany14, beautiful19, birthplace07, bofu07, bornthisway03, bornthisway11, chakrams07, chemballs11, cleaninglady19, complete03, concealing13, conjurer10, curemermaid13, darkfate13, darkroad01, darktowers16, divina17, dwarfmade19, e-mails08, eats20, emblaze08, fuchsia04, greengate07, honorific01, koopalings08, lightbearers13, locacaca13, lunartear05, moonsault16, nanodesu04, negatives19, neptune09, nii-nii02, rival10, roof16, shadowmaster14, starhealer06, strongjaw07, strongjaw20, sweetscent07, traverse17, versailles07 to @beezebeora for adventure03, adventure17, bartender06, bartender12, blurry19, confession05, crystal04, d-hero09, dinosaur17, disqualified18, dominance13, evidol05, evidol11, figments13, games04, gross09, gross16, hangry05, honorific03, idolclub04, juicyfish01, juicyfish17, labcoat16, lovesongs11, minerals03, omurice18, paranormal04, quality14, roids15, scold08, scold09, screams08, secretrooms15, sergeant20, shiny19, ships14, slopes08, spellcaster05, spellcaster15, stands12, stonefree01, stonefree14, weakest13, yanderes17, yard20, yo-kai04
- Received follower08, cherryboy07, aodaisho06, harmonica17, raccoon05, yakumo10, parfaedia19, dirtyjokes04 from Reading Between the Lines 328
- Received eylstadt20, infant07, clear05, barehanded11, comp19, easel18, aeses11, sprout17, waka-sama18, ninjamaid03, gichou18, laurent03, starmiya10, namekian17, flailsword12, cascade18 from Coloring Book 295
- Received gleipnir16, possible03, crystalmagic13, xel14, gallant15 from Stamp Card 35
- Received *2 blue crayons, *1 purple crayon, *1 gray crayon from Coloring Book 294
- Received *1 red crayon, *1 yellow crayon, *2 gray crayons from Coloring Book 293

>> Feb. 4th, 2023:
- Traded patrol04 to @jewelry for sticker19
- Received sketch14, surface09 as gifts from @admiral
- Gifted iinchou14, kalos19, maniac04, nii-nii08 to @prisma
- Mastered LIGHTCLUB! Received seele13, windworks15, covered01, whitehorse02, *1 blue crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Received sketch11, sketch12, toytoy17, flowersmoke04, private03, ripple08, games02, love-han04 from Little Spell Academia 246
- Received railway13 as a gift from @byakkun
- Gifted miyagami18, 198804, confession10, whispered19 to @lingon
- Gifted ampulla03 to @byakkun

>> Feb. 3rd, 2023:
- Donated pearljam01 to Stamp Card 35;
- Donated *1 green crayon to Coloring Book 295;
- Donated neozeon04 to Delete Shiritori 234;
- Donated experiment11, helicopter02 to Silly Blanks 148;
- Received seitokai12, chimchar03, three19, radio19, fixer13, tokyo20, merchant13, savage04, soulhunter19, impostors15 from Silly Blanks 147
- Traded alteregos09, astrologist18, bluesea18, bombings07, caesarpro15, cementarii10, chronosrose14, crania11, dojang19, eskrima02, eskrima11, fashionable17, fengshui10, foxmask05, funyarinpa13, gloucester02, gloucester06, godfist07, kazaly19, lightmusic02, lilies09, makai04, mechanic01, meowington09, meowington15, noah19, okimunpe17, postman18, profitable08, programmer18, pugilist14, savage01, scorpio02, scorpio14, signorina14, sobbing02, tokyo07, vulpeszerda19, whitesilver15, wicked12, yamazakura15, zealous02, absent07, magna19, waka-sama08 to @byakkun forasakura09, asakura20, benetnasch19, bully01, crystaltower12, d-hero11, darkside12, dragonrage14, figments03, flesh10, flesh13, food17, ghosthand14, hatched20, majority19, merak12, merak15, necklace03, noble16, ofthesea12, omurice10, openings06, ouji05, overexcited05, persevere17, persevere18, phonecalls12, pikori02, pikori11, pit07, pitcher11, pitcher14, pragmatic14, pragmatic15, pragmatic17, prima05, prima18, prima19, professional09, protect04, protect10, protect12, purifying14, radiohost05, roids07
- Received hinomoto01, kabbalah03, hannya01, dwn-01311, dracaena01 from Go Fish 344
- Received volcanic20 as a gift from @neverbepractical
- Traded earthgrudge19, jashin06, shunshin10, 1812, human20, saiyaman02, transform04, parasite14, harder03, mole08, mole14, partyguests14, tsurugi08, hakoniwa02, creaming03, election06, leash03, nimtype16, treasurehunt16, heritt19, lostvayne18, chaperone05, festive15, karateclub06, highstakes17 to @neverbepractical for abu18, abu20, anklets16, appleacres13, asakura01, asakura18, balthasar02, balthasar03, balthasar04, balthasar15, beastman04, beastman14, benetnasch04, benetnasch13, benetnasch19, birthmark12, blackmist07, blackmist13, blackrose15, bling14, bling16, blueeyes19, blush15, breathers18, torikou12
- Received valkyrie12, bangsineyes16, jewelwitch01, inorganic19, spandex07, hatched12, mini20, trailblazer19, strongone08, magicaltoy16, baerats01, outburst09, buster05, d-hero05, steals11, merak16, sparkwave16, wallachia09, karamucho06, savanaclaw20, buckler20, judgeblt11, determined03, livestock04, dynamo15, ironfist09, zanpakuto03, pyromaniac10, buildstrike19, rats05, sandwich20, knifework06, gambling15, starcave10, receptors16, dimensions02, maou02, charao05, crossraven08, do-it-all08, driger05, spinningcut04, greenpearl04, wilkis17, esp04, lowborn08, poppo16, windwhip05, feesh14, huntingdog07, sickle07, magicfire05, urbanus04, oaktree16, niconico07, seduce17, notarial07, adapt20, ikuoot10, hangover04, purple20, producer20, buddypolice04, rustboro18, phonestrap10, deadoralive15, likable17, senbei03, oceanside07, dln-00415, vinewhip14, gag13, longyou17, squishy18, sakanoshita12, dadadadan03, inquisition06, halfsister08, dauntless11, devour17, happyend17, shogun15, to-witter02, rustboro16, loneliness08, netherlands05, wet13, squirrel18, taozi03, cares19, childlike08, hostess16, mavrou17, maniac01, lockedin12, disciplinary10, tol19, cliff04, vocal11, fashion11, earthmagic09, toys06, producer03, damsel19, mermaid09, english03, kijin19, responsible17, manba06, ironchef03, seedgather01, snowcountry01, maitreya03, elf08, chakra08, rivercity01, kagemane17, arrows10, dojima19, tamarin02, secondunit11, traitor02, kouhai13, wushu10, fire03, silverknight18, holyknight11, pickpocket03, balmung20, fightingsp16, cheat15, silesse10, brinstar19, d4c12, sharpeyes09, planting12, obsession03, curbstomp11, monocle13, amamikado10, 500yen19, toluca13, doctor12, raw01, parents01, steals15, fakecopy04, guardians06, napgus16, fiery14, hre20, soul-getter12, truegrace07, bailang06, landis16, grandis19, forget08, xinyi03, blonddevil16, beelzebub04, taoist10, ringmaster10, retak20, greenday14, substitute02, braids07, ironmaiden19, orbs10, fiancee20, navigator09, gatling06, villagerb03, swan14, 7titans08, blackbird02, loveng13, grayscale12, thekangaroo10, boom13, apologetic15, earring04, briar15, warpspace11, sophisticated02, megamart03, predict01, eskrima18, atonce08, stealsouls11, slugs05, wela10, yeming02, ribblades02, stormwatch01, sugarmelody11, ferolia19, quantum01, buttle09, iinchou09, theroadhome18, analyzedata09, sibling01, tamakoma04, predict11, *3 red crayons, *2 orange crayons, *3 yellow crayons, *5 green crayons, *2 blue crayons, *4 purple crayons, *7 brown crayons from Pot of Gold 109
- Received oldbailey14, chilla19, heartjack17, mintendo15, dreamsky09, tv16, highrank14, prodigy14, enjoy10, leeks03 from Most Wanted 50
- Received needles06, seawizard09, sixfingers04, sexta01, sultry06, prickly14, crystalmagic08, collections11, pursue03, forestpiano05 from Pokeradar 305
- Traded aikane03, aikane08, altena14, corseit16, crossword07, dojima02, dojima08, effect09, fellstar19, fethmus16, footsteps01, greatwitch13, hikou11, ironmask06, japanesque06, jetmachine05, laurent01, lesson04, lostemotion02, lucoa10, magicalgun18, nanodesu04, nanodesu10, nevarl01, nevarl06, nevarl08 omajinai04, royalties18, sacredpower09, sailaway09, sci-fi09, station16, sugarmelody05, sugarmelody09, usami04, vividcolor07 to @wanderlast for vegitamura08, vegitamura18, vegitamura20, aerosmith14, asakura05, aubade12, blackrose01, butcher15, easyr18, ghosthand08, hakujoudai18, illusion06, invention07, jellyfish11, leocorp17, lightside08, meteo08, noble08, ouji05, peakspider05, phonecalls13, plankton04, primate08, prince05, protect05, reporter16, securitycat16, sixfingers08, sleepyash12, sleepyash14, stitches17, translation15, unown12, watergun04, yo-kai10, yo-kai17

>> Feb. 2nd, 2023:
- Traded bocchi10, ayesir17, brokenrose18, detective01, hachiko17, mgronald05, mgronald19, snowflakes02, snowflakes13, 198803, deku18 to @lingon for 2ndchild13, abu07, gross18, mezzoforte05, otahen06, paranormal16, pit08, rest13, surgeon19, tblock20, volcanic01
- Traded pittoo17, mrpoliceman16 to @hellstarares for goodlooks03, alloflove13
- Received vegitamura14 as a gift from @hellstarares
- Received x-scissor01 as a gift from @sinew
- Traded level99917, strangemen13, cables05, crescent13, baby16, supergirl03 to @sinew for evidol12, love-han20, magicusers18, secretrooms20, space12, dragonrage10
- Traded catcher01, cheer20, forkball08, classmate01, classmate14, seizeyouth09, urusei05, everything03, damsel04, graveyard08, inashiro04, kon09, netrunner17, pointy10, priderock07, restorative08, smolder12, underground12, shut-in06, shut-in20, skyland01, divinedogs09, riceball14, sprout01, twentyone18, fantasia14 to @gloomlee for number211, badges08, benishigure03, brains19, carrot10, crocodile09, gag14, gasmask06, guile08, jellyfish13, king05, labcoat03, nico-nii09, oblock02, ostania05, polite14, psybeam14, rollout06, scold15, secretrooms14, sewing02, sewing18, stench02, stratagems09, super15, yesiam04
- Received hellokitty15 as a gift from @citoyenne
- Received heartcross13 as a gift from @factoryvampire

>> Feb. 1st, 2023:
- Traded sugarmelody04 to @sangonomiyas for vegitamura06 [Jan. trade]
- Received dressupdoll06, purifying08, monge19 as gifts from @prisma
- Gifted penance20, penance19, penance18, penance17 to @pepsiharlot
- Received penance20, penance19, penance18, penance17, redflash20, aerosmith05, aerosmith06, aerosmith08, aerosmith09, aerosmith10, thundergod07, thundergod09, thundergod10, thundergod11, toytoy06, toytoy08, toytoy09, toytoy10, toytoy11, toytoy12, toytoy13, toytoy14, numbers20, fluffal04, fluffal06, ooooo04, ooooo06, relic18, relic20, surface06, surface07, pain10, pain11 from Shopping Street

>> Jan. 30th, 2023:
- Received well01, kichou20, effortless10, recruit17, starling15, comakarma02, drumisland17, megamart07, biometals12, moonsault16, byakuei06, crania11, 1000th20, complete03, wipe08, daybreak12, masked07, knowledge18, beyondard20, alteregos09, acepilot07, tigerlaguz05, mesmerizing11, hajakensho01, nowhere14, eloquent09, aoikishin02, blackmail12, quack18, merm4id03, companion11, berserker09, deepsea04, akaoni09, doggy11, nailart01, meowington09, camping15, progenitor10, chi18, elysian14, immelmann08, bling20, swimming08, sakugarne13, insects05, selfpublish04, stride18, code66615, reckon11, deceitful07, 198804, baking05, cleaninglady19, truebeauty02, shopping04, magicalgun18, serious07, viruses12, cointoss14, masochist13, toysnake20, head02, keyblade15, gracidea18, peacekeeper11, haircolor06, naglfar20, casters17, remaining19, focusing02, parasite14, flowers19, artskill16, catpaw18, creampuff04, trainingteam09, sociopathic17, callous08, fade03, time16, gloucester06, telepathy17, hexes08, ensign07, rosegarden19, opera14, oreburgh19, bon02, beautytips19, habataki12, grabhorns11, mellow16, mypartner08, pitcher07, process12, ohmygosh15, effort05, quinx04, lemonade15, thebetrayer01, ankle17, sobbing02, boor14, servbots18, jimmies13, scorch09, catpawgun12, orenji02, darktailor16, bentos08, thechariot14, bluerogue03, electriceel06, darktowers16, classes08, barrette14, foursky19, boulder16, tomboyish07, construct17, breeding01, wingchun16, reiki18, dojima02, chakra20, sumida04, hardness09, nammu09, deva19, excellion19, makai04, mistaken05, clockkeeper01, smol14, beautiful19, high-spirited01, dragonfoot17, clumsy18, catmask01, ore07, skyknight18, fraternal17, uranohoshi14, cinephile06, eight02, wicker14, geisha14, kakinoki14, immelmann14, spicegirl08, sincerity06, limited03, fightinggirl15, sanctuary02, redmagma10, jewel02, kalos19, versailles07, chakrams07, bailang03, caribbean19, makki04, turtleplush19, macanluin09, desserts01, incapable16, flight10, manba15, ralts13, decision09, funyarinpa13, web05, 2ndform11, potion02, negatives19, indirect13, ise12, anata11, hairtie08, silently11, gutspunch12, e-mails08, intimidating17, commentary18, genie06, kishinami01, fatherinlaw12, scarfwings16, attract13, dynamo06, london06, locacaca13, fashionable17, eponassong13, soisagent13, weblin04, mahirunoyo09, nico-nii12, fireelement07, honorific01, kamui07, dense09, shortsword01, qilinbow15, dee09, innovative01, evangelion09, weakness05, laidback15, izumo19, successor16, war20, berserker02, unimpressed11, ddd11, nu16, chronosrose11, physique17, distrust12, dragonfoot03, answer13, tackles17, rainbowshot10, orangejuice07, pikori07, staunch12, language13, maniac04, ticktock04, actress10, kanebo08, nude10, perm05, 1stlt17, robattle17, mrpoliceman04, belly07, whitecoat03, slacker15, darkfusion11, male-type06, dynamaxband05, geika20, whitebreath09, respect01, titanic04, roof16, postman18, treasurehunt16, jingling08, motorbike19, rody20, newrecruit20, crossroads18, burgers02, giftia03, malkuth05, grandpa01, causation07, eats20, f-bomb16, overexcited14, karakuri01, uchuu04, advice17, florence04, leadcrow08, bounce01, funloving01, leaky04, mikorin20, sanadaschool14, antares09, heartereki06, badminton08, failnaught10, whiteknight06, patrol04, theripper03, katsudon11, onoken09, guitar12, ampulla03, saiarks15, fenia12, suba-tomo10, programmer18, uptight15, raindance14, thistle16, vacuum20, sil8006, crystaltower02, littlesister04, demonhunting19, jolly07, holmes10, altena14, fractureray04, *4 red crayons, *1 orange crayon, *3 yellow crayons, *2 green crayons, *3 blue crayons, *3 purple crayons, *5 brown crayons, *4 gray crayons from An Idol's Acrostic 205
- Received greengirl10, defy05, eskrima11, signorina14, alektor10, sakigasuki07, glacier04, spare15, earthgrudge19, kabbalah05, touching09, sailaway09, osaka-jou04, dcn-03106, changshan17, krik11, mandragora18, netherlands20, feared11, shenanigans18, daichimaru05, aqua10, catastrophe19, mothermila01, anatoray14, paladin16, libido01, petting10, pear01, minerva03, *1 orange crayon from An Idol's Acrostic 202
- Received bearslayer11, bluemoon09, theguard20, symmetry13, pasta12, nanashi17, 100visits16, royalties18, mumei12, pear09, shadowmaster14, ally14, valkyria18, cheesyfood12, kanaueda08, yamazakura15, footsteps01, rival10, wing06, 10seconds10, myboy17, snake18, floriography09, vessel12, sweetscent07, handheld13, irregulars02, sepbirthday04, oneway14, levelseven15, kusanagi05, ideal13, economics07, mylove04, appleacres08, astraphobia04, kishinami07, compelled08, summons14, sue16, *1 orange crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 brown crayon from An Idol's Acrostic 203

>> Jan. 29th, 2023:
- Received oils12, swordbreaker16, vorvoros11, motor07, robotic17, drain19, okimunpe17, altmile06, dissect16, pious01, odessa06, medusa18, anteater09, appear06, goldilocks06, forgetful18, darkaltar07, pinkscarf14, atomic07, sealing04, economical01, hollywood05, variable15, silvana05, blackthorn02, ioforia14, sisters02, iinchou14, panic09, giganto02, horny05, stray08, 5thdan19, performapal14, egystagram03, buttcannon19, tuner06, eroticart01, shikaisen16, missdeep01, face13, oceanside07, beatcall04, human06, foxes19, harder03, inside07, mamirin11, ipc10, calculated14, onion01, lucis01, strongjaw20, genome02, hana08, thehero13, phan-site06, analyzedata10, streamlight09, trapnest15, tsubasa19, susanoh14, foxhound12, acdc16, vitalcheck01, zoidmodels11, chronosrose14, poetic18, numbers20, usss19, kittydoor16, bourreau06, damsel04, girlinblack04, seawizard17, drunkenfist19, seviiislands18, animenow16, seraphic06, piglet17, sour10, entropy19, food18, cheri05, meikai11, uptight19, shackle02, starclip04, subway16, gloucester02, nataku08, math20, dcn-02812, dwn-01512, thewitch01, rito01, conducts05, lovemaster15, usas07, clowndrop13, sociopath10, mortician19, hari07, crossword07, oldlion01, soccerclub10, clowns08, mascot15, taforashia19, attack15, kirakira10, poland17, padlock01, japanesque19, sumida18, pleadingly09, anterograde13, optimist12, kings16, tender05, dressup10, crownsguard19, grateful14, josei08, silverblade10, fitness18, aikane08, shut-in20, lightbearers13, sci-fi09, nandemo15, player207, odblood19, dictator11, vividcolor08, firewhip05, miyagami18, whispered19, muzzle08, failnaught20, beatcall13, thestray17, firstlevel04, rubber11, sickness02, benefits14, birthmark17, annoying16, racing07, aria16, maverick18, aloupeeps02, jakob20, fender10, curewhite17, nakayuu13, vfsuit18, vividcolor07, laguz07, rosy01, roadside04, tamer09, momijigari06, pheromones18, kanegasaki09, experiment13, imperator14, fortune11, mikakoshi16, lightofgod18, mocking19, halide16, nokogiri06, parasitic13, dutchman09, truth01, cobbleston17, yousei02, faerghus08, befriend01, punisher03, stylish11, calories15, dwn-02020, nanodesu04, aide06, igaclan10, shippudash02, immigrant01, swordmaster18, effect09, witchtrial13, gift08, starhealer06, necromancer18, saisei14, magicjoker08, themist12, nanodesu04, bitterherbs20, sixgravity13, x1608, nora10, patissier19, tights20, kalosqueen08, caesarpro15, nettles20, dreamworld13, darkfate13, dissect12, kansai12, tsunshun15, brothers05, robosa17, blueknights20, tree02, folklore06, kon09, neptune09, bushin05, heartslabyul08, rockwall02, simulation09, rolling13, adopted10, affectionate20, scorpio14, tenyears08, bodhisattva12, honesty15, muscles08, hater06, versicolor17, lucille16, redriot17, acrophobia13, iai17, mrpoliceman16, omajinai04, nanyatte03, pomegranate13, tights19, shortfuse16, venomous07, code0402, code05611, curator01, marksein02, hajakensho12, withwind03, memorial15, slumber20, curemermaid13, ad-lib04, merman06, isaac01, omurice01, thebull13, pets08, eight07, eating11, hapy16, rose02, chuunin06, foulmouth11, pool15, illdoc18, maserati04, boar09, puppet12, receptors07, blackvoice07, girlsadvent02, jewelwitch02, ryuseitai01, dojang19, sugarmelody05, retak14, aaa06, bojutsu03, ferolia14, profitable08, alternative07, badcompany14, flea03, *2 red crayons, *1 orange crayon, *4 yellow crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon, *2 purple crayons, *4 brown crayons, *1 gray crayon from An Idol's Acrostic 201
- Received digamma16, mgronald05, divinelight04, kaijugirl20, virtue14, outstripped05, playwright03, megaring07, mgronald19, gerudo13, grudge15, walkingheart07, polonaise17, nichirin12, adaptor03, idiot10, roof17, ninjaturtle01, sweep03, lucidlenses09, skill-out03, daemons08, babel12, hikou11, melphis04, mahapralaya09, sky06, *1 gray crayon from An Idol's Acrostic 199
- Received vegitamura03 as a gift from @pepsiharlot
- Received slopes20, burning16, dango11, sensei13, bomberrod15, mofu11, silly09, omega19, folklore13, hadouken16, nova17, mcmb08, hachiko17, dwn-04415, bofu07, muffler07, darkaura10, heritt19, greengate07, harsh10, koopalings08, meddling05, girlsnames09, ruinprincess06, driedsquid10, summer05, laid-back20, support09, voiceless17, streetdance08, *1 red crayon from An Idol's Acrostic 198
- Received tensho13, scent17, inn10, d4c18, mole14, fandead06, no718, gundo06, possessive01, hiroya16, icyhot07, cards06, stylish05, greatwitch13, prominence18, escaflowne08, naa-chan04, consultation11, monotone07, surf19, naming04, restorative08, soulgang04, softbuns04, bloodbank19, kokuryu08, mew-chan05, picasso13, gunner07, writings03, buckshot03, apparitions02, darkroad01, bibi08, sagami08, healers06, shiningone18, shangrila05, elivagar06, champloo07, lilies09, arcana01, ashikabi17, golems01, dense01, gungnir19, mikopi17, driving07, sideburns17, pittoo17, spinster09, runaway16, fetch16, strawberries14, harvest01, interview20, destreza03, odani11, cheese06, progenitor19, lucis18, junkfood19, ghostlock07, heartache17, boxing11, neozeon04, maiko06, consume18, route17, athlum13, iinodoue18, bullied13, recessive10, overexcited19, lostemotion12, pugilist14, zackpedia12, selamatpagi20, raccoon19, innocent17, godaime03, meowington15, blackbird02, deceptively05, g-6014, keltan18, divina17, blooddevil06, postwick08, submarine13, varnani09, alamhigo08, family02, kanabo19, pure07, cheesyfood04, hypocrisy13, dwn-01620, casual01, sage16, cookies03, primp05, biting12, heartjack17, servant13, gravityhole08, metal15, kazeshini02, vivace01, gloomy06, crownclip04, midgard08, maihime15, renegade01, banana03, storybooks18, disillusion09, granny12, jellyhorn06, epichero06, bombings07, newmoon09, filth06, blackbook09, strip10, lunartear05, pioneers19, hypocrisy19, threeeyes01, conjurer10, numbers15, captivate09, rocker20, megamart04, eins18, extraclass11, chimchar19, progenitor08, blend10, netherworld03, deduction16, 400years17, nyoro03, mechanic01, physique16, curepeace10, 18plus02, threemins03, cr-s0118, hospital06, powerpuff14, third09, bathhouse06, jashin06, scilab20, ciaossu15, amazon07, 765pro04, mechanical18, nii-nii02, nosebleed02, burst05, lock14, almakinan06, archadia07, deco15, earthgrudge20, awaking12, indoors12, breaking09, strongjaw07, photobomb03, merines04, scorching16, miroru13, aloof10, baldesion15, scepter417, md-0032g10, satan08, yoshiro02, birthplace07, dj18, shotgunice11, zmei16, shades13, procellarum19, butterflies02, thavas03, frugal01, kape13, renegade05, expressive18, nimtype16, doubtful03, performage08, anaru05, metroline17, nii-nii08, playwright18, goahead18, kamatari06, balthasar08, bluestar14, barmaid08, chuusen18, greatknife04, airyglyph14, dwarfmade19, fuchsia04, neshitteru14, oldgrowth06, iyashikei10, solarknee20, tagged16, cup11, nihonga09, sacredpower09, whitenight20, gentle19, freelance05, dramas08, geomijul19, stench18, lust20, onigiryaa10, babuu12, glazinglove05, attached19, coquettish15, listener14, xiii10, wiseking09, particle15, ponta11, valet01, ultimatex07, tokyo07, tianshui12, concealing13, pokepuffs10, grandprix01, asobot19, snail08, recitals19, emotionless02, yume05, astrorobin04, kapu-min06, golem16, greennoa07, yoyoi05, melchsee03, beecontrol19, typhoon03, juicebat04, thefrog18, friege01, taichou15, mcgigolo08, diclonius19, 198803, fists20, joajna09, lollipops12, naixatloz02, lightmusic02, citro18, highpeak04, siscon08, medstudent03, confession10, chupa14, fiancee13, chiropteran19, ets05, finalturn09, mamirin13, icirrus01, deku18, masterwolf14, delorean06, echoball20, labyrinth14, mokuton02, traverse17, demonrealm08, yeming18, nevarl01, vulpeszerda19, netrunner17, windsage02, emblaze08, teni14, godfist07, chemballs11, aaa20, bornthisway03, bornthisway11, snowflakes13, eskrima02, wags02, badcompany03, arizona15, *3 red crayons, *1 orange crayon, *3 yellow crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon, *3 purple crayons, *1 brown crayon, *3 gray crayons from An Idol's Acrostic 197
- Received maverick08, teikoku04, forcemetal03, darling12, karuma20, maidensblood05 from Player Report 232
- Received dmv03, cspd07, merman13, curewhite11, lightsnow20, inashiro04 from Player Report 231
- Gifted entomologist10 to @factoryvampire
- Traded gal04, sig_koinuko to @factoryvampire for car02, sig_vampire
- Received gravekeeper08, lumia05, stowaway17, sports03, cybele14, reluctant04 from Player Report 230
- Traded walhalla15, influential18, taka-chan19, pixiedust19, refreshing09, transfer03, transfer09 to @syarapi for 1stchild10, bakuzan14, bartender05, benetnasch05, blurry10, carrot01, dispel20
- Received primate10, hunting16, roids08, roids19, *1 red crayon, *1 purple crayon from Riku's Favors 28

>> Jan. 28th, 2023:
- Traded ayanon03, ayanon09, ayanon10, ayanon12, keptman11, addicted08 to @tophatcats for asakura12, granny20, oranges16, otahen04, otahen09, vegitamura07
- Gifted penance07 to @pepsiharlot
- Traded fraud04 to @sangonomiyas for vegitamura04
- Traded addicted02 to @tophatcats for vegitamura05
- Traded shinsei07, lorddeath11, lorddeath03, md-0032g09, shinsei09 to @lady_paine for anklets03, bdsm02, duck07, invention09, vegitamura10
- Received arcroyal19, bandicoot12, rashoumon03, pintokona20, bk-20107, ural04, teddybears01, freebird09 from Reading Between the Lines 327
- Received mmm04, priderock07, fishanima04, charismatic02, robust05, nervous05, spinningcut01, vocal09, endurance10, express13 from Silly Blanks 146
- Received shinsei07, oak18, md-0032g09, walhalla15, lorddeath11, loyalblade08, waka-sama08, wipe13, ninjamaid17, ghosthand20, koubukisaragi15, godfist18, lorddeath03, odblood15, laurent01, ribblades02, nevarl08, seizeyouth09, sugarmelody09, foxmask05, nevarl06, classmate01, bocchi10, astrologist18, sharpshooter16, partners09, addicted08, sharpshooter19, classmate14, curecoral10, shinsei09, ghosthand13, answers15, lewddream12, everything03, urusei05, incontrol05, keptman11, otherside09, ghosthand06 from Art Shop
- Received pink16, crystalmagic01, wood02, stonemask14, bomber05, father01, md-0032g18, *1 purple crayon from Go Fish 343

>> Jan. 27th, 2023:
- Mastered MONGE and CHOCOBARS! Received love-han18, love-han19, firstwatcher16, zoologist07, gunner10, haro03, *1 red crayon, *1 blue crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Received animenow02, liladan18, badboy05, fryingpan16, fellstar19, kodama07, onthewind04, bucket14, archivist08, songofjoy15, brutalswing01, prizemaster01, princelike18, yasaka20, round15, names02 from Coloring Book 294
- Received bigeater01, ribbonchan05, majokko10, hawkparty10, ooparts18, musselback11, valflame19 from Host Club Giveaway 229
- Received scalchop08, indistress08, biometals20, chuunibyou19, vierge11, ironmask06, forkceo02, curestar19, reiki01, repair16, tonic14, taguel10, committee19, fushigi20, judo02, redtower16, horrorsp15, hotdog09, dish11, clanhonor19, *1 blue crayon from Rolling Down the UMN 121
- [RELEASE] Received pullcord01, car01, blooddevil01, vegitamura01, monge11, monge12, numbers19, vegitamura02, sig_koinuko, addicted02, fraud04, penance07, sugarmelody04 from Release 153
- Traded sweet12, bolderfall11, fragment16, disney07, witches14, flea04, flea19 to @gloomlee for plankton06, razorleaf05, seacrystal17, shining18, bara05, artists17, flowerbed18
- Received nuniversity17, darling02, kinshara11, taranis14, spider20, express15, code0301, shelltrap08, glassheart03, shackles07, zoidmodels16, tekkenball04, calm10, vivid03, 4thdistrict08, graveyard08, ghoststory20, sheriff13, angelichowl15, rhinelab18, *1 gray crayon from Rolling Down the UMN 120
- Received superrookie20, naru11, traveler01, fruity16, emptiness16, earthshaker04, hatsushimo07, zealous02, drunk05, runner04, current10, badda-boom13 from Music Station 301
- Gifted *5 orange crayons to @wachamachas

>> Jan. 26th, 2023:
- Traded esteem08, kittydoor06, data20, neoaikido04, temple14 to @sanshoku for hellokitty14, mob07, nico-nii04, babbit17, oranges20
- Donated ensign03 to Delete Shiritori 233;
- Donated apathetic02, supporter20 to Silly Blanks 147;
- Received pikarigaoka11, ships10, sacchin04, adonis07, herculean14, leader15, shards20, deadbeats10, sprout01, oblivion02, cys13, swiftblade06 from Music Station 298
- Received games15 as a gift from @syarapi
- Traded thyrsus07, welcome07, witches19, sexy07, pointcards18, onread13, corrupted01 to @citoyenne for abu12, abu19, unown14, easyr02, ensanguined06, averageness11, blackmist04
- Received authors10, friege09, liquor03, monomane19, rations10, dwn-03513, spirius09, underground12, temptress11, loveshower14 from Pokeradar 304
- Traded tsukkomi17, streetrat06, guitar04, tradename13, topspeed06, bringit01, princesslike13, thunderbolt06, sprinter14, grimoire08, trodain18, wiseking16 to @moes for diverdown08, hangry07, evidol18, abu19, darkside18, dragon-type04, dragon-type05, openings06, quality02, quality17, primate12, primate16

>> Jan. 25th, 2023:
- Traded godaime03, archbishop04, luin03, alkahestry20, magicallily11, nee-san05, theroadhome17, watchful14, aimo03 to @aratakis for hellokitty09, allmate11, asakura08, beastman16, blackmist02, blackwave20, blurry06, bully05, bully14
- Traded redsea11, natsukodachi14, redlights04 to @misheard for rest03, rest04, rest08
- Gifted *2 gray crayons, *3 orange crayons to @syarapi
- Traded naixatloz07, publicmorals09 to @crabg1rl for 3-e03, dragon-type05
- Received kali-yuga18, seagull01, joker19, forcefield01, blindfold10, kill15, goldking12, gyrostorm14, arsmagna12, agility12, blonddevil14, hardhat03, playthings08, lolishota13, military07, vampirnella03, altmile19, dandy12, bloodshot01, scorpio02, whitesilver15, yamazaki14, affectionate15, curetwinkle03, *2 yellow crayons from Lady Luck Slots 88
- Received twindrill11, redflash16, redflash17, redflash18, corporal06, chocobars09, chocobars14, major07, thundergod19, tenbillion09, tenbillion10, blurry06, blurry08, blurry09, buzzer02, entermate04, entermate06, toytoy20, monge18, monge19, numbers16, ooooo03, surface04, surface15, disqualified13, pain09 from Shopping Street

>> Jan. 24th, 2023:
- Gifted bloodbank10, brps20, drillmaster11, frolic18, stormwatch04, stormwatch06, stormwatch09, stormwatch20, watercannon09 to @needles

>> Jan. 23rd, 2023:
- Donated *1 green crayon to Coloring Book 294;
- Gifted koopalings09 to @tophatcats
- Received hellokitty17 as a gift from @pepsiharlot
- Gifted peyang07 to @syarapi
- Received koopalings09, kittydoor06, strangemen13, peyang07, kayo-chin12 from Most Wanted 49
- Traded plaidjacket03, guiltycross05 to @tophatcats for giantsquid06, hakujoudai13
- Traded alternative16, minarukamui16, faithful06, focused17, emotions02, skytrainer11, agnosia20, form05 to @prisma for 10seconds19, canary17, evidol15, heartmask04, jellyhorn13, lizardmagic20, waterpistol03, yanderes07
- Received ones05, toilet20, bravery17, roleplay03, kanazuchi08, forgiven05, sunfighter12, lighthearted01 from Reading Between the Lines 326
- Received blranking11, blranking18, muda09, judasear14 from @jewelry as gifts
- Traded selfiestick09 to @jewelry for d-hero15
- Received combat08, aroused01, demonhand17, dragunov11, dcn-03015, solidscript16, trace10, firefist04, bluesea18, tsukikage14, freckles01, transform04, ozeki17, xiuhcoatl17, reformed03, brainburst04, purple16, postgrad09, goblin05, fiery09 from Puzzle Chains 243
- Donated sketch06, easylove12, mentalist07, mentalist08, darkfusion08, exodia05 to Riku's Favors 28;
- Received 00702, 00703, 2wink18, asakura07, asakura11, attends17, babbit20, beastman20, bowwow18, brawn18, bully12, bully19, collector03, crazyd03, d4c10, divination08, dtr17, echoes06, echoes07, exposition19, friendships15, harasho18, legend18, ora09, overpower20, panicattacks19, paranormal14, pfpth16, phonecalls09, pinkskull14, pinkbow01, plankton12, prima07, prima09, prince04 from Recycled Art

>> Jan. 22nd, 2023:
- Received 10join03 as a gift from @lingon
- Received chocobars15, chocobars16, monge10, alioth12, sixfingers05, pharoah10, numbers17, thundergod18, minerals07, private14 from Little Spell Academia 245
- Donated condor07, condor14, cys08, cys11, frauplatin19 to Natsume 124; Received rest18, rest19, seacrystal04, seacrystal05, gudegude09 from Natsume 124
- Received heiress14, beaker13, cementarii10, ensoleille02, lively11, meteor05, nag07, gohouring12, capsules05, hearts12, beastblood12, entomologist10, oriental08, hyperai16, perceptive01, listentome01, kinkan03, successor10, idolfan05, following14, athena08, astronomy20, bullied09, kurofune06, oldbailey17 from Advent Calendar Day 19
- Received curbstomp15, powerpuff02, fracture11, witchheart03, greateye11, manatree19, yousei11 from Host Club Giveaway 228

>> Jan. 21st, 2023:
- Received skyland01, bodydouble05, kabbalah10, rare05, donutpond07, fethmus16 from Delete Shiritori 230
- Received footloose02, tough02, alice12, dense12, mikishin13, wolffang04, chibipuri01, hotmilk06, nifl06, luxuria07, daylam15, minarukamui16, hearing10, fragments04, manynames08, impatient10 from Coloring Book 294
- Received usagibrand02, usagibrand05, usagibrand11, radiohost04, radiohost08, radiohost10, radiohost13, radiohost14, radiohost15, radiohost16, radiohost17, radiohost19, radiohost20, adventure11, jester02, jester06, jester08, jester19, yanderes14, gasmask05, jester06, oranges04, silhouettes08, assassins06, usagibrand11, benetnasch03, benetnasch07, benetnasch17 from Recycled Art (two claims)
- Traded cauldrons05, chaostide13, pavo05, scorpio18, yamazakura10, yamazakura19 to @byakkun for ooooo03, paranormal06, paranormal09, rest20, romantista05, spellcaster20?
- Traded chiefmaid04, moonlight09, k07 to @wachamachas for evidol03, sin01, reporter01
- Received jewelthief01, taser16, silverknife02, antares06, coexistence03, surpassing03, inthebag11, usami04, monomagia09, mole08 from Silly Blanks 145

>> Jan. 20th, 2023:
- Received halftone17, pharmacist18, saint04, fanart12, shell11, ironmouse15, trygator08, lobster20, bubbleluna13, wasu13, osananajimi20, sequencer08, open03, mofu17, fragment16, sweet12, goldenduo01, witches14, baldesion14, dotdotdot03, meganest08, grannvale12, solo01, searing17, rosewater02, hensheng10, venus17, merak03, family04, mountain19, unluckiest16, athletic09, repairs16, sanctioned08, nevarra10, wwwa05, pigeonraid13, bakeneko16, theroadhome17, t-veronica04, charao09, bondman15, reset04, leftearring20, cys08, cutegirls08, cables13, flesh06, blackfox08, tsuruko09, bolderfall11, blackrabbit10, friends08, storybook16, easygoing11, canis20, rabbitears17, solarhands15, corseit16, runt20, mongrel08, scarred16, disney07, flamejets05, levitate10, bigbanana12, cannery11, absent07, collider12, glacies15, magna19, possessive17, biblestudy19, sharnoth09, daifuku11, chick20, *2 orange crayons, *2 green crayons, *1 purple crayon, *1 brown crayon from January Activity Rewards
- Traded doggy03 to xmenfan2001 for granny17
- Donated *1 blue crayon to Coloring Book 294;
- Donated sleepy05, kitchen11 to Silly Blanks 146;

>> Jan. 19th, 2023:
- Traded class1-b16, eternia12, secretrealm12 to @penguinknitterfor matsumura20, space01, translation10
- Received seminary07, djibril20, detective01, streetdance13, begnion11, tanuki06 from Delete Shiritori 231
- Traded monoceros04 to @pepsiharlot for buzzer17
- Received tsukikage17, moose13, dressup01, deduction08, overnight01, naixatloz07, yupyup10, scholarship12, wicked12, pisces01, maelstorm19, yousoro19, primp02, missiletainn06, sociopathic16, kapu-min11, trapped04, adolescent05, publicmorals09, go-ryu04, *1 red crayon, *1 blue crayon, *1 gray crayon from Stamp Card 34
- Received entermate12 as a gift from @wanderlast
- Traded astralartes12, blanchefil04, senbei03 to @wanderlast for guillotine, lightside15, omurice11
- Received necklace17, meteo03, seacrystal18, purifying11, teehee13 from Switch It Up 206
- Received blueprints01, ebracrypt04, snowyowl08, sacchin08, lollipop07, kira12, fairgame10, thickskull07, coronation03, stormwatch20, chipmunk12, yamazakura10, playmaker07, dirt18, deathangel06, anterograde05 from Coloring Book 294
- Donated kendama08 to Delete Shiritori 232;

>> Jan. 18th, 2023:
- Donated whirlwind17, islife06, nonaginta06, dullstown15, mildeven10, artemis16, swiftblade19, tenyears12, emishi02, rocknroll04 for POG 109;
- Donated sketch07 to Swap Station 192; Received sketch06 from Swap Station 192
- Received blranking07, blranking10, hunting19, nico-nii20 from Swap Station 191
- Received fulldrive09, forgemaster18, windbullet07, fairytale09, magicallily11, phantompain20, mirrorlake08, pragmatic05, islife06, forazsaiqa15, perfect18, xuandu02 from Directions 161
- Received roundy17, uniquehorn14, eyebrows13, guiltycross05, pinkscarf20 from Stamp Card 34
- Received organic04, earring04, udon13, aikido04, blueking12, nosebleed16, bail04, adven-tour12, distant05, vidofnir10 from Pokeradar 303
- Received monoceros14, selfiestick09, white05, 10seconds18, sparkling03 from Most Wanted 48

>> Jan. 17th, 2023:
- Donated *1 brown crayon to Coloring Book 294;
- Donated kaiser02, nazcaa08, naraku01, obscenity02, ikedaya02 to Switch It Up 206;
- Donated honeybee07 to Stamp Card 34;
- Gifted stickynotes19, stickynotes20 to @crabg1rl
- Received stickynotes19, stickynotes20 from Natsume 123
- Donated hana07, hana12 to Natsume123;
- Received fantasia14, raildex02, cinder17, darkside09, usagimimi08, oninonaku01, mikos08, gray17, orange11, koyasut01, versicolor05, scars09, *1 green crayon, *1 purple crayon from Lady Luck Slots 87
- Received archiviste15, raijin19, mac13, cauldrons05, ice-cold05, chick01, whitebreath19, crescent13, economics04, serve03, onread13, magnificent16, crownsguard14, death12, uravity04 from Seiyuu Guess 582
- Received chipmunk17, stormwatch06, sketch18, flea04, stormwatch09, retak07, coronation17, sandy04 from Coloring Book 293
- Traded alias16 to @xmenfan2001 for uppersix11

>> Jan. 15th, 2023:
- Gifted suits01 to @sinew;
- Gifted executed20 to @misheard;
- Received executed20, suits01 from Natsume 123;
- Donated balloons16, cooltype16 to Natsume 123;
- Donated vicecaptain09 to Coloring Book 293;
- Received sketch20, chocobars05, numbers15, redflash13, chocobars06, chocobars07, love-han15, love-han16 from Little Spell Academia 244
- Traded rainbowroad17, stealsouls09, takeover20 to @gloomlee for 2wink14, oranges03, uppersix10
- Traded theroadhome09, cranes05, onipoison08, cake18, thebetrayer13, break11, martillo07, suit04 to @aratakis for usagibrand03, hakujoudai06, hakujoudai10, love-han13, love-han14, stitches11, stratagems19, dss18
- Traded mugyou07 to @wachamachas for yamakami10
- Traded hermitcrab05, yourhonor18 to @kuranosuke for detectives19, evidol20
- Received blranking07, lightclub20, monge03, monge09, stands08, surface18, sketch09, blranking08, blranking09, blranking10, surface19, disqualified06 from Little Spell Academia 243

>> Jan. 14th, 2023:
- Mastered BLACKBIRD, DARKFUSION! Received redflash10, phonecalls08, namakura15, saints13, explosion10, alias16, *1 yellow crayon, *1 blue crayon
- Received maester04, shesmay19, epichero10, elquixote17, homerun16, sexy07, mine09, josei06 from Reading Between the Lines 326
- Received artemis16, mentaltrace01, stealthsp01, servbots02, ribbon11, scorpio18, loveletters07, therapy06, hanami16, fullmoon17 from Silly Blanks 144
- Received abroad11, bartender09, beastman17 as a gift from @archangelamy
- Gifted pomefiore10 to @jewelry
- Donated blranking06, blranking16, hunting03, nico-nii06 to Swap Station 191;
- Donated impersonate09 to Delete Shiritori 231;
- Donated bandages20, surviving15 to Silly Blanks 145;
- Received outlook03, godaime03, madao04, genome04, lapucelle09 from Stamp Card 34
- Traded kishin15 to @xmenfan2001 for prima06
- Received coronation05, sandy19, verdant15, chipmunk09, chipmunk10, flea19, retak05, skytrainer11, coronation10, stormwatch04, alternative16, coronation16, sketch19, sketch02, mine09, yamazakura19 from Coloring Book 293

>> Jan. 12th, 2023:
- Received silhouettes13 as a gift from @hellstarares
- Traded deadanimals09, baseball11, demonhunting14, demonhunting10, mikan04, dynadiver10, gridman08, leash10, leash15, extractteam12, mac14, orenji08, stepsister04, zanpakuto06, zanpakuto11, 500yen08 to @crabg1rl for bdsm12, beastman09, breathers12, carrots11, corporal20, d4c20, nervous06, nervous19, railway05, railway11, redflash15, reporter18, scheming04, simplicity11, skewering11, slyfox16
- Received rocknroll04, punches12, whitetitan09, december2519 from Go Fish 341
- Traded tsumukari08, starfish16, chaldea12, uu13, boke15, kikkeriki14, chairman02 to @moes for yanderes15, yard07, blurry11, oneshot03, greatera17, juicyfish18, crazyd05
- Received rapbattles14 from Switch It Up 205
- Received redsea11, snowflakes02, eyes18, bite14, pomefiore10 from Most Wanted 47

>> Jan. 11th, 2023:
- Donated *1 brown crayon to Coloring Book 293;
- Donated blank14 to Switch It Up 205;
- Donated carrier14 to Stamp Card 34;
- Received geostigma03, catnoir12, shimmering16, rustboro03, resolve20, princely13, karmicloop14, silverknife16, smokescreen07, memoria13 from Pokerader 302
- Gifted balbadd07 to @pepsiharlot
- Traded catlike07 to @beezebeora for oneshot18
- Traded beinlove11, cancer04, libra16, liebestraume15, massage06, optimistic01, rayearth03, theguild16, foursky17, astrolabos10, princeps01, cetra06, arcedge19, breast12, amaryllis14, aphros15, band-aid14, massage01, travel12, tsago08 to @byakkun for mothers05, secretrooms06, sketch10, benishigure11, griefseed02, guide02, guillotine04, heartmask06, insect11, inspirited13, iruburu17, jester17, jester18, jojo09, juicyfish09, king14, mammamia10, necklace07, necklace13, negative14
- Traded archers12, archers20, clamp01, glory20, pinkskull06 to @archangelamy for fanservice12, lightside14, rest06, romantista16, monge17
- Traded masking11, peace04, yakumo18 to @citoyenne for lizardhead10, ohao02, surface14
- Received unkillable11, unkillable20, thundergod06, redflash06, corporal01 from Shopping Street
- Received ulaula12, glyphs17, phobia16, bananasushi16, chaldea10, sulk18, cradle06, cybernetic02 from Reading Between the Lines 324
- Received greatera14, surface13 from @moes as a gift

>> Jan. 9th, 2023:
- Received sociable05, gottasmoke05, natsukodachi14, beatboxing07, viginti18, doorshrine02, handsome04, nibelung02, skyjack18, shikon14, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon, *2 purple crayons, *1 gray crayon from Art Shop
- Received poshepocket09, spiderweb17, mushroom18, summoned10, cross18, moumentai12, pavo05, deadoralive04, absence09, riddles02, chaostide13, atlamillia08, mantra15, keibu16, cables05, m1606, cyber2914, balbadd14, mononokean03, catch05, *1 orange crayon, *1 blue crayon, *1 gray crayon from Stamp Card 33
- Received dousing15, secrecy15, highwaystar06, tarot08, anko12, hime08, eloquent06, yasutsuna11, akizora04, eyeshadow13 from Silly Blanks 143
- Gifted minarukamui19, usasan11 to @prisma
- Gifted larceny08 to @gloomlee
- Gifted appletick02, patience12 to @archangelamy
- Traded forelock15, military13, seductive16, nolonger05 to @wild_sage for killerqueen20, purifying13, purifying19, yesiam18
- Received bakedapples17, jetpack14, sticks04, comnet14, trodain14, sakura12, girls07, laurant04, richkid12, pharaoh14, *1 blue crayon from Go Fish 340
- Received shooter09, metroline04, lapucelle13, ladybug04, dullstown15, liebestraume15, nonaginta06, sorcerers06, chu218, madness02, dojo05, kumarin08, leash10, burly18, medjed08, talented19, whirlwind17, whistle18, polytechnic02, bellemoi12, spain04, faint17, logical14, bondage10, valetudo16, childactor09, tenyears12, emishi02, elrond02, magister05 from Advent Calendar Day 4
- Traded fabulae05, romantic13, norimaki03, pyroclasm06, sig_koinuko to @jewelry for 2ndchild19, abu06, abu09, adventure20, sig_koinuko
- Traded interesting19 to @sanshoku for sketch02. Received monge20 as a gift from @sanshoku
- Traded hanamaru20, karaoke13, mellowbeat13, menma05, secondson06, thorns16, vahruta02 to @wanderlast for 10seconds06, cerberion05, lockers10, slyfox09, tblock06, weakest18, yamakami11

>> Jan. 8th, 2023:
- Received sports14, class04, worlds15, commute01, actress20, tapir16, queenbee14, leash15, careless19, lumen15, welcome07, kuronomei20, dickdictum18, brynhildr12, steam13, juniorarmy15, howling19, aizu09, gridman08, spunquel04, dance20, weed03, shepherds05, treehouse02, galland11, witches19, kirinfang20, yomihime08, jaganshi08, attacker06, teammagma13, amusement20, suzumushi07, psg110, necklace16, fdp18, slacker03, thyrsus07, tealeaves05, ikedaya02, sparky04, spoil15, frail07, ohao02, leadcrow03, inherited11, scarlet19, pinkdevil15, rosethorns19, 300iq05, carrier04, moonlight09, secondroom20, age-112, fodra09, recluse04, badges16, destination18, inugami01, kobujutsu06, travel12, loop02, k07, shieikan07, belgium03, skeletal19, aglaia11, jasmine17, guitar10, spot-billed15, akaoni19, allevils18, hated04, barbatos08, brookhaven10, band-aid14, royalsword12, toughguy18, megamerge14, sonicblade20, postwick01, ragecandy18, karateclub06, skill17, seductress09, mtek-zero06, secondplace10, watercannon09, lobster06, kiyohime11, notebook13, kite16, voile17, buusagi11, godknows19, extinction01, rumraisin09, massage01, protectu16, shinra13, relic10, scilab07, uneven16, amadeus03, takeover20, isshu12, bianca06, pranks05, picasso04, charm06, magoroku02, maid-chan10, paladienne17, paggy17, committee10, cross15, charm18, springbirds06, twilight18, effort19, koubu02, rainbowroad17, violets18, zanza17, witchheart04, annoying04, fontech07, lycoreco04, indecent11, ets09, tsago08, lend01, bishop08, sonicarrow06, salute20, akizora05, doubt18, curepeace16, chibikko07, teammagma13, aphros15, coilturn11, honor04, arcedge19, data20, seer16, herokiller14, letranger07, shadowtag07, daughter03, might05, traps08, footloose17, renowned08, adapt01, shoujomanga06, bread09, konnakiri19, prosecute08, butt04, lenshunter13, observer13, whitestorm11, forgiven14, lepus12, durandal18, fleadom18, thaumaturge07, ehime17, larceny08, forks11, thebetrayer13, yourhonor18, gon03, kishinami06, grapejuice03, crossdressm10, chairman02, marchenland12, amaryllis14, chiefmaid04, church18, kira07, psychopath09, chibidragon11, stench04, holybell04, verdancy05, pro12, otomen01, electricnet09, nifl19, analyzedata17, minarukamui19, metropolis06, laverre16, golf08, usasan11, sandy13, jolly18, plaidjacket03, demonhunting14, wela13, stealsouls09, minarukamui01, sketch07, theroadhome09, mimikins03, retak08, mellowbeat13, *3 red crayons, *3 orange crayons, *5 green crayons, *3 blue crayons, *2 purple crayons, *4 brown crayons, *6 gray crayons from Pot Of Gold 108
- Traded phones04, muramasa20, misguided08, cinema04 to @tophatcats for lizardmagic12, devilexam05, dragon-type16, thefrog06
- Received surface20 as a gift from @larecrow
- Traded ningguang03, ningguang09, ningguang14 to @beezebeora for scold06, deepsleep03, sketch01
- Received blranking16 as a gift from @beezebeora
- Received blranking16 from Shopping Street
- Traded sweetscheme09 to @xmenfan2001 for polite09
- Received pacts07, antics08, winddance12, romeo19, runaway18 from Stamp Card 33

>> Jan. 6th, 2023:
- Donated levitate19, cousins14 to Silly Blanks 144;
- Received 3rdchild15 as a gift from @melocoton
- Traded damsel08, iwa-chan01, jazzdance10, judicial15, lohengrin17, oldfashioned13 to @melocoton for monge16, surface05, 00716, diverdown10, dominance01, skewering08
- Traded traveler12 to @lingon for corporal17
- Received skincare10, pets12, badges18, lightside12, quality07, paired03 from Switch It Up 205
- Received cautious10, leash03, swiftblade19, mildeven10, proper12, bullets03, accidental08, viewpoint03, cap04, nekomimi02, sailorfuku19, heron11 from Directions 160
- Received littlesister13, smolder12, caerula12, redlights12, golf05, daylam18, seakingdom15, caerula11, baymax15, ningguang14, aurasphere02, duke08, fen20, redlights04, depression15, ningguang03 from Coloring Book 293
- Traded carnivore19, itomori07, man02, modsoul08, priderock13, renarouge18, snowflakes02, townhall05, magichair15, stealsouls06, chameleon16, oldrabbit15, sibling01, excuses13, healthcare08 to @gloomlee for ooooo13, 10seconds05, evidol08, ghostroom02, oneshot07, otahen07, badges11, beastman02, doublesharp03, love-han17, neshitteru16, omurice06, omurice07, omurice15, shiny10
- Received monoceros04, mob13, aldan09, fabulae05, astralartes12 from Most Wanted 46
- Received masking11, tsubasa02, mypast19, posttown02, recitals03, kamiyan17, inside20, curesword07, setz11, glassesfan06 from Pokeradar 301
- Traded fuee13, labyrinthos14, pareo13, pareo20, plans18, rolemodel02, castle20, curaga13, curage17, nobodies12, ursus15, wonders10, telescope18, naked16, nomotivation12, seize17, admin09, aromatic13, canard03, theworld09, bellboy20, capturerer08, happyhome18, heal07, heal15, isolated14, osuwari07, armor11, e-ming15, following19, magikazam16, mcbb12, ofruin09, pure19, setz01, theactor07, sig_koinuko to @hopes for unkillable12, unkillable13, fanservice11, pes08, redflash14, toytoy15, abu15, aubade13, averageness02, averageness16, bepsi11, carrots06, carrots12, crystal10, d-hero19, darkside07, devillord18, dinosaur15, diverdown09, dreamdiary07, hollow08, hollow11, inspirited12, inspirited14, kamui10, leocorp01, lizardmagic08, lovesongs05, lovesongs17, magicusers04, magicusers09, necklace14, neshitteru15, neshitteru17, overpower16, persevere16, sig_andie
- Traded firebuster19, luckycharm19 to @lady_paine for 1stchild17, 2ndchild09
- Received 3rdchild17, abu08, birthmark05, blackmist01, blackmist19, blackrose03, blackrose20, bluemaiden14, blush16, boarhead01, boarhead19, butcher07, carrots12, corporal16, cyber04, cyber15, d4c14, darkside01, darkside04, darkside05, darkside11, dtr13, fanservice13, griefseed03, guide14, junkshop08, kamui18, killerqueen18, lovehime09, mizar09, mizar19, neshitteru13, ohao11, oiran18, overpower12, professional18, radiohost17, redeyes10, redeyes11, satisfaction15, satisfaction20, seele16, seele20, silhouettes18, slopes09, spellcaster04, spellcaster09, stardust10, tapioca09, totty09, translation12, translation16, valley08, valley15, virtual07, virtual11, volcanic16, waterpistol17, yanderes06 from @lady_paine as a gift!

>> Jan. 4th, 2023:
- Traded suneater16 to @larecrow for surgeon13
- Received mischievous08, canard03, ranger02, mischief09, allegiance01, kaientai05, bark03, delinquent14, line16, admired20, gallows20, shadowgift01, zero-one04, solarsect07, naptime01 from Advent Calendar Day 17
- Traded sig_koinuko, cooperation07, highking14, maternal09, maternal20 to @neverbepractical for sig_miro, blranking06, inspirited02, oneshot04, oneshot05
- Traded slugs03, stealsouls14 to @goiioo4 for blranking06, eo15
- Received slugs03 from December release
- Traded manifest09 to @hellstarares for monge15
- Traded redlights18, profitable07, reglay13, vendetta15 to @misheard for idolclub07, idolclub15, ooooo01, ooooo05
- Received orifiel15, jiangshi20, nanodesu10, dark11, model04, beinlove11, lethargic15, vorvoros12, submerge20, jetsam10, insei07, metalrod05, redfox16, mercenaries08, cielagate15, catlike07, fogtroupe06, vorvoros03, zanpakuto06, soothsires19, impulse19, sadtoys09, adieu04, elevator06, superior20, escort12, redmagic01, excelsis12, kronies16, guitarist16, *1 purple crayon from Puzzle Chains 240
- Gifted a crayon rainbow to @lingon
- Received mentalist08, nagashi15, crane10, playboy17, monotonous13, theories05, aldan01, pawn07, germanium11, neutral02, giroexpress16, santeem03, phones04, nobodies12, mechanical06 from Seiyuu Guess 581
- Received laughwithme16, trusting05, ozeki09, *1 red crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received sig_koinuko, sig_koinuko, sig_koinuko from Art Studio
- Received eponassong15, wraith01, topknot06, *1 orange crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received mysong07, ateapot18, elemia07, *1 red crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received tipster17, blackwave11, kailu02, *1 gray crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received burninghouse02, chuunibyou09, unit15, *1 orange crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received baalbuster18, indoctrination09, burly14, *1 gray crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received attentive11, redshell11, jkd18, *1 yellow crayon from Donation Rewards

>> Jan. 3rd, 2023:

- Donated annoying10, cryptic19, detective16, dragonkick19, dynamite05, fencing05, fes07, hedgehog03, hellsgate01 to Art Studio;
- Gifted *1 red, *1 orange, *5 yellow, *1 green, *1 blue, *1 purple, *1 brown, *1 gray crayon to @hellstarares
- Received terrahammer15, drugs03, guarddog17, heal15, election06, calories18, shenanigans14, wonders10, *1 brown crayon from Go Fish 39
- Received phantompain15, charming20, cys11, *1 gray crayon from Donation Rewards
- Donated ones14 to Stamp Card 33;
- Donated terminal10, tokyoelite16, koga15, levanguard02, laundry19, keyanimator20 to Switch It Up 209;
- Received meteorite01, spiritwave16, mermaids10, brave18, rashly08, hinomoto20, marble13, baby16, leraje18, isenergy06, small11, galileo01, baptismrite18, adaptations07, boxer13, wedding01, darkknight18, firebuster19, buildstrike08, honnoji06, luckycharm19, tears06, holidaystar18, tycoon11, invisible05, valiente12, girlymatsu12, alkahestry20, goldsaucer08, absolute16, savage01, devious06, kerberous04, valetudo01, horizon03, southern02, sketchpad09, ambidex11, ralts13, citro14, teacup01, galeon14, ultimateshot18, aurora12, miracle02, foxhound08, kumarin06, mourning07, mi606, seishun15, whiteeyes15, villains19, meganest02, housenka17, genbu10, shogiclub12, sumaltria02, cosmogate15, formula17, claws15 from Advent Calendar Day 22
- Received racerx13, seasalt15, battleship11, kansai17, junkcube13, darktact18, chronos14, crossraven16, ufo14, blackdog18, territory15, scythes04, padlock14, pebble10, steiner20, darksun02, oldrabbit15, condor07, after14, opelucid06, senpai13, stay12, millennion02, cuter06, *2 gray crayons from Lady Luck Slots 86
- Donated *1 blue crayon to Coloring Book 293;

>> Jan. 2nd, 2023:
- Levelled up from RUBY to AMETHYST! Received form17, form18, form19, love-han02, love-han03, deathgod12, palette04, one-cut17, a-10010008, nomercy13, redtower07, hakoniwa02, hungrybeam06, darkflame03, pacifist09, cooltype16, vangaro12, hayamin05, murasame15, cake18, stranger19, caged09, rocknroll16, ero-mangaka17, onipoison08, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon, *2 green crayons, *1 gray crayon from Level Up Rewards
- Gifted vienna09 to @byakkun/oujicards
- Gifted freezer05 to @pepsiharlot
- Traded archivist08 to @larecrow for blranking03
- Traded goraishi06 to @gloomlee for monge13
- Traded horus08 to @aratakis for blranking04
- Traded shabowball05 to @lady_paine for blranking05
- Traded stellastage06 to @wanderlast for blranking14
- Received lightclub16 from @pepsiharlot as a gift
- Traded juuhachi-ban03 to @wachamachas for monge08
- Received monge01, archivist08, horus08, goraishi06, stellastage06, shadowball05, juuhachi-ban03, sketch03, surface03, blranking02, sig_koinuko, snowflakes08, kishow05, lovesongs14, wool09, teleport18, borrow01, cyan03, stratagems05, sixfingers04, securitycat07, twindrill10, dss03, blurry02, blranking01 from December Release
- Received lightclub14, pain07, phonecalls07, ripple07, babyface18, numbers12, seele12, twindrill17, hellokitty03, disqualified05, fanservice18, surface17 from Little Spell Academia 242
- Traded ribbonbuster18, charmbuster01, stockpot02 to @lady_paine for 10join18, 1stchild07, 1stchild08
- Traded brothers16, class1-a05, class1-b03, darkhenge17, deku16, ets08, grotto20, lanayru04, hawkparty17, heresy13, legalwife13 to @lady_paine for blurry14, mizar01, skewering12, canary03, dancing14, dispel06, lovehime19, pes14, phonecalls14, sergeant03, surface16
- Received averageness18, dispel15 as a gift from @sangonomiyas
- Traded mermaids02, simile02, simile17, simile18, recitals10, recitals20 to @sangonomiyas for dragon-type19, oneshot04, relic13, spellcaster06, spellcaster13, monge02
- Received phonecalls05, phonecalls06, blurry02, blurry03, blurry04, babyface04, chocobars04 as a gift from @pepsiharlot
- Received drossel20, shiny18, oblivious09, *1 purple crayon from Donation Rewards

>> Jan. 1st, 2023:
- Traded sig_koinuko to @pepsiharlot for sig_pepsiharlot
- Mastered REV, INTENT, and TAKOYAKI! Received numbers11, tenbillion07, love-han01, orenji08, taranis06, peacefully14, tigridia01, pureheart07, yari09, *1 orange crayon, *2 green crayons from Mastery Rewards
- Mastered GUMMY! Received sugarcookie17, pointy10, knights08, airfriend13, *1 orange crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Donated solarboy14, timorf19 to Natsume's Book of Cards 121; Received loner20, samuraionnna01 from Natsume's Book of Cards 121
- Traded arcana07, eternal13, points10, seminar09, inferior01, safety02, sig_koinuko to @wild_sage for blackmist06, blueeyes11, evidol19, firegod09, lockers06, oneshot20, sig_sage
- Received dixneuf06, aristocratic08, knucklehead02, *1 purple crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received classical01, tearmoon02, crazyb16, digitallove01, everyday05, tsukkomi12, girl-shy09, optimistic01, thecow18, sky10 from Silly Blanks 142
- Received morikawa20, geek02, receptors07, pocketwatch19, undying17, astrolabos10, barbarossa05, 197801, purifying18, stealsouls14, kishow14, profitable07, megamart06, *1 red crayon, *1 green crayon, *1 brown crayon from Advent Calendar Day 2
- Received beard06, theguild16, happy-go19, hotblooded17, oldlion18, balbadd07, *1 green crayon, *1 brown crayon from Donation Rewards
- Received surpass04, roto06, vierzeberg04, shopping08, 1812, cuter02, cinema04, tomb06 from Reading Between the Lines 323
- Received mugenjou08, old07, pinkcup01, telomeres02, shinsengumi01, guchu16, masou16, manager10, onlypurpose09, strongjaw08 from Advent Calendar Day 12
- Received fairytales10, carnivore19, precioustone01, orichalcos17, dwn-00917, piglet05, man02, castle20, armor11, yakisoba06, aika17, sweetheart11, mayotama04, barbarossa14, tworeaders03, pre-skip04, bioengineer17, fellpool07, soisagent08, isolated14, rations10, date14, ignite07, doorknocker16, collider18, allmeans02, polite07, brains14, zafkiel17, foursky17, razorfan01, assignment10, littlefeet10, happyhome18, persistent17, valm20, bikaku01, shakushi17, encounter04, scout05 from November Referrals
- Received eraser18, maelstorm18, psync14, s-class20, teacup15, gadoria14, tightrope02, hikikomori05, emotionless14, koko20, velvetrose06, barrier02, sylph09, music01, restoration17, late16, mail-order10, vinebikini06, pie06, honneamise12 from October Referral Rewards
- Received octo-punch10, redscarf11, queendom04, belittled20, blackthorn13, hornless19, rosepin17, muchourin20, siren15, star02, teikoku13, paperthin09, form05, friedeggs03, c-class02, speeddemon20, frolic18, snicker10, toysnake02, 2ndchild08, overexerting14, elite06, supergirl03, skytrainer01, curryudon01, muramasa20, gaiseric05, oaths05, un-sorcerer05, vienna09, unborn10, prank08, kikkeriki14, forelock15, mcbb12, ribbonbuster18, charmbuster01, audio01, stockpot02, judgement11, bluebomber13, firstaider12, wrist18, magicshow14, camellia03, hellsgate04, nolonger05, officelady08, dancefusion20, heartstring04, wildflower06, amazoness08, musicstart12, righteous06, economical02, benten13, remembering18, park01, saiarks08, daylam19, leocorp08, swap20, wine14, stringer12, stepsister04, monomi16, stitching20, soccerclub08, nanotech14, innkeeper05, dranzer02, caretaker07, horseback13, emperor03, nee-san05, grudges03, *2 red crayons, *2 orange crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon from December Activity Rewards
- Received *1 red, *1 blue, *1 green, *1 gray, *1 orange, *1 yellow, *1 brown crayon as a gift from @lady_paine
- Received *2 orange crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 brown crayon from Advent Calendar Day 16

>> Dec. 29th, 2022:
- Gifted generosity06, bullfrog09, bullfrog20 to @pepsiharlot
- Donated rigging05, secondson01 to Silly Blanks 143;
- Gifted roadless11, pashupta16, hairdresser20, falsewar08 to @wachamachas
- Traded metropolis02, arsene18, kuuhaku04, kuuhaku05, titrel03, ironmaiden12 to @tophatcats for lizardhead19, divination06, pit03, volcanic17, whirlpool11, yamakami06
- Received moodyblues12 as a gift from @prisma
- Traded nidhogg20, hazakura12, farseer07, arrester16, grin07, depression12 to @prisma for blackwave10, crazyd08, echoes04, magicusers12, minerals15, minerals18
- Received curious16, spearidiot08, chidrain18, lovespells16, gryph18, generosity06, yuri20, rivercity08, whips03, streetrat13, streetrat10, whips02, aikido15, poisonous02, rayearth03, niu06 from Coloring Book 292
- Traded reading03, zoom09, cecaelia19, masked10 to @gloomlee for entermate13, jester04, muda02, weakest16
- Gifted harus13 to @gloomlee
- Received hirarin11, peaks14, rivercity20, clerks15, aprbirthday20, ousaka05, kamiyan02, horror15, robots18, ambidex07, mushroom19, lune06, *1 red crayon, *1 purple crayon from Lady Luck Slots 84


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Feel free to ask for a sig trade if I have at least one copy of my signature here!


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Blue Lock characters, Nobuyuki Mizuta (Yowamushi Pedal), Stars Align characters, Nanbaka characters, Kaitou Joker characters, Popee the Performer characters, maybe a Flaafy deck (?), Kiwi Biker Cookie, Uramichi Onii-san characters, Slow Damage characters, Pinoko (Black Jack), Romantic Killer Characters, Momo (Love Nikki)

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First Mastery - bullseye
First Mastery - monge
First Mastery - toytoy
First Mastery - surface
First Mastery - chocobars
First Mastery - sketch
Double Deck - kattobing/numbers
Double Deck - easylove/sketch
Double Deck - mentalist/tenbillion (future)
Double Deck - pes/negative (future)
Double Deck - darkfusion/pain (future)
Double Deck - lovesongs/magicusers (future)
Double Deck - carrots/juicyfish (future)
Double Deck - brute/insect (future)



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