Archived activity and trade logs.

October - December 2022

>> Dec. 28th, 2022:
- Gifted generosity06, bullfrog09, bullfrog20 to @pepsiharlot
- Donated rigging05, secondson01 to Silly Blanks 143;
- Gifted roadless11, pashupta16, hairdresser20, falsewar08 to @wachamachas
- Traded metropolis02, arsene18, kuuhaku04, kuuhaku05, titrel03, ironmaiden12 to @tophatcats for lizardhead19, divination06, pit03, volcanic17, whirlpool11, yamakami06
- Received moodyblues12 as a gift from @prisma
- Traded nidhogg20, hazakura12, farseer07, arrester16, grin07, depression12 to @prisma for blackwave10, crazyd08, echoes04, magicusers12, minerals15, minerals18
- Received curious16, spearidiot08, chidrain18, lovespells16, gryph18, generosity06, yuri20, rivercity08, whips03, streetrat13, streetrat10, whips02, aikido15, poisonous02, rayearth03, niu06 from Coloring Book 292
- Traded reading03, zoom09, cecaelia19, masked10 to @gloomlee for entermate13, jester04, muda02, weakest16
- Gifted harus13 to @gloomlee
- Received hirarin11, peaks14, rivercity20, clerks15, aprbirthday20, ousaka05, kamiyan02, horror15, robots18, ambidex07, mushroom19, lune06, *1 red crayon, *1 purple crayon from Lady Luck Slots 84

>> Dec. 28th, 2022:
- Donated *1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 292;
- Received judasear16, overpower04, uppersix04, badges15, catbingu06, radiohost03 from Switch It Up 204
- Received intent17, intent19, unkillable19, sketch15, monge14 as a gift from @admiral
- Received spetsnaz06, grudge01, blanchefil04, salesteam15, oneshot13 from Coloring Book 291
- Received freezer05, jackal04, nekotalia14, tapirus20, solarboy14, qipao16, experienced01, fuee13, east-khan04, hanamaru20, seagull15, blondie03, archers20, music17, baton01 from Seiyuu Guess 579
- Traded appleacres03 to @kuranosuke for monge07
- Received hawkparty17, darkknight14, quotations01, atmosphere17, domination13, mold01, qliphoth08, magician06, whitealbum01, cellophane11 from Stamp Card 33
- Received heavens11, undead19, blueeyes04, romantic13, break11, muga04, kuuhaku05, schwert11, doujima18, brothers16 from Stamp Card 32
- Received littlesister15, dirt15, ningguang09, snowflakes02, duke08, demonhunting10, electricnet16, magichair15, depression12, littlesister07, icicle19, nifl03, golf04, redlights18, stealsouls06, golf08, coronation09, camouflage04, excuses13, metropolis02, yeming11, verdant13, chameleon16, megamart04, sibling01, monge01, starry14, mine16, healthcare08, crt19 from Art Shop
- Received seiryuu19, vendetta15, gourmet11, janna15, pluto13, whitewolf07, cain20, delusional06, loss08, perfecthero09, renarouge18, anty17, soothsayer09, lend20, blank14, cetra06, patience16, mikishin13, meteor15, thyrsus18, *1 yellow crayon from Rolling Down the UMN 116
- Received eternia15, maledictor07, influential18, silhouettes16, thiefking15, ctarl19, rayofhope07, moonlight20, easymode08, iwa-chan01, divinefist03, heliopolis16, names05, samuraionnna20, cerberion15, susanoh10, brps20, liberation18, head15, awa-awa02, *1 orange crayon from Rolling Down the UMN 115

>> Dec. 27th, 2022:
- Donated eagle10, lawyer02, winterfairy04, jimmies19, sake14, salvation05 to Switch It Up 204;
- Received monge06, surface02, sketch08 from Advent Calendar Day 17
- Received entermate01, entermate03, numbers04, form16, babyface02, nico-nii18, redflash04, private02, pain06, disqualified02, stands07, aerosmith04, fluffal02, pes04 from Advent Calendar Day 25
- Received sketch04, blackbird19, teleport18, ripple05, toytoy01, aerosmith02, alioth02, seele09, blackbird20, redflash03, sugarcookie13, toytoy02, sugarcookie15, stands01, stands02, stands05, hellokitty01, pain01, pain02, pain05, toytoy04, monge05, surface01, twindrill14, hellokitty02, numbers03, chocobars03, form15 from Little Spell Academia 241
- Donated 100visits17, cureberry03 to Stamp Card 33;
- Traded blanchefil06, hephsin03, hephsin19, usamin11, talk04, yumeiro15, yumeiro19 to @wanderlast for blurry12, confections09, create11, freespirit13, godswill18, hellokitty08, oneshot07
- Received monge04 as a gift from @jewelry
- Traded pixiedust10 to @xmenfan2001 for sketch07
- Received eternia12, bravior06, olivia03, executive19, dynadiver10, beastiv05, liquor10, antagonist04, covered01, logical15, kunoichi15, teaching13, forcemetal01, colorball05, mugyou07, iceheart16, darkhenge17, phazon03, why05, ayaka15, *1 gray crayon from Rolling Down the UMN 114
- Received maternal09, reglay02, shirasagi17, agnosia20, crownprince11 from No Context Theater 297
- Traded renais20, fulcrum15, hagnos08, falchion11, foulplay09, prophetic03, temperament18, screentone14 to @misheard for sketch05, sketch06, 10join07, 10join08, 10join11, 10join13, 10join19, 10join20
- Received rikishi17, mito-mito06, whips05, blanchefil06, reglay13 from No Context Theater 296
- Received 12hours19, ayanon03, tigerlaguz04, agnosia18, kumashinken01 from No Context Theater 295
- Received otters04, swan03, harpsichord08, mystletainn09, ayesir17, brigade08, cap01, sharilton01, babokim04, rivalry07, metroplaza20, candid12 from Music Station 296
- Received arsene18, princeps01, judicial15, pinkskull06, nidhogg20 from Most Wanted 45
- Received nezumijodo04, daydreams06, olderlover13, poroneu08, wolfspirit18 from No Context Theater 294
- Traded science10, usagi07, fujoshi08, mushrooms17, violence15 to @tophatcats for cannondale03, melodious04, nervous18, reporter08, romantista18
- Received maitreya15, oneway15, setz01, blackcat19, fensalir18, assal20, darkfusion08, villain09, fulcrum15, age-112, voracious18, solum16 from Music Station 294

>> Dec. 26th, 2022:
- Donated curves09, dickdictum05, dickdictum11, movement02 to Natsume's Book of Cards 120; Received hakujoudai01, tenbillion04, tenbillion05, skullbrooch07 from Natsume's Book of Cards 120
- Traded lostmemory17, bigkitty17, earthmagic16, negative-kun12, osanpo16, wavemotion08, yawning16 to @jewelry for skullbrooch08, seele04, chocobars18, darkfusion15, disqualified01, disqualified12, disqualified19
- Received reginlaze03, enamored04, splendid04, satisfaction19, bellboy20, heavens11, necklaces14, antagonist13 from Reading Between the Lines 322
- Received chobi14, kakusei05, neosolars14, linda12, gero17, causation03, knight-hart14, itomori07, nekotalia17, draculina20, gouki05, cheer20, rody19, raftfleet07, pantheress07, trichronika15, crazym03, bullfrog20, quiche05, suit04, breast12, gray09, astrorobin19, mma15, guarding10, nightowl02, casanova20, spot07, blame16, stops19, *1 blue crayon from Puzzle Chains 239
- Traded jiji01, wet20, akizora15, toblerone18, slimes11 to @beezebeora for blurry15, abroad07, aerosmith17, crystal16, crystal20
- Received *2 blue crayons as a gift from @sinew
- Gifted dogending17, house20 to @sinew
- Traded radish15, victim1618, zanarkand18 to @sinew for hunting03, pharaoh09, pharaoh12
- Traded archadia10, assassin15, bangsineyes07, bangsineyes20, bowties04, braingum05, braingum16, carabosse14, cheesedrop18, creamwolves09, creamwolves15 to @itskjstyle for brute15, endings09, entermate10, eo01, hosoyan15, inspirited05, kamui08, mammamia18, nervous05, reis10, weakest01
- Received curaga17, translation06, arrester20, ayanon12, searing09 from No Context Theater 293

>> Dec. 24th, 2022:
- Mastered BULLSEYE, HOUSEWORK, and AGNOSIA! <3 Received agnosia15, agnosia16, agnosia18, form14, clamp01, healingwish04, secondplace20, hephsin03, naraku20, switzerland15, *1 orange crayon, *2 yellow crayons from Mastery Rewards
- Donated cousin12, chinchilla10, cherry03, bicker20, ball18, baton05, chasing18, comedy10, breathefire13, smart20, famous13, resentful04, dreams10, round02, leaky11, hyperactive15, shark17, tripping10, commute06, sneeze07, fang07, ingredients06, original04, orbs13, quiet17, pushy05, peach11, phonecharm07, rural16, piglet09 to Advent Calendar Day 22;
- Donated kalosqueen02, aquajet13, pokedex03, pokedex16, trainer05, wildduck19 to Riku's Favors 27;
- Traded 12hours19, afterpain12, beautymark06, bombraid07, bombraid13, burmecia01, caesarpro05, filming02, hamesh09, ishgard14, kumashinken17, lolol07, magnetism12, minteye03, rashoumon18, rikishi03, seaotter07, singer05, tekkenball11, tribulatio12, valetudo05, valetudo09, weight20, chpostal19, wolfspirit19, breeder09, lolol07, zadnor14, amakakeru08, supersecret02, postman17, heir12, madainsari12, trulla06, weakling15, holyking20, blanchefil12, evillaugh10, gottfried05, tabarzin02 to @byakkun for blurry05, persevere06, agnosia19, aubade15, aubade19, bdsm01, beastman13, birthmark09, birthmark14, blackmist05, blackrose07, brute01, butcher02, butcher18, buzzer03, carrots02, carrots07, catbingu04, catbingu09, catbingu17, chair09, chilipepper01, crocodile14, darts12, debt05, deepsleep12, destruction06, divination03, dominance05, doublesharp06, dtr07, dtr14, exodia05, freespirit17, gag02, gag05, games16, goodlooks04, goofy09, greatera13
- Received scales18, cellphone11, teamaqua01 from Twenty Questions 34
- Received aurite03, sol09, helicopter02, waterdrop03, hikikomori09, keibu16 from Delete Shiritori 229
- Received shivers16, consumption06, smellya15, folklore02, likeabird20, surrender05, grandking05, privileged14, funloving16, aromatic13, basketball05, awaking16 from Directions 159

>> Dec. 23rd, 2022:
- Donated cobra06, british18 to Silly Blanks 142;
- Donated highrank10 to Delete Shiritori 230;

>> Dec. 21st, 2022:
- Received seele02, phonecalls04, twindrill12, ripple13 from Advent Calendar Day 21
- Received *1 red crayon, *1 green crayon, *1 grey crayon from Advent Calendar Day 20
- Traded decalogue02, ahoy12, alteregom08, aqours07, archers02, around19 to @moes for exp20, scold07, bartender02, bartender03, bartender13, bartender16
- Donated scumbag10, names08, oceandress18, wingchun06, fuerza06, layla18, a-class02, komoicorps17, eruption15, seagod03 for Pot of Gold 108;
- Traded catpawgun05, addict09, bsaa04, hypocrite16, neighbor16, ussocom07, choice06, baboo16, lynx17, streetrat09, henshin19, charmbuster08, crucify19, leadcrow01, sig_koinuko to @sinew for thefrog01, alto09, alto19, babyls03, babyls17, buzzer16, hunting03, pharaoh12, rest14, value12, majority07, neshitteru03, spellcaster14, yanderes18, sig_erin
- Received goodlooks02 as a gift from @sinew
- Gifted victim1602, xenian20 to @sinew
- Received wool19, wool15, relic01, guile01, *1 red crayon, *1 brown crayon from Riku's Favors 25
- Received relic02, expedition08, fluffal01, blackwave11, blackwave09, *1 yellow crayon, *1 purple crayon from Riku's Favors 23
- Received pashupata16, ridiculed04, alteregom17, sudarshan08, hamesh09, temple14, rashoumon18, archers12, falchion11, brigid20, gynophobia07, rallyingcry04, dynast12, shirasagi05, siegfried04, daein02 from Booster Bundle 170
- Received bakuzan04, doggy03, vampires16, selector18, arcana07, covered14, support19, mflove20 from Booster Bundle 169
- Received bikaku08, wayward05, thehero15, nacrene05, feesh04, graduate07, pliskin05, kensetsu02 from Booster Bundle 168
- Received flamingo18, experiments09, toblerone18, dcm01, bakes15, class1-b03, neondrop18, erhu05, passion13, usagi07, beastmage02, thirdunit01, yatsufusa01, playthings01, heroism14, malkuth17, leap04, pyroclasm06, deku16, requests01, brainwasher16, thekangaroo19, x88s15, exodia05, promiscuous09 from Pick a Color 235
- Received onthefloor15, ayanon10, hexadecimal19, objectively09, renais20, pixiedust10, hagnos08, foulplay16, foulplay02, netherlands07, 12hours19, spetsnaz18, priderock11, simile17, foulplay09, crownprince09, tekkenball11, cupidsbow19, thrillerbark09, kishin15 from Pick a Color 234
- Received yellow15, emotionless05, corner07, starmagic18, predatory08, modsoul08, yeast12, shut-in06, ryouran02, luin03, galge17, lostvayne18, bullfrog09, ensign03, shotguns20, four-leaf09, lovely03, maverick18, miroru18, thatched12 from Pick a Color 233
- Received anxious13, bloodyfesta16, uranohoshi10 from Twenty Questions 34

>> Dec. 20th, 2022:
- Received polearms15, world-class06, everafter13, internet13, notdefeated06, wealth11, whitehat15, witchhat09, moonbeauty06, rely11, ufo11, postman17, satchel05, romeo10, forklift01, thunderbolt06, bonds17, mixcoatl15, supersecret02, boke15, hatshepsut18, heir12, gian09, recitals20, pokedex16, close16, agent10, despair18, goodlooks20, djibril13, izayoi07, chocolatier16, dynames13, laevatain05, cointoss02, dingjun17, massage06, pithos02, watchers09, modela10, 2-320, trodain18, powder13, masked10, unborn10, hatred12, goldwyvern02, hanafuda12, cellophane01, eyebrows01, record03, phazon01, mezzoforte08, ladypoison03, amakakeru08, iga10, hecaticwheel03, ninisgrace04, native03, silently14, madainsari12, johto12, liebestraume18, tragedies14, talos11, famillie12, harus13, niu17, loss01, parrying10, akizora15, ogredemon11, meltylily15, darts09, hougu01, virgo12, spiderweb15, kurohigi10, grin07, toad19, princesslike13, swordmaster17, drunkenrage07, bringit01, touchthis06, catch04, reality11, soccer15, prophetic03, tartar15, albion19, horrormare13, frei03, meddling18, anima09, theworld09, sprinter14, notebook09, nuniversity20, xenian20, reaper07, sports06, yesiam06, grimoire08, haircut01, science10, soccer19, medicalbill02, promisepetal04, territory03, childsenpai10, domination07, paired20, zoom09, condor14, sinners14, darkking10, kalosqueen02, sekit05, precision03, watchful14, creaming03, wiseking16, hyakuretsu10, immature19, writer06, clouded07, tempus09, hephsin19, martillo07, thesun18, 902919, megaring19, centurion07, crossdressf08, brewery09, onmyoji20, king09, mma02, cranes05, silverblade16, seiken17, recitals10, sake17, lynx17, vincent09, shutter18, lewdness14, chibimoon04, queens02, sweets02, shorthair01, trulla06, handystick02, trapmaker04, imperatore07, fencer15, weakling15, childhood20, pageant15, hatcher19, chasing18, harvard09, heavensdoor14, kabuki13, assignment09, leadcrow01, caged15, chant09, dcn-02514, scrawl12, principal07, mammamia14, modeljob10, baseball11, journal01, defective06, rook12, fascinated08, powers02, pokedex03, parlor07, holyking20, harsh12, ussocom07, dhill16, deadly20, naked16, bandit19, 5thsister07, tabarzin02, arrester16, bumblepig19, gottfried05, maella19, gottfried17, cecaelia19, evillaugh10, temperament18, blanchefil12, *2 red crayons, *7 orange crayons, *7 yellow crayons, *4 green crayons, *4 blue crayons, *3 purple crayons, *1 brown crayon, *2 gray crayons from Pot of Gold 107
- Received suneater16, jetsam17, kei18, geika19, redchamber17, sanctuary15, soulunion10 from Twenty Questions 33
- Received sig_koinuko, sig_koinuko, housework16 from Art Studio
- Received plans18, firststar04, pintokona12, 14titans20, tetsuo10, adventure02, conman05, fengshui10, pure19, badcop07, succubus01, requests19, left03, noah19, causation06, headstrong02, totalwood16, specials02, avaricious11, banchou15, *1 orange crayon, *3 yellow crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 purple crayon, *3 brown crayons, *1 gray crayon from Art Shop
- Received demons02, ishgard14, tsunderes19, shoujomanga10, haikumaster04 from Most Wanted 44

>> Dec. 19th, 2022:
- Donated profit12, prophecy19, protagonist06, reddragon11, redscarf09, refined09, magoi07, maihime07, maihime09 to Art Studio;
- Received ripple04, bullseye11, agnosia13, blackbird18, teleport16, teleport17, agnosia14, bullseye14, bullseye20 from Little Spell Academia 240
- Received sins10, legs10, bard01, chocolatier19, gamegear15, chi06, swapped03 from Host Club Giveaway 227
- Received barbarossa06, rots17, 6601, brushgods06, hakuda08, light16 from Delete Shiritori 228
- Received allmen09, ratatouille07, hopekingdom06 from Twenty Questions 33
- Received prominence14, bountifully07, forks04, niichan01, sigma19, overelement12, jealousy05, twentyone18 from Reading Between the Lines 321

>> Dec. 18th, 2022:
- Received wool01, wool02, wool03, wool04, sin07 from Riku's Favors 26
- Donated dedication19, mindbadge07, performance10, pancakes02, runaway04, seviiislands03, squishy20, wildduck17, smoker13, armor12 to Riku's Favors 26;
- Received pes01, pes02, negative05 from Natsume 119
- Donated mymother11, mymother14, thirdunit12 to Natsume 119;
- Received pain08, chocobars10, sugarcookie12 from Advent Calendar Day 18
- Received assassins09, zadnor14, soldiers02, hardland03, gainax16, leaders20, scientists02, maleantags11, class1-b16, class1-a05, kanahana09, darkaltar01, *1 purple crayon, *1 gray crayon from Lady Luck Slots 83
- Received starcadia09, blazing17, rogueship11, voile19, homeworld08, dearbaby12, reading03, ushiushi19, godswill03, turks16, smart20, cancer04, macarons15, elven08, assist18 from Seiyuu Guess 578
- Received cyber09, lancecorp06 as gifts from @kuranosuke
- Traded left18, 12th02, 12th05, hotblooded11 to @kuranosuke for negative07, negative15, dinosaur02, destruction16
- Traded teamyell14, ylisse03 to @darkangelsarecozy for dotdotdot04, bartender01
- Received lolol07, thebest11, flashing19, kirin18, geidai09, friendships14, renewal11, kuronomei11, module10, appmon09, curepeace11, ratio13, nolife18, runeknight04, megamerge12, magikazam16, hard-rock07, wandering15, bluewhistle03, dategumi16, onoken14, shortsword15, breeder09, betray07, hiroya10, uu13, see10, masochism04, heights10, triangles09, *1 green crayon from Puzzle Chains 238
- Received x-clips10, pointcards18, admiral07, following19, fireball04, mypartner10, resolute10, hypermonk17, aresweis03, conventional18, caduceus07, lesson04, greenthumb11, frozentears15, ramune12, irides12, misfortune15, catcher01 from Silly Blanks 140
- Received osuwari07, bakeneko01, elderly19, brewery10, dwn-04313 from Go Fish 337

>> Dec. 15th, 2022:
- Donated catemperor04 to Delete Shiritori 229;
- Traded clerks07, lovefreak19, sakurafubuki07, referee20, resistance11 to @tophatcats for idolclub12, metallica01, metals11, oblock14, xyz02
- Gifted jaganshi08, youtuber13, usagi17 to @tophatcats
- Gifted frown16, meganekko03, singer16 to @darkangelsarecozy
- Traded airhead04, poland19 to @darkangelsarecozy for entermate14, blackmist15
- Received bdsm04, cannondale08, confections11, crocodile01, guile18, lancecorp19, lizardmagic01, rest11, sergeant07, taxidriver04, agnosia12, bullseye10 as gifts from @moes!
- Traded sig_koinuko to @moes for sig_len
- Received bullseye13 as a gift from @hyoga!
- Traded clings12, clings18, controller20, metals10, please14, optimistic02, x-scissor09 to @hyoga for agnosia17, alioth04, expedition15, hellokitty06, idolclub19, negative17, neshitteru04
- Traded bookworm15, pureromance11, sugarheart05, vivids17 to @wanderlast for accidental16, chilipepper11, exodia01, piercing15
- Gifted deshite08, dokkan15, fethmus05 to @wanderlast
- Received avalken11, oninonaku03, topspeed06, kabuki06, flailsword01 from Stamp Card 32
- Received farseer07, essence05, screentone14, northkanto18, kazaly19 from Stamp Card 32
- Received yorha17, archbishop04, batman08, chaldea12, tradename13, crownprince13, 1stguardian04, cautious12, ero-mangaka18, mudabijin14, dwn-01614, abettor07, shunshin10, therat01, starfish16, ofruin09, trueblade01, chpostal19, wildduck17, flamenpink08, *1 orange crayon, *1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon from Stamp Card 31
- Received kerchief01, gottfried18, townhall05, blurry13, mikos09 from Most Wanted 43
- Received lastation13, lfg01, hades05, commute06, vendredi04, titrel03, handicraft08, negative-kun12, humanist01, guitar04, evidol17, wolfspirit19, *1 orange crayon, *1 green crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 brown crayon from Art Lessons 321

>> Dec. 14th, 2022:
- Received teleport11, teleport14, teleport15 from Advent Calendar Day 13
- Donated bikelover20, chocobars12 to Stamp Card 32;
- Traded reservoir05, ampulla18, boxweapon17, burn20, nameless18, robotabuse08, scorpion02, snowboard05, starhealer01 to @aratakis for averageness08, blueeyes12, ohao09, pit11, reporter02, sewing03, deepsleep16, cockatoo03, create04
- Traded scars08, illusions15, tactician10, geb15, loving14, promoter10, sadhiporoja02, yesyesyes08, febbirthday17 to @aratakis for alioth11, carrots10, carrots13, dragon-type06, lancecorp18, lovesongs18, relic19, dss02, dss10
- Gifted enjoysummer11, panicattacks04, phater08 to @aratakis
- Traded butlers19, dotdotdot05 to @misheard for 10join04, 10join06
- Gifted goldknight09, tigerlaguz18, temperament10 to misheard
- Received unkillable09, numbers02, thundergod05, rev07, rev18, agnosia09, form07, form13, housework04, agnosia11, redflash02 from Little Spell Academia 239
- Gifted eikons19 to qu-ko/prisma
- Received position015, brown01, fireball17, duck03, churapa12, heyheyhoh05, precipices12, priderock11, bombraid13, drunkenrage03, trodain10, namidai13, surviving15, medicalbill03, translation20, kitchen11 from Coloring Book 291
- Received bombraid07, pixiedust19, reservoir05, temperament10, chilling02 from Coloring Book 290
- Received falsewar08, clings18, creamwolves09, bowties04, creamwolves15 from Coloring Book 289
- Received gladsheim07, tutored02, oceandepths04, robotabuse08, nameless18, archers02, blitz09, scheming05 from Reading Between the Lines 320
- Traded donutpond16, shiitake20, momokan13, momokan15, telescope17, zoom05, camembert16, cosplays01, onett01, rewind09, janbirthday17, junbirthday05 to @gloomlee for 10seconds07, buzzer11, briar15, brute19, darkside08, divination13, jojo02, quality06, simplicity14, sociopath08, uppersix13, virtual14

>> Dec. 13th, 2022:
- Received dragon-type10, quality10, darkside10 from Advent Calendar Day 10
- Received takoyaki16 from Riku's Favors 25
- Donated itadakimasu05, takoyaki11, dojomatron03, tackles14, go-getters04, wrist03 to Riku's Favors 25;
- Received unkillable06, unkillable07, unkillable08 from Advent Calendar Day 11
- Donated *1 orange crayon to Coloring Book 291;

>> Dec. 12th, 2022:

- Received usagi17, eruption15, smoker13, nightmare13, seagod03, asapin13, conartist20, godhand02, e-ming15, wire18, capturer08, carabosse14, dokkan15, melancholy12, predation06, clarines08, resentful11, misguided08, rebellion07, eyepatch14, shinychariot05, sneeze07, obsession14, gal04, centurion01, tokugawa03, trickclassic15, athena18, pareo20, wingchun06, *1 gray crayon from Puzzle Chains 237
- Received hedgehog03, skywalk09, annoying10, ampulla18, referee20, morphus14, wayside12, fencing05, detective16, around19, oceandress18, illusions15, neofantasy01, fes07, pose01, tomboyish16, hellsgate01, dragonkick19, oldrabbit13, onmyoji11, dynamite05, cryptic19, pacts06, trainer05, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon from Lady Luck Slots 82
- Received zanpakuto11, deshite08, mochi07, citro03, gloom05, bomb10, possessive06, pristo14, analysis07, go-getters19, dall10, filming02, owl11, playgirl10, aerosmith07 from Seiyuu Guess 577
- Received aglaia19, imitation18, brigandia01, waterdrop07, forkball08, invincible06, shenzhou19, shunshin09, burmecia01, outside12 from Silly Blanks 139
- Received burn20, gnosis12 from Go Fish 336
- Traded roseneedle19, galax19, namidai03, ghostwriter02 to @tophatcats for carrots05, lancecorp11, majority18, oneshot15
- Received cetus10, princely15, ecstasy07 from Twenty Questions 33
- Received agnosia10, alioth19, pain12, pain03 from Swap Station 188
- Received value05, earthquake09, iruburu17 from Switch It Up 203
- Received fuukan05, x-scissor09, optimistic02, militaire12, ohao03, horoscope08, squishy20, monocle16, hexadecimal12, netherlands13, valetudo05, niu18, yo-kai13, yasako03, boar14, midgard02 from Coloring Book 291

>> Dec. 10th, 2022:
- Donated yawning20, unleashed20, books13 to Silly Blanks 140;
- Received form10, form11, securitycat04, securitycat05 from Advent Calendar Day 8
- Donated agnosia03, alioth06, pain04, pain15 to Swap Station 188;
- Received sugarcookie09, sugarcookie10, seele01 from Advent Calendar Day 6
- Donated parade15, puberty04, peddler16 to Switch It Up 203;
- Donated *1 green crayon to Coloring Book 291;
- Received rev14, rev15, intent16, ripple02, ripple03, blackbird11, unkillable05, teleport10, blackbird14, agnosia07, agnosia08 from Little Spell Academia 238
- Traded windelement06, windelement09, fflove04 to @penguinknitter for dispel11, sewing16, watermelon06
- Traded carmendei18, pluto16, uu05, fundoshi02, fundoshi19, locket03, android12, orderly14, pointcards16, snail06 to @citoyenne for stands17, chocobars11, dinosaur01, matsumura05, matsumura06, minerals11, stitches16, yamakami16, devillord17, lovehime15
- Received pureromance11, stern18, frown16, tonkotsu06, mudabijin03, geb15 from Delete Shiritori 227
- Received lightside06, lightside10, lightside13, lightside18, lightside20, stands10, yanderes11, yanderes12, neshitteru01, neshitteru10, ninjas18, 3-e01, 3-e10, 3-e16, 3-e17, gross14, guide15, guide16, major03, brute13, babyls07, bartender20, beastman07, beastman08, beastman12, beastman19, bepsi20, bluemaiden15, chilipepper08, cerberion14, chair04, chair06, devilsmilk20, divination04, 10seconds12, 3rdchild18, abroad15, accidental03, allmate15, alloflove12 from Recycled Art

>> Dec. 8th, 2022:
- Received toytoy19 as a gift from @wanderlast!
- Traded kosmos16, kosmos18, lazytime16, pochette12 to @wanderlast for blurry07, hollow04, loop12, simplicity13
- Received twindrill08, intent07, intent08, intent09, intent10, rev17, gummy19 from Advent Calendar Day 7
- Donated lewdjokes02 to Delete Shiritori 228;
- Traded funeral16, mcmastermind03 to @kuranosuke for bullseye12, oneshot10
- Traded bigisland02, captain16, itomori06, orphan06, reserve07, 62410 to @gloomlee for nervous10, ripple16, greatera04, alioth01, reporter05, tabris11
- Received minimum02, preventer13, arsnova06, tengumaru11, korobokkuru19, alter-ego18, serena06, might08, binding12, arthim13, secondroom15, motorcycle20 from Directions 158
- Received brute16, protect07, intent20, allmate09, waterpistol07, heartcross08 from Switch It Up 203
- Received shirikodama18, aimo03, dwn-01102, negatives17, awaken16, lolol07, beaker06, woodytower05, hexadecimal17, braingum05, familiaran01, grotto20, panicattacks04, boom02, offerings14, resistance11 from Coloring Book 291
- Received meringue03 as a gift from @flurface
- Traded memorized18, punisher14, rev16, clean09, logicshow01 to @flurface for cyan11, cyan12, destruction05, judasear01, loner19
- Received enjoysummer11, assassin15, cannon03, openings08, damsel08 from Most Wanted 42
- Received priderock13, memorycard06, searing18, fermata02, locket16, lazytime16, alteregom08, tekigousha04, nature14, surviving07, hiraikotsu04, bloodtest12, caliber09, tekkenball07, hiyamaru05, *2 red crayons, *1 blue crayon, *1 purple crayon from Art Lessons 320

>> Dec. 6th, 2022:
- Donated joblistings03, hunt18, fold17, dranzer08, gaomi07, grow08 to Switch It Up 203;
- Donated *1 green crayon to Coloring Book 291;
- Mastered CONTROLLER, PHOTON, and KATTOBING! <3 Received bullseye07, bullseye08, bullseye09, bumblepig03, mildeven10, toadstool04, hermitcrab05, blackstar14, prominence18, *1 purple crayon, *1 brown crayon, *1 gray crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Received sergeant09, far-flier14, tigerlaguz18 from Twenty Questions 32
- Received slopes07, skewering06, negative04, negative08, relic14 as a gift from @crabg1rl!

>> Dec. 5th, 2022:
- Received *1 blue crayon as a gift from @2d
- Traded brushgods12, countup07, luminary13, luminary19, unnamed07, sig_koinuko to @2d for griefseed04, jojo06, tblock08, yanderes13, yanderes20, sig_selena2
- Received fuerza06, scumbag10, tvshopping12, vengeance20, distinction14, batman01, legal11, a-class02, afterpain12, hana12, komoicorps17, superior02, 62410, xscar10, airhead04, ae8615, banekick03, layla18, moonside13, bag05, yoru12, level99917, solami18, goldknight09, rian16, orphan06, yawning20, chainsaws15, belly14, mindbadge07, *1 brown crayon from Puzzle Chains 236
- Received controller13, controller14, controller15 from Advent Calendar Day 5
- Received regnalastra14, imitate08, imposter11, names08, aurite01, yaoifan04, superrookie20, 20th20 from Reading Between the Lines 319

>> Dec. 4th, 2022:
- Received controller10, controller11, controller12 from Advent Calendar Day 3

>> Dec. 3rd, 2022:
- Traded kishin06, kishin12, kishin18 to @neverbepractical for controller09, bullseye19, agnosia06
- Received camerawoman09, hotblooded09, wildduck19, seifuku09, sororicide13, pipe11, eagle10, minazuki02, dreamyball20, phonestrap17, aurora13, capturer15, darkchip11, serenes14, aether16, malignant16, whitefang10, scorpion02, tribulatio12, experiment11, cosplayer15, vice05, ambrosia19, kanazuchi03, 100visits17, lawyer02, vanguard06, mayor07, windelement09, trulla09 from Shopping Street
- Received vodka13, devilexam20, jester04 from Twenty Questions 32
- Received britannia13, magnetism12, saiyan08 from Go Fish 335
- Received rise04, exceed16, neoaikido04, blueflare15, pranking02, hotcakes13, isenergy08, haircolor19, ets08, meijin02 from Silly Blanks 138
- Traded frank07, frank10, frank17 to @barda for controller17, bullseye18, agnosia05
- Received sexybomber11, seasalt19, renegades14, youtuber13, trypio03 from Stamp Card 31
- Traded heiress11 to @prisma for controller16

>> Dec. 2nd, 2022:
- Traded warhammer09, yourboy02 to @lady_paine for cannondale11, sleepyash20
- Received 00718, birthmark01, birthmark03, birthmark08, birthmark13, birthmark16, birthmark19, blackrose13, blackrose16, buzzer15, mob02, mizar15, mizar20, cerberion15, debt11, debt18, dominance02, dominance03, dominance06, dominance07, dominance10, dominance17, lightclub04, lightclub05, lightclub06, lightclub07, lightclub08, lightclub09, lightclub13, lightclub15, lightclub17, lightside03, lightside05, lightside19, quality13, quality11, oiran04, one-track11, ostania03, professional06 from Recycled Art
- Levelled up from STRAWBERRY to RUBY! Received photon16, photon19, kattobing15, kattobing16, kattobing17, kattobing18, kattobing19, rev11, yasoukiroku20, cabbit10, artificial07, close05, fightingqueen09, meringue19, diamondclan05, endings16, virginbride11, fragile12, cynic07, bangsineyes07, staging10, nico-nii06, human20, stonefree18, sniper18, yaoifan02, sleepy05, megaphone08, cologne10, hazakura12, original12, mokkun02, catpawgun05, *1 yellow crayon, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon, *2 purple crayons, *3 brown crayons from Level Up Rewards
- Gifted altergeist19 to @prisma
- Donated baths02, lying18 to Silly Blanks 139;
- Received cat01, sevenseas13, pain04, report17, altergeist19, coldblooded16, windmage14, supermarket03, rikishi03, nightmares10, maternal20, streetrat09, jiji01, bar10, feathers02, berry04 from Coloring Book 290
- Traded blanchefil04, bombraid05, osananajimi10, timephoto08 to @byakkun for rest10, lancecorp10, fluffal19, yamakami17
- Traded segno14, segno16, segno18 to @sangonomiyas for bullseye17, controller20, agnosia03
- Recieved *1 orange crayon as a gift from @misheard
- Traded kuruma20, salesteam09, usas12, olympia18, shirasagi20 to @misheard for chocobars02, griefseed15, nico-nii16, sugarcookie19, thundergod04
- Traded black05 to @larecrow for controller20
- Received dinosaur16 from Switch It Up 202
- Received lovehime07 as a gift from @ryuusenkas
- Received lightside11, rev16, rev10, rev06 from Swap Station 187

>> Dec. 1st, 2022:
- Donated tears15 to Delete Shiritori 227;
- Received intent01, intent02, intent06 from Advent Calender Day 1
- Mastered SPECIES! Received gummy17, lorasia06, flowercrown06, sugarheart05, *1 gray crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Gifted hollowheart20 to @byakkun
- Gifted maybirthday04 to @auriianna
- Traded hayashibara07, healingwish08, cows18, mission12, redgem05, coliseum12, dood12, dood15, herooftime16, uryu16, brahmastra15, curescarlet06 to @moes for pharaoh04, ooooo12, alioth01, alioth14, corporal07, cyber08, cyber13, d-hero04, minerals05, minerals17, yo-kai19, dragon-type17
- Received hana07, smokyjail11, jimmies12, fake03, hakunon04 from Stamp Card 31
- Received poland19, viis09, blood11, alter13, parasitic09, sadhiporoja02, ontan19, tsumukari08, twelfth14, intense16, sangriarosa13, terminal10, snail06, bubblegum14, okama05, hearts18, tapereel16, rewind09, pearljam01, nyamo15, kansai10, thirdunit12, ai12, caesarpro05, anxiouswhite19, dualkatana11, funeral16, revocs08, unitone20, cielagate01, furball12, recruit07, shuei-gumi07, ghostwriter02, onett01, toaster15, darii03, bigkitty17, heavens17, righteous12, kape02, canine04, casualry13, phazon07, northitaly05, lonely01, snowboard05, japanesque06, *2 red crayons, *2 blue crayons, *2 gray crayons from Lady Luck Slots 81
- Gifted onceupon14 to @gloomlee
- Received onceupon14, galactic02, henshin19, softandwet13, ozeki15 from Most Wanted 41

>> Nov. 30th, 2022:
- Donated *1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 290;
- Donated holysword04 to Switch It Up 202;
- Donated yanderes14 to Stamp Card 31;
- Donated lightside02, rev03, rev13, rev20 to Swap Station 187;
- Received countup08, chaperone05, cardtricks01, thebomb14, theyounger08, nomotivation12, comicrelief02, undead11, 500yen08, billionaire13, bloodechoes11, dln-00811, catbingu07, vers05, roving14 from Seiyuu Guess 576
- Received child01, catemperor04, dreams10, hakuda11, marysue11, lark04, dwn-03410, tsukkomi17, here18, nanoda13, streetrat06, loving14, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 gray crayon from Art Lessons 319
- Traded pit01, pit05 to @hyoga for agnosia04, blurry01
- Traded hawking10 to @lady_paine for controller19
- Traded cupidsbow07, ss-rank07 to @tophatcats for agnosia03, agnosia20
- Received highcycle09, mymother14, hirarin02, warrior09, taekwondo14, namidai03, blitzball02, superheroes13, bombraid05, namidai03, bumblepig05, frank07, contestidol02, darkboots05, yggdrasil01, akizora20 from Coloring Book 290
- Traded brynhilde20 to @darkangelsarecozy for ossan10
- Traded ozeki17 to @argoxi for controller08

>> Nov. 29th, 2022:
- Donated timefreeze13 to Stamp Card 31;
- Donated 1 orange crayon to Coloring Book 290;
- Gifted netherlands13 to @darkangelsarecozy
- Received mambo09, promotion16, musicians04, lemillion03, deadanimals09, archers12, nacchan08, soloship16, reddragon09, feasting11, hotel01, hihio10, buzzer18, talisman13, granddream14, pancakes02, decalogue02, bandages20, drei07, performance10, *1 yellow crayon from Rolling Down the UMN 113
- Received rashomon08, fleadom08, replicant11, pharmacist08, dense13, detectives09, netherlands13, resentful04, grave10, 12th09, slimes11, doubts09 from Music Station 293
- Received ghostroom17, balloons16, dcn-03001, animes02, luminary19, rinmeikan17, liger13 from Host Club Giveaway 226
- Received bandana18, singer05, olympia18, cheerio03, doujinshi13, peshent11, goodnight18, aprbirthday02, jokes15, sheriff18, splendid11, military13, trishula13, aikane03, newkama18, norimaki03, hogyoku19, operator07, heiress11, seductive16, luckystars16, onoken03, luminary13, bookseller18, superbeast06, magi04, otakuislove03, committee04, yomihime18, extractteam12, osananajimi10, heartcross16, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon, *7 yellow crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon, *2 purple crayons, *3 gray crayons from Art Shop
- Received appleacres03, hiwa08, thorns16, ardent09, kensei03, piercings02, severe18, singer16, gatekeeper11, gsleague10 from Delete Shiritori 226
- Traded all10, containment07, parties01, loveme07, pendulum03 to @cragb1rl for metals08, sugarcookie07, gummy16, tenbillion03, bullseye06
- Traded tabarzin09 to @larecrow for controller07

>> Nov. 28th, 2022:
- Received darkside17, ecchi10, lightclub11, lightclub18, 3-e07, dragon-type07, spellcaster08, crocodile02, destruction10, dinosaur11, dinosaur18, 10join14, blueeyes02, guillotine06, hollow01, lancecorp13, lancecorp17, lizardmagic03, major06, major15, mizar13, overpower05, overpower07, paranormal10, paranormal17, railway17, space20, sleepyash02, sewing04, sewing10, sewing19, sewing20, yamakami12, juicyfish11, freespirit12, aubade09, aubade16, abroad13, tapioca02, kamui14, 3-e08, 3-e09, 3-e12, 3-e15, lightclub10, lightclub19, spellcaster10, spellcaster11, dragon-type14, dragon-type18, 10join17, bartender15, bartender17, bartender19, bepsi14, blackrose09, corporal10, corporal12, corporal13, corporal18, aquarium09, aquarium11, aquarium14, aquarium17, aquarium18, housework08, housework09, housework10, housework11, housework14, housework15, housework18, housework19, housework20, major09, major10, major15, major16, major17, major19, 3-e18, 3-e20, darkside06, grayscale04, lightclub01, lightclub03, lightside01, lightside02, maleidols11, quality20, dragon-type20, paranormal13, paranormal15, paranormal18, paranormal19, paranormal20, volcanic06, volcanic10, guillotine20, lancecorp02, lancecorp15, lancecorp20, shattered19, starvevenom02, starvevenom04, starvevenom05, starvevenom12, ouji07, ouji11, overpower17, aubade20, allmate07, allmate19, borrow16, destruction03, destruction04, destruction09, destruction11, destruction19, inspirited16 from Recycled Art (three weeks' worth)
- Traded kindness12, rashoumon07, nameless16, proven14, lighthearted13, walkingheart14, armor10, bronco15 to @aratakis for private04, private16, buzzer14, lovesongs07, lovesongs13, lovesongs15, pharaoh05, thundergod14
- Traded codfish06, graveyard03 to @gloomlee for expedition02, lightside02
- Received bullseye04, takoyaki14, controller06, form04, photon13, intent03, photon10, takoyaki15, bullseye05, photon15, kattobing14 from Little Spell Academia 237

>> Nov. 27th, 2022:
- Received frank10, controller18, bombraid11, archwizard02, simile18, simile02, frank17, salesteam12, kumashinken17, segno16, salesteam09, hiyamaru12, pit05, blanchefil04, deron15, kishin12, weight20, pit01, segno18, bloodbank10, bullseye16, curaga13, kelkale17, kuruma20, kishin18, tigerlaguz15, braingum16, daydreams11, nobu12, cupidsbow07, valetudo09, segno14, nightmares15, codfish06, kishin06, all10, pit04, searing12, kagekage04, shirasagi20, frailskill04, tworeaders01, pit14, tabarzin09, graveyard03, ss-rank07, blurry13, sakurafubuki07, lighthearted13, erosalom04 from Art Shop Rewards
- Received usss20, mementos11, *1 gray crayon from Art Shop
- Traded hexadecimal02, cupidsbow02, green15, jam16 to @tophatcats for controller04, bullseye03, agnosia02, mammamia15
- Traded elegia15, whisper05, legacy19 to @beezebeora for bullseye15, cerberion01, photon08
- Received whisper05, legacy19 from Release 150
- Traded temperament03 to @aratakis for controller05
- Traded witches15 to @archangelamy for photon03
- Donated aurastorm03, toluca12, trainingteam18 to Natsume's Book of Cards 116; Received teleport09, thebird01, spiderweb01 from Natsume's Book of Cards 116
- Traded tekkenball16 to @nonclione for controller03
- Traded neverland07, pixiedust06 to @gloomlee for controller02, bullseye02
- Received agnosia01, bullseye01, controller01, neverland07, pixiedust06, namidai01, sig_koinuko, ayanon09, gummy09, gummy10, gummy11, takoyaki11, takoyaki13, tekkenball16, hexadecimal02, cupidsbow02, elegia15, temperament03 from Release 151
- Received species15 from Shopping Street
- Traded astrablade12, bewitching05, countercurse13, disciplined09, eyespy20, goldknight13, incantations20, secretshop20, patrols18, camazotz16, dood15, dood20, thekangaroo14, fingersnap18 to @misheard for rev12, photon07, takoyaki11, 10seconds20, 2ndchild12, abroad03, allmate10, alloflove18, alto08, alto13, alto16, alto20, aquarium03, aubade04
- Received ozeki17, lovegun13, lohengrin17, breathefire13, mio-fa19, hapy04, outlook01, wing15, ratpatrol19, scan19, knowledge15, lovers20, hadoukyuu06, d9910, rashoumon07, fensalir20, trulla20, kite08, transfer03, karayachief06, advice08, hotblooded11, drugs03, powers03, *2 orange crayons from Lady Luck Slots 80
- Received ssrb08, vogel19, itomori06, physician20, s-class15, makimaki19, firegod10, inferior01, ironmaiden12, hiddencurse12, dickdictum05, safety02, ursus15, jaganshi08, disciplined09, soundpod12, lucavi14, teamyell14, famous13, oodachi12, thefamily11, volvagia07, dreiklauen18, wingedone20, karamucho02, sepbirthday08, chroma16, hairdresser20, royalty15, comedy10, *1 blue crayon from Seiyuu Guess 575
- Received novel04, yagoura08, lace09, prophet20, housekeeper07, driger02, kaitou07, doctor18, wakamoto06, legalwife13, cosplays01, mikan04, sexpistols12, razorwind17, painpeko12, absence10, likedad18, morphus16, parade15, yasoukiroku05, dumbo17, camembert16, sakugarne08, sweetscheme09, zoom05, confident01, talk04, jimmies19, emotions02, hypocrite16, yumeiro19, wonder09, chaosbrigade07, rudehero16, duckcurse09, judgement10, screentone10, shimabara14, karegia16, alien18, tekkadan18, nameless16, galaxy10, alloflove07, 10seconds13, submerge19, hamelin07, musicboxes16, brokenrose18, level106, disciple20, puberty04, wirukun13, neonlight03, unimpressed04, bluemaiden19, highrollers18, nyuudou05, galax19, verbose19, longinus05, naska03, nightblade02, bluescarf16, stella05, redbean18, vampires11, candidacy07, usamin11, fujoshi08, yamainu14, dojomatron03, choir12, piano19, daffodil16, fleadom08, traitor13, seize17, shou06, nature13, newsanchor07, visions13, faithful06, goubain07, milk17, unorthodox19, asapin10, richgirl16, winterfairy04, just13, bomberrod07, fantasize11, gluttony16, lempicka01, conscious09, excelsis08, cheesedrop18, eyespy20, snowyowl10, roadless11, shikinjou02, futureeve10, metals10, kotowari17, arcticwolf03, *2 red crayons, *3 orange crayons, *2 yellow crayons, *2 green crayons, *1 purple crayon, *4 gray crayons from Pot of Gold 106

>> Nov. 26th, 2022:
- Received hollowheart20, sutures13, headboy10, overcautious03, peacekeeper15, bananas02, kindness12, bathroom09, revolver11, parade06, heartereki16, angel10, akaringo15, highstakes17, pillowtalk01, muda01, lapistier03, arkrome09, admires20, dragunov01, ogikubo07, hawking17, sewing15, variabeauties02, tokyoelite16, redrose11, astrablade12, vivids17, pointcards16, victim1602, topspin09, thunder15, gentletype04, grappling13, y-ko19, go-getters04, eikons19, 882307, dragonsneck13, youthful10, dwn-04508, castelia02, shorttemper17, bow17, pendulum03, maps20, wordplay12, x-scissor16, winddance07, konghou20, analysis17, given03, odasaku16, commentary01, guild19, blacksheep18, employee05, vicious14, nagarekawa01, forgiveness07, gravityhole10, pinkdevil20, telescope17, gaiadragoon10, rhythmia16, taforashia13, lionheart01, banshees09, crucify19, clean09, green15, slyfox15, yesyesyes08, appearance09, curemiracle09, bauxite16, *1 red crayon, *1 yellow crayon, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon, *2 brown crayons from November Activity Rewards
- Traded aureus17, chaostide04, shresta20, falsewar12, tarts14, chakram19, cocky15 to @byakkun for dressupdoll10, necklace20, abroad20, griefseed14, necklace10, romantista14, dss17
- Received redflash11, birthmark18, tapioca02 from Switch It Up 202
- Donated babble03, go-getters15, windwitch13, glide02, badfuture05 to Riku's Favors 23;
- Donated balloons10, blacksheep15, alter05 to Switch It Up 202;
- Donated *2 red crayons, *1 orange crayon, *1 yellow crayon, *3 green crayons, *2 blue crayons, *1 purple crayon, *1 brown crayon, *1 gray crayon to Shopping Street;
- Traded humble18, awa-awa07, heavymetal11, aeons13, femprotags09, headphones20, sepbirthday20 to @reneetwist for taxidriver07, entermate08, entermate20, lovesongs10, sergeant15, hollow19, babyls13
- Received dreamycrown07, resemblance10, shinai13, place15, charmbuster08, shogiplayer01, ecchi07, kugimiya19 from Booster Bundle 167
- Traded rabbityear09, supermarket06, snowflake19 to @auriianna for gummy07, negative03, confections03
- Received games01, phonecalls18, expedition13, expedition09, sin12, *1 yellow crayon, *1 green crayon from Riku's Favors 22
- Traded talk01, clubsunshine17 to @wanderlast for gag20, necklace05
- Received magdalene01, boss05, zura02 from Twenty Questions 31
- Traded bikerboss06, kazimierz12, kazimierz19, oneself09, soulspark18, watercannon07, diet18, listentome04, lostones17, rightearring01 to @magaru for darkfusion08, buzzer05, carrots09, combatknives17, metals10, metals15, twindrill13, sixfingers19, intent05, takoyaki12
- Received 5thdan07, idolclub14, orderly14, blackbomber08, gravekeeper14, dignity15, grow08, pecking12 from Reading Between the Lines 318
- Received darkening06, maybirthday04, hurricane08, intellect04, cocky15, hex10, goldknight13, seychelles01, blame01, locket03, u-1703, supersecret20, sorry09, mikan16, intellect10, snakes19, cigarette04, bearslayer16, apathetic02, engokuki12, professional19, dragonein19, accurate20, wisel06, android12, skater14, pareo13, sequestered11, dojima08, clouded19, *1 gray crayon from Puzzle Chains 235
- Traded mipo07, otakuwife04, firecrackers13 to @phibby for species04, species16, sugarcookie06
- Received rural16, bomberrod04, gigacity10, snobbish02, playwright05, gyarurun06, djdragon16, darkaltar03, altmile07, fold17 from Silly Blanks 137
- Received sir11, mikorin04 from Go Fish 334
- Traded baboo16, cardmagic04, deathmetal11, turfwar11, kamiyan09, seawizard05, sweet13, watermelon08 to @gloomlee for bepsi04, number220, pharaoh08, weakest14, chocobars19, endings04, screams19, babyface03
- Traded sew09 to @wild_sage for species10

>> Nov. 25th, 2022:
- Traded boilerroom02, food11, ofthesea10 to @lina_trinch for form12, spellcaster01, aquarium08
- Received tetsuo04, pursuing01, pitviper08, rosettaarrow11, lorasia11, manga16 from Twenty Questions 31
- Received sig_koinuko, sig_koinuko, photon05, takoyaki18 from Art Studio

>> Nov. 24th, 2022:
- Donated desudesu05, jaded19, pianist20, crime07, brokenwing18, whoosh08, foot07, nekopunch08, stray13, electabuzz06, naturally06, rabbitpurse02 to Art Studio;
- Donated disguise04, sour20 to Silly Blanks 138;
- Traded blackshadow12, innuendos14 to @tophatcats for dss12, breathers04
- Received ruinmode17, honeybee07, cello16, gestalt20, highrank10, drilling04, humble18, foxhound05, smol10, cspd13, firecrackers13, dininghall12, ankle17, secretshop20, otakuwife04, mateba01, lukeim07, mymother11, cosplayer06, sophia-chan05, *2 purple crayons, *1 brown crayon from Stamp Card 30
- Received ofthewhite07, huey20, kazimierz19, oneself09, soulspark18 from No Context Theater 290
- Received suba-tomo20, pochette12, shou08, cursedspirit19, nega06 from No Context Theater 289

>> Nov. 23rd, 2022:
- Traded alto19 to @auriianna for cyan13
- Traded anti-hero04 to @argoxi for waterpistol20; Gifted mononoke17 to @argoxi
- Received thesea10, dotdotdot05, lycoreco01, dood20, rev13 from No Context Theater 292
- Received batsu10, incantations20, arcticwolf17, konnakiri20, aureus17 from No Context Theater 291
- Received morii06, scars08, plasma05, destruction07, aqours07, deathmetal11, boxweapon17, anime20, cinephile13, matsurisu02, rolls06, cinephile11, lying18, earthelmt13, curious15, mega10 from Coloring Book 290
- Received kosmos18, valmar03, catemperor04, fluffal07, theactor07, guile07, wotagei18, itadakimasu05, aubade01 from Switch It Up 202
- Received species12 as a gift from @gloomlee

>> Nov. 22nd, 2022:
- Gifted lazytime07, 2ndform18 to @wanderlast
- Traded heartslabyul08, spofficer03 to @tophatcats for blackwave01, dss19
- Traded alone05 to @aratakis for thunder12
- Donated virginity08, bail16, imaginal01, akfield12 to Switch It Up 202;
- Donated *1 orange crayon to Coloring Book 290;
- Received rev03, tenderthief02, ashore17, matsurisu10, patrols18, ofthewhite14, rolls14, falsewar12 from Booster Bundle 166
- Received skullbrooch06, hakujoudai14, aerosmith03, phonecalls11, phonecalls01, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon from Riku's Favors 21
- Traded gigantamax17, crystarium14, noctua14, aureus04, 1000needles10, falsewar04, autozam07, belgium05, edin11, flamenblue03, foxflame06, kanda02, osananajimi19, polarstar05, selfdestruct11, windom15 to @byakkun for screams02, tapioca09, princely08, dss07, mangaka09, corporal15, number202, wool12, lockers09, paranormal10, form06, matsumura11, dss20, 2ndchild14, alloflove17, alto19
- Received modeljob12, moirae10, shunshin20, dogtags03, round10, glory20, healingwish08, tableware06, birdplush17, supermarket06, buddypolice18, oolong02, servant04, isobeyan04, striaton11, carmendei18, tactician10, catcafe09, monster01, eroticart06, *1 orange crayon from Rolling Down the UMN 112
- Received cyborgidol08, royalty13, foundation17, palicoes03, nyanyaya10, simple01, councillor14, moonbroke02, peddler16, rhythmia11, snowflower12, soft17, outfits06, cybernetic05, totalassault20, mythicals07, sixwolf08, asakura16, boilerroom02, landgod11, *1 orange crayon from Rolling Down the UMN 111
- Received flirty03, epinard19, lancer06, fundoshi19, tripping10, incivil13, perfecthero03, redgem05, secondson01, date15, love-y04, neighbor16, strongest09, wet20, languor17, niflheim02, mariposa05, kaiser02, watermelon08, tottori05, afternoons09, sweet13, ones14, holybell03, rabbitpurse02, games19, catclaw06, violence15, xiuhcoatl03, curerouge13, chaostide04, bills16, dwn-01716, armor12, kaiyo02, bohemian08, gravy14, brushgods12, mypartner17, experienced09, *2 brown crayons from Rolling Down the UMN 110
- Received adonis16, makki07, transfer09, 3dgraphics05, dwn-03718, ryuseisui12, ishrasark11, disguise04, uu05, dauntless06, fensalir08, chakram19 from Music Station 292
- Received bookworm15, cruelty11, toss20, nonomori13, supernova15, liladan07, fingersnap18, timorf19, tarts14, wing04, stone-face05, sew09 from Music Station 291
- Received cows18, aeons13, dwn-02308, advisors05, selector18, nazcaa08, naru04, beautymark06, mission12, taka-chan19, novice15, surgeon12, rightearring01, debut04, pluto16, psychiatrist08, sushi12, cosplayer12, rico07, airpirate01, heroking16, naturally06, wildtomb05, phater08 from Music Station 290
- Received dood15, valor14, innuendos14, trulla02, points10, memorized18, unleashed20, barrier11, species12, 198818 from Most Wanted 40
- Received ishidaa15, kajiyuu01, vahruta02, heavymetal11, walkingheart14, rolemodel02, starhealer01, egoist16, owari20, nejirechan04, shresta20, clings12, *3 red crayons, *1 blue crayon from Art Lessons 318

>> Nov. 21th, 2022:
- Donated walkure08, stonemask20, hmm15, enforcers02, armor15 to Riku's Favors 22;
- Traded care02, kanahana12, entercards17, twintails13, tsukihime03, bass15, zura15, blue12, keystone17, mecha03, railgun08 to @citoyenne for tenbillion20, deepsleep02, combatknives02, teleport07, securitycat03, rev10, metals18, gummy20, species05, species08, sugarcookie08
- Received screams06 as a gift from @sangonomiyas
- Traded aoizone12, fascinated16, heartereki10, otedama18 to @sangonomiyas for gummy06, tenbillion02, seele17, darkfusion14
- Received heartslabyul08, shuffle14, jetstream07, *1 gray crayon from donating to Scrapbook 259

>> Nov. 20th, 2022:
- Received twindrill07, takoyaki06, rev09, unkillable04, darkfusion01, blackbird09, darkfusion03, photon02 from Little Spell Academia 236
- Received cyber06 as a gift from @neverbepractical
- Traded zippo15 to @wild_sage for rev08
- Donated animalism02, animalism08, trailer06, oblock01; Received cyan01, cyan02, tblock01, confections02 from Natsume's Book of Cards 115
- Traded tentacult07, vendredi05 to @mizu for form20, numbers18
- Received summerfairy20, dcn-03212, plip01, dominance12, sepbirthday20, raimeiki12, aquajet13, junkcube02, neutral01, brandless03, eastern07, ambrosia16, uryu16, wrist03, chikuwa15, pockets05, trienoir07, flughude09, skullhaven09, seaborg15, nickel01, dwn-01706, blacksheep15, seminar09, ardent11, electabuzz06, bangsineyes20, *1 purple crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post (#193 used twice)
- Received kaze12, yakumo18, mermaids02, trains18, secondson06, cousins14, osananajimi19, necessarius03, multibug20, ossan09, anima19, bottlecaps11, magoi07, herooftime16, ball18, countercurse13, lewdjokes02, foulmouth19, patch06, eternal13, momokan13, traveler12, profit12, bofu18, fushigi04, eblan15, debug12, *1 gray crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 193
- Received airsoft11, pallum13, dualkatana16, drug05, sociable13, redscarf09, zombie03, 400years06, sheltered10, yawning16, keyanimator20, supersecret18, runes19, walkure08, mws07, stray13, hairloss13, dreamer08, seaotter07, karaoke13, rigging05, elite08, given12, warpspace20, rest05, lemu18, roseneedle19, pushy05, vixia04, spofficer03, design19, raven10, turfwar11, *1 purple crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 194
- Received bigisland02, peaky03, tsurugi08, faf-kun09, coliseum12, runaway04, flowerclip12, movement02, charisma05, 203217, prophecy19, megaten15, idiot20, experiments20, electrifying17, lanayru04, massages07, phonecharm07, blackmailed14, norende18, *1 orange crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 195
- Received zaku11, refined09, eleccode09, fruity02, spare06, aburaage16, parties01, tsukihime03, blacktrump16, yourboy02, priest20, foodie17, saiarks18, kaminokoe05, swindler20, glide02, muromachi10, translator06, copying14, poorthing16, bikerboss06, earthmagic16, thundergod20, eruyt01, *2 yellow crayons from Lady Luck Slots 79
- Received snowflake19, orion14, fatherduma20, onii-chan20, lucoa10, bewitching05, threestars12, usas12, rigging06, supporter20, daemons20, childlike08, twintails13, famicom15, bestfriend09, trailer06, kanazuchi03, alter05, aristocrat13, yamigitsune20, milk10, exodia16, machine10, cryokinesis05, fang07, babble03, caduceus07, *1 purple crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 196
- Received goya15, loop06, yumeiro15, kagemusha15, laundry19, head03, choice06, wives16, blackshadow12, addict09, mascot19, arrows17, verity06, embrace16, pizzicato08 from Seiyuu Guess 574
- Received *3 brown crayons, *1 gray crayon from Coloring Book 288
- Received *2 red crayons, *2 brown crayons from Coloring Book 287

>> Nov. 19th, 2022:
- Received dwn-02004, saikoku11, bicker20, e01612, nekopunch08, mipo07, florence12, hadome14 from Player Report 229
- Received doujinka01, laevatein03, darkelf09, aimstalker20, zippo15, meganekko03 from Player Report 228
- Traded fujoshi11, tarotcards20 to @tophatcats for carrots18, simplicity17
- Received lovesongs06, scarves13, zearth19, ghostgirl18, skye06, maihime07, lunarbase05, lovelorn20, jam16, vendredi05, earwig15, shikinjou07, triad20, lovefreak19, uncertain12, leaky11 from Coloring Book 289
- Traded woe08 to @tophatcats for inspirited08
- Received volcanic02, gyoza13 from Switch It Up 201

>> Nov. 18th, 2022:
- Traded rainbowroad12, candy01, launch04, rosary02 to @lady_paine for sugarcookie05, gummy13, negative02, skewering02
- Received highdrive12, exodus17, camazotz16, kanahana12, crystaleyes08, izayoi19, patience12, woe08, unnamed07, androphilia12, 12thpillar19, girlsadvent20, pluviose03, fugaku04, levanguard02, betelgeuse04, seawizard05, rosewood19, caliber15, momokan15, responsible06, bsaa04, tomorrow19, saiyaman02, trailblazer15, thekangaroo14, queens06, sicily08, newbie13, tarotcards20, *1 brown crayon from Puzzle Chains 234
- Received hayashibara07, foot07, sequestered01, animus05, entercards17, rhapsody04, kosmos03, koga15 from Reading Between the Lines 317
- Received wingzero06, brahmastra15, hotel13, tellme08, shadowsword08, countup07, killerbee12, winning13, retakes01, whoosh08, *1 orange crayon from Scramble 151
- Received *1 red crayon, *2 orange crayons, *1 yellow crayon, *1 blue crayon as a gift from @admiral
- Donated shovel15, herbs13, aerokinesis05, resolve16, positives11, secondson16, hannya05, olivia12, onlyfriend08, toran18, engines04, reflexes15 to Pot of Gold;
- Donated sigmund19, liberator01 to Switch It Up 201;
- Donated *1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 289;
- Donated bigbrother20, summon07 to Silly Blanks 137;
- Traded horrormare07, explosion06 to @admiral for tenbillion01, metals05
- Received issachar12, timefreeze13, waterpistol10 from Twenty Questions 30
- Received appraiser12, badpun14, sweetheart09, kissing02, whitedorm05, go-getters15, reddragon11, yatsufusa08, baboo16, spiritforest06 from Silly Blanks 136
- Received crime19, principles10 from Go Fish 333
- Traded sparkwave09, darktowers06, cureselene16, giantkiller17, huladance18, redfox01, selece11, seductress02, chromacamo06, gizoid19 to @beezebeora for disqualified10, hakujoudai09, griefseed06, griefseed10, griefseed12, griefseed13, species20, pain16, redflash08, takoyaki07

>> Nov. 17th, 2022:
- Traded cosplay19, libero09 to @neverbepractical for rev06, metals06
- Traded sig_koinuko to @lady_paine for sig_raie
- Received rosary02, aetherial01, armor10 from Twenty Questions 30
- Received *2 grey crayons, *2 blue crayons, *1 purple crayon, *1 yellow crayon from Colorseum 54-4
- Received holysword04, twokinds14, bronco15, enforcers02, dood12, selfdestruct11, kazimierz12, timephoto08 from Coloring Book 289
- Traded christine17, gideon16 to @penguinknitter for gummy14, stands04; Received *1 brown crayon as a gift from @penguinknitter

>> Nov. 16th, 2022:
- Gifted pitch-black06, arcticwolf01 to @lotanemesis
- Traded passing01 to @lotanemesis for birthmark07
- Mastered HUNGRY, ITADAKIMASU, and PLEASE! <3 Received takoyaki03, takoyaki04, teleport01, festive15, zodiva08, arlia20, saiyaman15, divinedogs09, babymonster05, *1 green crayon, *1 brown crayon, *1 gray crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Received please13, itadakimasu18, itadakimasu20, hungry13, hungry19 from Art Studio!
- Received minteye03, dancing20, cousin12, promoter10, employee16, ark17, brynhilde20 from Host Club Giveaway 225
- Received bigbrother20, battlemem19, refreshing09, food11, balbadd07, stonemask20, musubi08, machines06, brokenwing18, kabuki13 from Delete Shiritori 225
- Donated okaro11; Received british18, kosmos16, forensics19, fujoshi11, summons01, books13, leaky16, oldfashioned13 from Delete Shiritori 224
- Donated juicyfish07, blackbird10, please05, alioth03; Received juicyfish10, blackbird15, please14, alioth06 from Swap Station 185
- Received pendragon16, ruemorgue07, clean-cut18, honii03, cautious13, clerks07, red10 from Twenty Questions 29
- Donated boxing10, romance06, azran10, cuter15, ignition08, delete08, idiocy11, blackmailed07, tea15, claw19, language03, place01, author04, bro08, badpain13 to Art Studio;
- Received hellmaster05, intention14, dedication19, oshu14, devillord20, primeknight13, proven14, cat06, zura15, ravage12 from Stamp Card 30

>> Nov. 15th, 2022:
- Donated become16 to Coloring Book 289;
- Traded ampulla14, cake03, foxes10, mist11, trinisette20, atelier20, converted13 to @aratakis for numbers14, ooparts08, pes07, twindrill18, intent04, screams10, securitycat02; Received space14 as a gift from @aratakis
- Traded cursedseal09, crossveins02, demons10, evenbetter17, ideals15, legend06, nidaime10, analysis14, shiny01, shintenshin14, marinebio06, necklaces09, maniwa13, otter01, purple14, runt20 to @neverbepractical for takoyaki10, victim18, aerosmith16, form03, form08, form09, darkfusion07, fanservice04, phonecalls02, phonecalls15, ripple06, ripple11, seele07, stands03, stands06, screams01
- Traded adou04, composer01, composer20, himemaru02, hopstep13, mcbb14, onlypurpose12 to @2d for alloflove02, oblock01, rev13, roadroller15, sugarcookie04, sugarcookie16, toytoy07; Received moonblast15 as a gift from @2d
- Donated developer10, gourmate03 to Stamp Card 30;
- Donated hairloops16, omamori11, littlefeet17, loop01, doggystyle04 to Riku's Favors 21;
- Received horrormare07, maouryuu20, watercannon20, yami18, calories02, inferiority20, fethmus05, boyish07, chromacamo06, hairloops16, fightingsp01, falsewar04, *1 green crayon, *2 blue crayons, *1 gray crayon from Art Lessons 317
- Received camelot08, littlefeet17, robberfly19, cosmobeauty03, dln-00319, original04, sounds02, deathangel12, matsurisu18, shogiplayer01, matsurisu19, shogiplayer18, converted13, magister15, precure06, reforest07 from Coloring Book 289
- Received virginbride02, zanarkand18, jazzdance10, belgium05, baboo16 from Most Wanted 39

>> Nov. 14th, 2022:
- Donated *1 orange crayon to Coloring Book 289
- Traded aquarium06, candyviolin12, pompon10, pompon17 to @itskjstyle for 3-e02, abroad09, pharaoh11, dinosaur10
- Received loner12, freespirit07, freespirit10 as a gift from @crabg1rl
- Received yanderes10 as a gift from @crabg1rl
- Traded kisses19, hairdresser11, hairdresser13 to @admiral for rev04, sugarcookie03, gummy05

>> Nov. 13th, 2022:
- Traded ghostwriter09, section117 to @tophatcats for paranormal11, rest07
- Received itadakimasu08, please08, blackbird05, hungry05, hungry07, form01, please09, form02, hungry09, itadakimasu14, blackbird07, please11, please12 from Little Spell Academia

>> Nov. 12th, 2022:
- Donated handheld16, criticism18, flamebody04, cryingdoll02, freezing18; Received sin06, sin13, wool06, dressupdoll02, freespirit14, *1 blue crayon, *1 purple crayon from Riku's Favors 20
- Traded akaoni09, deadbeats11, drones05, howl06, keyanimator15, lolol18, cattle09 to @ryuusenka for 3-e14, dreamdiary06, dss01, shattered16, speedroid13, spellcaster02, spellcaster17
- Received conqueror05, troias02, labyrinthos14, corrupted01, feel12, newdirector17, edin11, concealment04 from Booster Bundle 165
- Received starvevenom12 as a gift from @lina_trinch
- Traded dwn-01104, tigers07, tigers12, bluebear08, kotodama05, torule14 to @kuranosuke for loner17, kattobing20, entermate02, pain15, tenbillion11, housework12
- Traded brutality17, sepbirthday09, mako20, windelement20, bloody16, eldorado19, ngrecords20, yuugataget19 to @admiral for hungry11, pain13, pain15, blackbird08, darkfusion05, darkfusion13, disqualified07, disqualified11

>> Nov. 11th, 2022:
- Received community20, menma05, saicorp02, witchelny10, streamlight13, capricorn20, care02, aureus04, loveme07, faintattack15, inlove02, naeuri03, twentyone18, ghostwriter09, fightinggirl08, hence01, hopstep13, tentacult07, muramasa08, blackluna03, *1 blue crayon, *1 gray crayon from Scramble 150
- Received sadist17, dodo13, pecking15, thevaike15, searching10, sake14, baths06, opposite09 from Reading Between the Lines 316
- Received mipo04, kisses19, protagonist06, two-faced11, skypirate03, gideon16, dogs01, danganbeat08, lycanthe18, cooking16, dreiklauen09, psychic01, mob17, alter05, nitoryu15, aurastorm03, shocking17, passing01, 12th05, goldchain10, blacktiger05, pug13, customer11, listentome04, flamenblue03, providence18, oakenstaff05, shiitake20, aikido18, otedama18, *1 orange crayon from Puzzle Chains 233
- Received seele03, hakujoudai05, housework13, hungry18, lizardhead05, screams16, victim12, alioth05, chocobars20, entermate18, form05, space03, space10, ooparts20, stitches10 as a gift from @nidoking
- Received *3 purple crayons, *1 gray crayon, *1 orange crayon, *1 red crayon from Colorseum 54-3
- Gifted dadada16 to @hyoga
- Donated sprout17, active05 to Silly Blanks136;
- Received grayscale11, mustaches13, specials04, rift09, bionis12, guns12, figments14, centurio20, ofthesea10, flowers07, resplendent04, febbirthday17, blue12, 1000needles10, support08, containment07, himemaru02, x-scissor19, headphones20, chuunibyou09, ostia19, clubsunshine17, kings16, graveborns13, *1 red crayon, *3 blue crayons from Lady Luck Slots 78
- Donated unseasonal07, nullify20; Received cattle09, xiii14, archadia10, telescope18, autozam07, catgirl10, sprout17, ferocity06, vanship08, whitecloud16 from Silly Blanks 135
- Traded four-leaf05, isolated07, midnightdew01, heartless18, leopardus15, traverse12 to @lina_trinch for phonecalls19, space04, minerals06, minerals10, housework02, housework07
- Traded casters03, lancers06, nonbinary20 to @salamandroid for stands18, youngboys17, unkillable16
- Received bravery19, yearning13, blackbelt18 from Twenty Questions 29
- Received rabbityear09, howl06, windelement06 from Go Fish 332

>> Nov. 10th, 2022:
- Donated ural10 to Delete Shiritori 226;
- Received gigantamax17, grayscale20, jobs16, kamiyan09, otherworld13, crossdressm11, keystone17, tharsis15, world04, femprotags09, call09, onoken10, *1 red crayon, *1 gray crayon from Lady Luck Slots 77
- Received sweeper15, windelement20, conscious08, donutpond16, noctua14, cooperation07, place01, sunset19, fundoshi02, appletick05, cafe13, numberone12, eldorado19, claw19, copychip16 from Seiyuu Guess 573
- Received hamburgers01, station16, doting04, merciless07, tackles14, dutchman09, crystarium14, hawking10, esteem08, guilt15, lolol18, whitewolf17, composer01, radish15, 12th02 from Seiyuu Guess 572
- Gifted hairclips07 to @ryuusenka
- Received debt15, sleepyash08, hollow07 from Switch It Up 201
- Received libero09, pinnacle08, anti-hero04 from Twenty Questions 29
- Received tea15, language03, kite11, fascinated16, kapu-min05, polarstar05, cider02, metals14 from Coloring Book 289
- Donated bluebomber11, buddha04, constable04, eddiecall16, kicking14, wolfdogs07; Received sig_koinuko, sig_koinuko from Art Studio

>> Nov. 9th, 2022:
- Traded sig_koinuko to @kayoriayane for sig_kayori
- Received aeons04, 8314, resonance08, teachers04, heirs14, kinkan11, yanderes14, summer14, mecha03, dadada16, u-1717, sekit20, timetravels03, helper18, ylisse03 from Pick A Color 232
- Received sasa-kids13, boxing10, naraku01, unicorn09, gormotti15, janam12, partyguests11 from Twenty Questions 28
- Donated faint15, exsphere12, financial11 to Switch It Up 201
- Donated astra15 to Coloring Book 289
- Traded acrobatics18, bodyswap02 to @hyoga for please10, please14
- Received sugarcookie02 as a gift from @hyoga
- Traded three07, minazuki14, sig_koinuko to @ryuusenka for metals07, shattered09, sig_nishida
- Mastered EASYLOVE! <3 Received please07, bodyswap02, 4minutes03, *1 purple crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Traded cluster12 to @kayoriayane for easylove20
- Traded horoscope08 to @crabg1rl for numbers01
- Traded secretshop06 to @darkangelsarecozy for olivia12
- Received brutality17, soryuju16, lyre19, mushrooms17, mutsu10, blackmailed07, airstrike01, cardmagic04, section117, worldchain04, cockatoo18, leopardus15 from Directions 156
- Traded bloodtest03, bloodtest08 to @nonclione for buzzer07, create17
- Received crystal12 as a gift from @nonclione
- Traded jackketch13, nyo14, brahman13 to @nonclione for nico-nii17, pharaoh16, tenbillion12 (old trade, forgot to log)
- Donated bigstar17, legends14, shogiplayer10, passive11, espgame14; Received blush05, chocobars12, blackbird10, stardust13, itadakimasu06 from Switch It Up 201
- Traded carla20 to @phibby for securitycat20
- Traded dragonfoot13, pocketwatch19 to @mizu for for ooooo20, pain04. Received seele05, entermate17 as a gift from @mizu.

>> Nov. 8th, 2022:
- Traded enanan08 to @darkangelsarecozy for hakujoudai16
- Traded safety18 to @neverbepractical for easylove19

>> Nov. 7th, 2022:
- Mastered MENTALIST and CREST! <3 Received crest18, please15, diet18, jakob10, necklaces09, railgun08, *1 orange crayon, *1 gray crayon from Mastery Rewards
- Gifted compulsive12 to @byakkun
- Gifted weaselgirl15 to @gloomlee
- Traded chu-hi03, harpielady20, heavymetal09 to @lady_paine for easylove12, mentalist18, twindrill06
- Received hairdresser11, muchourin09, alpha10, hannya05, thefrog10, funayuurei07, reasons19, selece11, 43rdsong14, gaomi07, arcticwolf01, weaselgirl15, *1 orange crayon, *1 yellow crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 gray crayon from Art Lessons 316
- Received dood15, kuuhaku04, candy01, cousins14, safety18 from Most Wanted 38
- Traded alias16 to @xmenfan2001 for easylove18
- Received itadakimasu04, easylove15, mentalist20, easylove16, crest09, itadakimasu05, easylove17, kattobing13, crest12 from Little Spell Academia 234
- Received resplendent06, mysticeyes01, kintsuba08, maboroshihime01, ahoy12, otter01, teikoku08, links08, daitsuren01, engines04, senbei03, neojapan06, kikkeriki16, idiocy11, marinebio06, heartereki10, quiet17, beautytips01, memoryheart08, torchic19, leaves05, kasarelia13, oiran15, levitate19, freespirited06, compulsive12, maracas11, vertexes19, posttown10, magi05, *1 brown crayon from Puzzle Chains 232
- Received crossveins02, thefamily09, warrior19, mammamia07, peach11, herbs13, gaia15, minazuki14, seviiislands03, kodama14, *1 gray crayon from Scramble 149
- Received danger08, biting08, secretrealm12, tinker02, cockroaches06, buddha04, abes03, bluekimono14 from Reading Between the Lines 315
- Received juicyfish07, shattered20 as a gift from @gloomlee

>> Nov. 6th, 2022:
- Donated shootingstar18; Received butcher11 from Natsume's Book of Cards 113
- Received breaktime01, hairclips07, legends14, drums20, rev16, rev20, shogiplayer10, tenderthief03 from Coloring Book 288
- Traded parkour19, dwn-01501 to @hyoga for echoes02, griefseed09

>> Nov. 5th, 2022:
- Received lostworks10, liberator01, stylish02, fairy04, lostmemory17, tenbuhorin14, centurio09, coarse16, shintenshin14, freezing18, moonchild01, midnightdew01, maxter07, loneliness05, 5stars08, black05 from Booster Bundle 164
- Donated lyrics05, melodious08, starvevenom19, talkinghead01, glamorous01; Received nico-nii06, entermate05, fluffal15, aerosmith18, please05, *1 orange crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 gray candy from Riku's Favors 19
- Traded excalipoor03, chaosshrine15, cetra02 to @lina_trinch for easylove14, taxidriver10, hungrybug11
- Donated papermood05 to Coloring Book 288;
- Traded ancients13, aprbirthday10, clow05, enigmas18, ivaldi10, mahatma20, misfortunate17, mornings04, plasmagica10, qliphoth05, sawashirom08, tripping10, trumpeter19 to @kues for mentalist19, dinosaur13, lizardhead09, toytoy05, wool19, chocobars01, disqualified14, hungrybug02, numbers09, pes03, takoyaki17, seele11, seele14

>> Nov. 4th, 2022:

- Received *2 orange crayons, *3 yellow crayons, *1 gray crayon from Colorseum 54-2
- Traded forgotten08 to @wild_sage for easylove12. Gifted junes19 to @wildsage.
- Donated idiot17, aviator04, doubt11, popgun20, otoko17, laziness10; Received sig_koinuko, sig_koinuko from Art Studio
- Traded avoiddeath02, diving02, yousoro02 to @moes for numbers07, private01, disqualified03
- Donated rubber 18 for Delete Shiritori 225;

>> Nov. 3rd, 2022:

- Gifted hemingway09 to @flurface
- Received kanda02, dimwitted11, plasmagica10, godstongue08, drillmaster11, 14titans15, muromachi05, cluster12, wavemotion08, warhammer09, *1 red crayon, *3 orange crayons, *1 purple crayon from Art Shop Rewards
- Donated return04, shark14; Received enigmas18, yogsothoth01, fuyu03, metalgear19, pocketwatch19, sepbirthday09, demons10, decision09, keyanimator15, ngrecords20 from Silly Blanks 134
- Received reactions09, rubber18 from Go Fish 331
- Traded illusions02 to @belovedcriminal for takoyaki02
- Traded lateshift02 to @gloomlee for toytoy03
- Gifted pi-su08 to @belovedcriminal
- Gifted orderly10 to @moes
- Gifted triplelutz04 to @crabg1rl
- Received mako20, hairdresser13, veteran13, butlers19, ivaldi10, disaresta05, lateshift02, xylophone20, malamute02, horoscope08, badpain13, yousoro02, all-purpose05, witchgirl03, diving02, vicecaptain09, espgame14, shootingstar18, acrobatics18, experienced09, witches15, bro08, libra16, illusions02, yakuza02, gramblaze20, admin09, almighty09, dragonfoot13, eddiecall16, onlypurpose12, heartless18, avoiddeath02, reshbal09, windwitch13, interesting19, photon04, orderly10, mahatma20, bench17, resolve16, mornings04, silverking05, shingetsu07, popgun20, onlyfriend08, manynames01, watercannon07, zolgen08, shogun20, heal07, privilege14, carabosse18, reflexes15, sonati12, abel20, triplelutz04, author04, misfortunate17, aerokinesis05, osanpo16, toran18, chengdu12, hyperactive15, flagpole19, doujinka18, pi-su08, sigmund19, *1 red crayon, *2 green crayons, *1 purple crayon, *2 brown crayons from October Activity Rewards
- Traded confirmed02, planetes15 to @gloomlee for vampires08, redeyes09
- Received secondson16, dragonclaw18, choir19, bikelover20, ampulla14, juicyfish07 from Twenty Questions 28

>> Nov. 2nd, 2022:
- Traded hanami08, sweetscheme09 to @lina_trinch for griefseed17, species12
- Received greatera02 as a gift from @moes! <3
- Gifted radiant20 to @lina_trinch
- Received engokuki12, everybirdie16, 2ndform18, positives11, composer20, fflove04, scientists14, curescarlet06, negi19, deadbeats11 from Twenty Questions 27br /> - Swapped mentalist13, photon14 for mentalist07, photon06 in Swap Station 183
- Received 3-e04, 3-e05, dragon-type02, dragon-type03, ets04, febbirthday17, ghosts09, lightclub02, lightclub12, species18, chocobars13, corporal02, corporal04, corporal05, crystal07, crystal09, darkfusion02, darkfusion04, darkfusion11, darkfusion12, darkfusion20, dinosaur04, dinosaur06, fanservice10, fanservice14, alioth03, alioth10, alioth19, aquarium02, aquarium06, aquarium07, housework03, housework05, space08, space15, stitches01, sergeant14, major02, major04, major05 from Recycled Art

>> Nov. 1st, 2022:
- Levelled up from BLUE to STRAWBERRY! Received mentalist15, mentalist16, crest04, crest05, toluca12, mikan13, cityofrain03, tripping10, threestars17, database16, foxflame06, shovel15, forgotten08, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon, *1 blue crayon, *1 purple crayon from Level Up Rewards
- Traded astronomy09, clocks13, detective17, kantoku20, merakyats18, reference05, uguu09 to @moes for photon12, crest16, seele10, species11, unkillable14, space11, greatera09
- Received launch04, orbs13, dwn-01501, meromero10, corpses14, aquarium20, biscuit16 from Host Club Giveaway 224
- Traded lupus03, aureus08, duria04, emissary15, sixruin04, spinea18, svanhvit03, yuusha18 to @byakkun for gummy15, seele08, seele19, alioth03, alioth13, alioth16, confections04, crystal03
- Traded zadnor13 to @flurface for screams07. Received securitycat19 as a gift from the same trade.
- Traded octal19, netherworld10, sig_koinuko to @crabg1rl for babyface07, species19, sig_lenga
- Received sixfingers11 as a gift from @tophatcats! <3
- Traded geb18, googoo12, lightsage03, mukotsu17 to @misheard for itadakimasu11, disqualified04, disqualified09, disqualified20
- Traded rev05 to @byakkun for metals04
- Received placetobe04, rafflesia10, cherry03, maniwa13, octal19, guile10, reserve07, salvation05, solitary14, tsukikage19, atelier20, aztec01, single18, rental14, freespirit09, onigauntlet04, 43rdsong09, gourmet13, chocobos17, bloody16, *1 blue crayon from Rolling Down the UMN 109
- Traded flying07, onread05 to @tophatcats for metals17, easylove09
- Traded mob07 to @byakkun for easylove07
- Traded hawkeye12, landfriend01, landfriend02, landfriend17 to @hyoga for numbers13, darkfusion19, seele06, seele15. Received numbers06 as a gift from the same trade.

>> Oct. 31st, 2022:
- Traded raburabu16, purplehaze08, sig_koinuko to @phibby for species03, species07, sig_arianne!
- Traded stimpack20, aloupeeps13, ssrb19 to @needles for rev05, crest11, crest14. Received disqualified08 from the same trade as a gift.
- Received dogending17, radiant20, mac14, lupus03, doubt11 from Most Wanted 37
- Received lightsage03, submarine10, cryingdoll02, crest10, mariko17, wolfdogs07, criticism18, focused17, naixatloz09, bushido16, bluebear08, batsu06, *1 red crayon, *1 blue crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 gray crayon from Art Lessons 315
- Traded sig_koinuko to @tophatcats for sig_ange

>> Oct. 30th, 2022:
- Traded mementos10, bellboy06, mustaches03 to @belovedcriminal for teleport04, private18, fluffal03
- Traded cids12, calvados04, soulbee02  to @beezebeora for d-hero18, mentalist13, photon14
- Switched turtle09 for lyrics05 in Switch It Up 200. Received please06 from Switch It Up 200.
- Received balut09, kaminokoe08, spinea18, *1 green candy from Twenty Questions 27
- Received easylove08 from @sinew as a gift <3
- Traded twinsnipe01, twinsnipe06, twinsnipe17, promising14, promising20 to @acperience for species14, intent11, itadakimasu15, blackbird16, chocobars17
- Traded appleacres11, appleacres15, sig_koinuko to @kuranosuke for photon14, please16, sig_shiranna
- Received mentalist09, rev20, itadakimasu02, crest 20, unkillable01, easylove10, ripple01, mentalist11, rev19, please17, mentalist12, mentalist13, itadakimasu03, mentalist14, kattobing10 from Little Spell Academia 233
- Received hmm15, bluebomber11, onlyreason05, delete08, cureberry03, kicking14, icedragon16, mist11, factor20, ikedaya02, bass15, heresy13, *1 blue crayon from Lady Luck Slots 76
- Received manipulators03, dollmaster08, idiot17, romance06, lenster04, hemingway09, hollow15, yuugataget19, alone05, enanan08, reference05, active05, firefly10, agate06, otoko17, hellgirl16, piglet09, libertine10, shieikan03, aureus08, fierce01, jiangzai04, flashlight07, honeybeeinn13, *2 brown crayons from Lady Luck Slots 75
- Received purplehaze08, cureace13, inspirited01, surpassing05, curves09, impersonate09, force10, mcmastermind03, baton05, fanalis20, bigstar17, fragarach02, *1 red crayon from Lady Luck Slots 74
- Traded fantasia03 to @gloomlee for sugarcookie01
- Received torule14, womanizing15, emperor03, nabradia03, xrosheart20, chindonya16, *1 orange crayon, *2 blue crayons from Art Shop Rewards

>> Oct. 29th, 2022:

- Received ingredients06, charlemagne01, maintaining10, akfield12, manifest09, aqua20, catclaw05, worm03, cake03, aprbirthday10, warheit12, lowborn03, mustaches03, deadoralive09, phoebus04, shiny01, scissors03, summersonia04, firstaid16, detective17, m003, chitchat19, awa-awa07, astra15, crime07, module14, valmar12, darkfusion09, three07, potion01, *1 green crayon from Puzzle Chains 231
- Received solitary15, bishoujo14, x-clips10, aviator04, ideals15, windom15, yuusha18, suzunari11, lostones17, redfox01, *1 green crayon from Scramble 148
- Received unseasonal07, tol06, pianist20, murian13, round02, cobra06, developer10, shenlong07 from Reading Between the Lines 314
- Donated chemist07, express02; Received sonofman18, drones05, captain16, savior09, outstripped02, imaginal01, conflicted02, silpheed13, missdeep02, secretshop06 from Silly Blanks 133
- Received croquettes06, evenbetter17, junes19, rozan19 from Go Fish 330
- Gifted board05 to @lina_trinch
-  Received planetes15, snowfairy05, isolated07, steward14, trumpeter19, fanservice08, kiseru14, house20, *1 gray candy from Booster Bundle 163
- Traded behemoths02, behemoths12, behemoths17, capillary11, carrotsteak17, convinced01, ganja07, superpolice05, triplecrown19, wingchun04 to @magaru for easylove11, easylove13, kattobing11, please19, unkillable15, unkillable17, crest06, intent15, babyface19, babyface20. Received blackbird06, blackbird12, blackbird15 as a gift from the same trade.
- Traded dracaena08, akatsuki06, jazzdance04, nee-san16, torule03 to @sangonomiyas for twindrill05, rev05, easylove06, unkillable02, housework17
- Received red18, sawashirom08, rainbowroad12, resplendent03, nowhere20, junbirthday05 from Dec Lover 338
- Received twindrill16, mentalist17 as a gift from @tophatcats!
- Received karakuri04, naeuri07, minions03, lament03, calamitas05, papilio04, spinea04 from Release 150. Traded karakuri04, naeuri07, minions03, lament03, calamitas05, papilio04, spinea04 to @byakkun for securitycat06, securitycat14, stardust08, stitches06, thechariot01, thundergod08, victim11.

>> Oct. 28th, 2022:
- Traded constellation14 to @ryuusenka for twindrill04!
- Received centurio15, black01, cosplay19, ogata13, nonbinary20, partner20 from Deck Lover 337
- Donated tinto02; Received aoizone12, astronomy09, uguu09, chrysalis01, azran10, girl-shy16, vorvoros01, casters03 from Delete Shiritori 223
- Traded baboo18 to @2d for easylove05! Gifted fluffy11 to @2d.
- Traded maid11, noriyuki15 to @gloomlee for twindrill03, value13. Gifted shishou05 to @gloomlee.
- Traded teehee14, wrestling10, musician17, vfx20, storage07 to @nonclione for alioth18, fanservice15, overpower15, pes06, gummy06
- Traded peer02 to @tophatcats for rev03. Gifted cybercrimes15 to tophatcats.
- Traded furmonster04, weaselgirl02 to @gloomlee for easylove04, metals03
- Traded manifest03, cursedspirit02, uzumaki02 to @belovedcriminal for rev02, easylove03, metals02
- Traded heavenshole03, manipulators11, proven02, piglets07 to @misheard for mentalist10, gummy02, rest02, stratagems03.
- Received easylove01, rev01, metals01, manifest03, cursedspirit02, uzumaki02, furmonster04, weaselgirl02, peer02, artists04, sig_koinuko, artists10, talk01, heavenshole03, loop01, shishou05, manipulators11, babyface01, talkinghead01, illusion01, 10seconds01, loner01, proven02, piglets07, thundergod03, mentalist08, board05, sugarcookie11, gummy01, fluffy11, negative01, dressupdoll01, rest01, cybercrimes15, please20, lizardhead01, deepsleep01, skewering01, magicusers01, combatknives01, teleport19, lend01, confections01, stratagems02, sixfingers03, securitycat01, twindrill19, easylove02, teehee14, wrestling10, musician17, vfx20, storage07 from Release 150!
- Received *1 orange crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 gray crayon, *1 red crayon, *2 yellow crayons from Colorseum 54-1: Season Six Finals Begin
- Received doggystyle04, trinisette20, selfdefense09, appleacres15, qliphoth05, shark14, rosewood03, greensun10, stimpack20, landfriend02, pompon10, landfriend01, excalipoor03, rosepin08, samurai20, chaotix17, *1 orange candy from Coloring Book 288
- Traded pareo04, pinkskull04, aglaia19, tackle04 to @admiral for teleport13, itadakimasu07, itadakimasu17, intent13
- Traded bangsineyes01, mac04, mac13, mac15, stepsister05 to @crabg1rl for tablesalt01, photon18, sergeant02, numbers10, fanservice17
- Donated echoes03, teleport12; Received echoes09, teleport02 from Swap Station 183! (631 total)
- Received alioth06, alioth20, chocobars08, chocobars12, crystal02, crystal05, corporal03, destruction01, dinosaur03, dragon-type01, dragon-type09, dinosaur14, fanservice05, jester10, judasear17, knightmare06, lancecorp08, major20, mammamia19, melodious08, scold19, paranormal07, private17, private20, screams09, screams12, sergeant12, sergeant18, starvevenom19, stratagems01, stratagems04, housework01, housework06, species06, species13, sugarcookie14, timetravels10, corporal19, yo-kai02, yo-kai12 from Recycled Art! (+40 | 631)

Oct. 27th, 2022:
- Donated *1 orange crayon to Coloring Book 288! (591 cards | -1 | 68 crayons total)
- Received twindrill15 from @tophatcats as a gift! (+1 | 591) - Received stfreya12, hanami08, bikelover18, bangsineyes01, banyue02 from No Context Theater 288! (+5 | 590)
- Received lu-knight06, talwar14, bloodtest11, geb18, superpolice05 from No Context Theater 287! (+5 | 585)
- Received promising20, behemoths12, duria04, svanhvit03, sphinx13 from No Context Theater 286! (+5 | 580)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Donated blacktiger02, cap17, kenzen04, pokecenter20, seviiislands04, weak15; Received sig_koinuko, sig_koinuko from Art Studio! (-4 | 575 total)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Traded svanhvit09, mukotsu14, ooeyama09, superpolice13, dreadspirits05 to @byakkun for pharaoh06, flowersmoke06, major18, ooparts05, ooparts19! (579 | +5 trades | 39/20 trades)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Received lovehime10 as a gift from @ryuusenka! (+1 | 579)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Traded octava03 to @ryuusenka for echoes03 (dupe)! (578 total | +1 trade | 34/20 trades)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Gifted cybercrimes03 to @tophatcats! (-1 | 578 total)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Received jerk03, pawpad06, explosion06, gramblaze18, aglaia19, aquamirror09, uriah04, deco17, mukotsu17, twindrill09, love-y16, ganja07, pinkskull04, invader11, jazzdance04, beliefs20 from Coloring Book 288! (+16 | 579 total)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Traded ayesir12, sig_koinuko to @gloomlee for teleport12 (dupe), sig_gloomlee! (563 total | +2 trade | 33/20 trades)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Received nullify20, wingspear01, constellation14, return04, horseback14, akatsuki06, aniki01, boar17 from Art Lessons 314! (+8 | 563 total)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Received teleport20, mac04, tigers12, mementos10, clow05 from Most Wanted 36! (+5 | 555 total)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Received nekko04, reflex09, grinning15, googoo12, svanhvit09, mukotsu14, jackketch15, ssrb19, ooeyama09, sweetscheme09, tiara16, twindrill20, behemoths17, mac13, bellboy06, stepsister05, twinsnipe06, mac15, promising14, superpolice13 from Pick A Color 231! (+20 | 550 total)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Received eightchi09, okaro11, loveshower20, dreadspirits05, flying07, misguided13, wilders20 from Twenty Questions 26! (+7 | 530 total)
>> Oct. 26th, 2022: Traded cureearth12, kamisarizuki12, ogikubo11, sohcahtoa03, remaining12 to @kues for teleport03, itadakimasu12, crest08, intent18, redflash05! (523 total | +5 trades | 31/20 trades total)
>> Oct. 25th, 2022: Donated *1 red crayon to Coloring Book 288! (-1 | 69 crayons total)
>> Oct. 25th, 2022: Donated shotguns11, pikohan11, carrotsteak02, benevolent14, krauser05, setz03; Received cannondale07, stardust01, canary16, minerals09, teleport12, griefseed01 from Switch It Up 200! (523 total)
>> Oct. 25th, 2022: Gifted ganja01, kazeshini06 to @ryuusenka! (-2 | 522 total)
>> Oct. 25th, 2022: Traded radiant06, samurais06, human13, submit02 to @lina_trinch for flowersmoke03, stardust20, scold17, overpower06! (524 total | +4 trades | 26 trades total)
>> Oct. 25th, 2022: Received major01, darkfusion17, darkfusion18, victim06, victim14 as a gift from @crabg1rl! (+5 | 524 total)
>> Oct. 24th, 2022: Traded stepsister09, x-laws05 to @crabg1rl for stitches20, blackbird03! (519 total | +2 trades | 22 trades total)
>> Oct. 24th, 2022: Traded chaostide19, poisonbody18 to @byakkun for numbers05, numbers08! (519 total | +2 trades | 20 trades total)
>> Oct. 23rd, 2022: Traded psyche04, psyche18, bellboy13, california10 to @belovedcriminal for intent14, ooparts03, pain17, teleport05! (+0 | 519 total | +4 trades | 18 trades total)
>> Oct. 23rd, 2022: Mastered gorgonsnake! Received please05, adou04, partyguests14, *1 blue crayon from Mastery Rewards! (+3 | 519 total | +1 crayon | 70 total)
>> Oct. 23rd, 2022: Received please04, gorgonsnake13, gorgonsnake14, mentalist07, gorgonsnake16, gorgonsnake17, twindrill02, gorgonsnake18, crest02, kattobing02, hungry04, takoyaki01 from Little Spell Academia 232! (+12 | 516 total)
>> Oct. 23rd, 2022: Received netherworld10, flamebody04, newspaper20, tears15, akaoni09, juice20, octava03, lancers06 from Booster Bundle 162! (+8 | 504 cards total)
>> Oct. 23rd, 2022: Donated unlicensed12, inadequate16, cookies12, ricecake15, tealeaves06; Received scissor10, aquarium06, piercing07, ooooo02, whirlpool07, *1 purple crayon, *1 brown crayon from Riku's Favors 17! (+0 | 496 cards total | +2 crayons | 69 crayons total)
>> Oct. 23rd, 2022: Received hunt18, disorder14, businesslike16, gunjou07, setz03, fantasia03, california10, tensho13 from Reading Between the Lines 313! (+8 | 496 total)
>> Oct. 23rd, 2022: Donated chores18, masculine02, meido01, meido14, meido17; Pot of Gold 106! (-5 | 488 total)
>> Oct. 22nd, 2022: Received four-leaf05, afternoons01, jetmachine05 from Twenty Questions 26! (+3 | 493 total)
>> Oct 22nd, 2022: Received maihime09, dutiful03, nucleus16, analysis14, slender13, alias16, sparkwave09, sour20, simplicity16, emissary15, *1 blue crayon from Scramble 147! (+10 | 490 total | +1 crayon | 67 crayons total)
>> Oct. 22nd, 2022: Received sunrune19, nindou10, eleccode07, chinchilla10, nightrain07, laziness10, shinobi11, thumbsup20, elysium05, nidaime10, candyviolin12, atonement18, beastfang15, mononoke17, riceball14, animalism02, turtle09, modlitwa10, pitch-black06, strongzero16, thickskull01, straw09, dickdictum11, tackle04, poisonbody18, papermoon05, chaostide19, calvados04, benevolent14, poison04, *1 gray crayon from Puzzle Chains 230! (+30 | 480 cards | +1 crayon | 66 crayons)
>> Oct. 22nd, 2022: Donated overpriced16, shopping04; Received shotguns11, darktowers06, sixruin04, glass16, sylph19, capillary11, victim1618, magoi05, labyrinthos04 from Silly Blanks 132! (+7 | 450 total)
>> Oct. 22nd, 2022: Received onigauntlet17, shinto09, gourmate03 from Go Fish 329! (+3 | 443 total)
>> Oct. 21st, 2022: Traded delorean06, froppy12, herooftime13 to @penguinknitter for abu16, tenbillion08, thechariot03! (440 total | +3 trades | 14 trades total)
>> Oct. 21st, 2022: Gifted ticktock15 to @salamandroid! (-1 card | 440 total)
>> Oct. 21st, 2022: Received soulbee02, cureselene16, raburabu16, *1 yellow candy from Twenty Questions 26! (+3 | 441 total | candy added to Halloween post)
>> Oct. 21st, 2022: Received samurais06, runt20, mcbb14 from Colorseum Finalist Spotlight 8! (+3 | 438 total)

>> Oct. 21st, 2022: Donated eve02; Received bail16, carla20, homestay09, fireaxe13, minidragon04, kamichama12, kendama08, become16 from Delete Shiritori 222! (+7 | 435 total)
>> Oct. 20th, 2022: Levelled up from YELLOW to BLUE! (+2 levels) Received gorgonsnake11, gorgonsnake12, murasame03, chu-hi03, pendragon08, ticktock15, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon from Level Up Rewards! (+6 | 428 total | +2 crayons | 65 crayons total)
>> Oct. 20th, 2022: Received *1 orange crayon, *1 red crayon, *2 green crayons from Colorseum 53-5! (+4 crayons | 63 total)
>> Oct. 20th, 2022: Donated ai15; Received cursedseal09, cuter15, armor15, abuse08, tigers07, ural10, tapirus11, persuader17 from Coloring Book 287! (+7 | 422 total)

>> Oct. 20th, 2022: Received merakyats18, maid11, frauplatin19, trapmaker15, herooftime13, confirmed02, leaders02 from Twenty Questions 25! (+7 | 415 total)
>> Oct. 19th, 2022: Received traverse12, handheld16, shiruko13 from Colorseum Finalist Spotlight 7! (+3 | 408 total)
>> Oct. 19th, 2022: Received pantheress10, remaining12, overpriced16, *1 red crayon from Scrapbooks 256 & 257 Overtime! (+3 | 405 total | +1 crayon | 59 crayons total) >> Oct. 19th, 2022: Received porsche20, icehockey04, brahman13 from Colorseum Finalist Spotlight 6! (+3 | 402 total)
>> Oct. 19th, 2022: Donated aquajet13, draciel15, pyroqueen20, biscuit14; Received mischievous11, thundergod15, pharaoh07, virtual11 from Switch It Up 199! (+0 | 399 total)
>> Oct. 19th, 2022: Received balloons10, froppy12, sequencer01, cids12, foxes10, stressed07, zadnor13 from Host Club Giveaway 233! (+7 | 399 total)
>> Oct. 18th, 2022: Received blood02, megaflare13, clocks13, pareo04, gundanz09, nyo14, dranzer08, nonchalant16, mayfly17, torule03, ricecake15, psyche18, *1 red crayon, *1 yellow crayon, *1 blue crayon, *1 purple crayon from Art Lessons 313! (+12 | 392 total | +4 crayons | 58 crayons total)
>> Oct. 18th, 2022: Received *5 red crayons as a gift from @byakkun! (+5 crayons | 54 crayons total)
>> Oct. 18th, 2022: Traded strangemen20, bouclier01, duria20, girlsadvent17, idea09, parlor20, winds06, winds18 to @byakkun for darkfusion10, echoes03, gummy18, photon11, photon20, redflash19, sixfingers10, species17! (380 total | +8 trades | 11 trades total)
>> Oct. 18th, 2022: Received radiant06, logicshow01, dracaena08, parkour19, strangemen20 from Most Wanted 35! (+5 | 380 total)
>> Oct. 17th, 2022: Received jester05, faerie04, *1 yellow crayon from Art Shop Rewards! (+2 | 375 total | +1 crayon | 49 crayons total)
>> Oct. 17th, 2022: Mastered inadequate! Received gorgonsnake09, pendant04, accidental20, *1 orange crayon from Mastery Rewards! (+3 | 373 total | +1 crayon | 48 crayons total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Received human13, spiritual02, badfuture05, manager-san12, dull07, yomi18, trainingteam18, kouhai-kun17, chores18, heldback12, sociopathic03, kenzen04, omamori11, offense11, cureearth12, janbirthday17, noriyuki15, g-6006, carrier14, outcast08, lilactime06, cybercrimes03, kazeshini06, artifacts09, shark17, benishigure09, blindfold09, happyend10, cannery07, legend06, *1 gray crayon from Puzzle Chains 229! (+30 | 370 total | +1 crayon | 47 crayons total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Received harpielady20, nee-san16, chemist07, pillars12, kotodama05, cap17, cookies12, peace04, teach18, summon07, *1 blue crayon from Scramble 146! (+10 | 340 total | +1 crayon | 46 crayons total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Received ai15, magedom08, financial11, purple14, kamisarizuki12, parlor20, shopping04, x-laws05 from Reading Between the Lines 312! (+8 | 330 total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Traded banyue18, sig_koinuko to @beezebeora for inadequate05, sig_jun! (+0 | 322 total | +2 trades | 3 trades total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Gifted buhii12, littlepei09 to @beezebeora! (-2 | 322 total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Traded behemoths09, shard04, worrier01 to @kayoriayane for darkfusion06, darkfusion16, kattobing07! (+0 | 324 total | +3 trades | 21 trades total!) >> Oct. 16th, 2022: Gifted *2 green crayons to @gloomlee! (-2 crayons | 45 crayons total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Donated psp11, small12; Received seductress02, obscenity02, spells01, tealeaves06, itadakimasu09, pikohan11, chaosshrine15, faint15, sadistic19, worrier01 from Silly Blanks 131! (+8 | 324 total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Donated cult20, future11; Received delorean06, onread05, cutethings16, touching06, tinto02, bananapeels15 from Switch It Up 199! (+4 | 316 total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Traded broadway01, firstwatcher16 to @itskjstyle for itadakimasu06, d-hero06! (+0 | 312 total | +2 trades | 18 trades total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Mastered elemental! Received gorgonsnake08, vaneltia01, joblistings03, *1 green crayon from Mastery Rewards! (+3 | 312 total | +1 crayon | 47 total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Received sixfingers02, gorgonsnake05, inadequate01, gorgonsnake06, thundergod02, elemental14, elemental17, elemental18, inadequate15, mentalist05, gorgonsnake19 from Little Spell Academia 231! (+11 | 309 total)
>> Oct. 16th, 2022: Received helpful10, ogikubo11, victim17, unlicensed12, ignition08, weak15, masculine02, shard04, firstwatcher18, meido17, meido01, duria20, exsphere12, tablesalt14, blacktiger02, ayesir12 from Coloring Book 287! (+16 | 298 total)
>> Oct. 15th, 2022: Donated *1 brown crayon to Coloring Book 287! (-1 crayon | 46 crayons total)
>> Oct. 15th, 2022: Traded oblivion08, pompon11 to @lina_trinch for unkillable18, private12! (282 total | +2 trades | 16 trades total)
>> Oct. 15th, 2022: Received executive13, whatapain15, cetra02 from Twenty Questions 25! (+3 | 282 total)

>> Oct. 15th, 2022: Received desudesu05, future11, endra01, non-human13, kantoku20, sohcahtoa03, krauser05, majority03 from Booster Bundle 161! (+8 | 279 total)
>> Oct. 15th, 2022: Donated geb01, googoo01; Received echoes13, phonecalls03 from Riku's Favors 16! (+0 | 271 total)
>> Oct. 15th, 2022: Received ahoge18, cakes20, endings05, femprotags03, headphones10, species01, species02, species09, summer10, yanderes14, grandmas15, grandpas05, puyo05, puyo07, visualnovel15, gummy04, gummy08, gummy12, majority15, abu01, crest03, crest07, crest15, fanservice01, fanservice02, fanservice03, itadakimasu13, tenbillion06, takoyaki09, takoyaki20, thunder06, toytoy16, scold10, victim15, private10, private13, private15, paranormal01, major13, mammamia07 from Recycled Art! (+40 | 271 total)
>> Oct. 15th, 2022: Received gorgonsnake07, gorgonsnake10, gorgonsnake20, intent12, itadakimasu19 as a gift from @misheard! (+5 | 231 total)
>> Oct. 14th, 2022: Received *1 purple crayon, *2 green crayons, *1 yellow crayon from Colorseum 53-4! (+4 crayons | 47 crayons)
>> Oct. 14th, 2022: Received *my rainbow portfolio, sig_koinuko, sig_koinuko, sig_koinuko after requesting it! (+3 | 226 total | 1 signature)
>> Oct. 13th, 2022: Received hawkeye12, submit02, aquajet13, express02, gizoid19, wealth03, appleacres11, left18, pompon11, wingchun04, landfriend17, pompon17, kattelox06, heavymetal09, albion07, huladance18 from Coloring Book 287! (+16 | 223 total)
>> Oct. 13th, 2022: Levelled up from ORANGE to YELLOW! Received elemental12, pyroqueen20, wildrush12, *1 purple crayon from Level-Up Rewards! (+3 | 207 total | +1 crayon | 43 crayons total)
>> Oct. 13th, 2022: Received itadakimasu16, kattobing06, mentalist06, teleport08, takoyaki19 as a gift from @crabg1rl! (+5 | 204 total)
>> Oct. 13th, 2022: Traded motorola16 to @crabg1rl for itadakimasu01! (199 total | +1 trade | 14 trades total)
>> Oct. 13th, 2022: Donated gorgonsnake03, inadequate02, peakspider17; Received gorgonsnake15, inadequate16 (dupe), peakspider01 from Swap Station 181. (+0 | 199 total)
>> Oct. 13th, 2022: Donated *1 orange crayon for Coloring Book 287! (-1 | 42 crayons total)
>> Oct. 13th, 2022: Received animalism08, biscuit14, aloupeeps13 from Colorseum - Finalist Spotlight 5! (+3 | 199 total)
>> Oct. 12th, 2022: Received passive11, insect14, persistent10 from Twenty Questions 25! (+3 | 196 total)
>> Oct. 12th, 2022: Gifted doloris01 to @admiral! (-1 | 193 total)
>> Oct. 12th, 2022: Traded caladbolg01, caladbolg09, bozja01, strangemen11, strangemen19, zurek03 to @byakkun for gross17, kattobing04, pes12, pes15, pes17, photon01! (+0 | 194 total | +6 trades | 13 trades total)
>> Oct. 12th, 2022: Received twinsnipe04, caladbolg01, psyche04, stepsister09, twinsnipe17, winds18, strangemen11, doloris01, jackketch13, zurek03, caladbolg09, twinsnipe01, bellboy13, love-y09, convinced01, girlsadvent17, firstwatcher16, carrotsteak17, idea09, behemoths02, behemoths09, bloodtest10, bouclier01, carrotsteak02, twinsnipe19, strangemen19, winds06, highking14, bloodtest03, motorola16 from Pick a Color 230! (+30 | 194 total)
>> Oct. 12th, 2022: Received gorgonsnake03 (dupe), *3 red crayons, *8 orange crayons, *4 yellow crayons, *7 green crayons, *5 blue crayons, *2 purple crayons, *7 brown crayons, *4 gray crayons as a gift from @admiral! (+1 | 164 total | +40 crayons | 43 crayons total)
>>Oct. 12th, 2022: Traded doloris11 to @admiral for elemental13! (+0 | 163 total | +1 trade | 7 trades total) >> Oct. 12th, 2022: Turned in firebringer10, clubfun20, gracidea08, pinkelf17 for yanderes10, aerosmith20, tenbillion19, and pain03 in Switch It Up 199! (+0 | 163 total)
>> Oct. 11th, 2022: Received jaded19, chronicles19, giantkiller17, eve02, baths02, small12, roadside05, constable04, pokecenter20, punisher14, begnion07, oblivion08 from Directions 154! (+12 | 163 total)
>> Oct. 11th, 2022: Received crest17, hungry06, kattobing01, kattobing12, pain12, photon17, d-hero08, victim02, victim05, victim10, itadakimasu10, unkillable03, unkillable10, nonbinary01 as a gift from @hyoga! Gifted totty01 to hyoga as a gift in return. (+13 | 151 total)
>> Oct. 10th, 2022: Traded ascian03 to @byakkun for crest13! Also received hungry01 as a gift from byakkun! <3 (+1 | 138 total | +1 trade | 6 trades total)
>> Oct. 10th, 2022: Received hungrywolf14, clubfun20, cult20, virginity08, banyue18, littlepei09, *2 purple crayons from Art Lessons 312! (+6 | 137 total | +2 crayons | 3 crayons total)
>> Oct. 10th, 2022: Received pinkelf17, buhii12, ascian03, doloris11, mob07 from Most Wanted 34! (+5 | 131 total)
>> Oct. 10th, 2022: Traded buzzer19 to @auriianna for diverdown03! (+0 | 126 total | +1 trade | 5 trades total)
>> Oct. 10th, 2022: Traded noblest18 to @crabg1rl for inadequate02 (dupe)! (+0 | 126 total | +1 trade | 4 trades total)
>> Oct. 10th, 2022: Received gorgonsnake04, seviiislands04, killerqueen05, *1 green crayon from Level-up Rewards! (+3 | 126 total | +1 crayon | 1 crayon total)
>> Oct. 10th, 2022: Received hungry02, hungry03, hungry08, hungry10, hungry12, hungry14, hungry15, hungry16, hungry17, hungry20, hungrybug20, d-hero05, please01, please18, pes05, peakspider17 (dupe), elemental04, lovehime02, inadequate02, inadequate03, inadequate04, inadequate06, inadequate07, inadequate08, inadequate09, inadequate10, inadequate11, inadequate12, inadequate13, inadequate14, inadequate16, inadequate18, inadequate19, inadequate20, kattobing03, blackbird02, blackbird04, blackbird13, blackbird17 from Recycled Art! (+39 | 123 total | Levelled up from RED to ORANGE!)
>> Oct. 9th, 2022: Received elemental06, elemental07, elemental10, elemental11, redflash01, mentalist03, mentalist04, crest01, gorgonsnake03 from Little Spell Academia 230! (+9 | 84 total)
>> Oct. 9th, 2022: Received broadway01, noblest18, dwn-01104 from Colorseum - Finalist Spotlight 3. (+3 | 75 total)
>> Oct. 9th, 2022: Traded sporty04 to @2d for buzzer19! (+0 | 72 total | +1 trade | 3 trades total)
>> Oct. 9th, 2022: Received kabuki06, ancients13, noclue12 from Twenty Questions 24! (+3 | 72 total)
>> Oct. 8th, 2022: Received elemental01, blackbird10, crest19, crystal13, d-hero07, d-hero12, fluffal05, fluffal09, gross03, kattobing05, kattobing08, kattobing09, photon9, pain18, paired08, peakspider17, redflash07, redflash09, redflash12, roids03, roids17, sixfingers01, sixfingers17, takoyaki05, takoyaki08, thundergod12, totty01, totty06 from @lina_trinch! Thank you so much! <3 (+28 | 69 total) br /> >> Oct. 8th, 2022: Received busty02, bozja01, madprince19 from Colorseum - Finalist Spotlight 4. (+3 | 41 total)
>> Oct. 8th, 2022: Received gorgonsnake01, gorgonsnake02, please03, aerosmith01, mentalist02, elemental03, elemental05, elemental19, elemental20 from Little Spell Academia 229. (+9 | 38 total)
>> Oct. 8th, 2022: Traded goody09, voltaic10 to @misheard for elemental09 and elemental15. (+0 | 29 total | +2 trades | 2 trades total)
>> Oct. 8th, 2022: Received christine17, goody 09 from Starter Pack Bonus. (+2 | 29 total)
>> Oct. 7th, 2022: Received elemental02, blackbird01, thundergod01, inadequate17, please02, mentalist01, victim01, teleport06, googoo01, geb01, ganja01, glamorous01, iruburu01, bloodtest08, meido14, triplecrown19, twindrill01, value01, voltaic10 from Release 149 - September. (+19 | 27 total)
>> Oct. 7th, 2022: Received elemental16, elemental08, lazytime07, gracidea08, draciel15, psp11, firebringer10, sporty04 from Starter Pack! (+8 | 8 total)
>> Oct. 7th, 2022: Applied to Colors TCG!