Cookie Run OvenBreak OST - The Ocean: Sorbet Shark's Dream ft. Zenith

July 15th, 2021:


One year ago today, Sorbet Shark Cookie debuted in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak!

I have been playing Cookie Run on and off for about 8 years. I started playing on LINE Cookie Run back in high school! I've had different favorite cookies as time went on - Kiwi Biker, White Choco, Squid Ink and Fig, to name a few - but I absolutey loved Sorbet Shark the second I saw him in the story, and I was so excited that he was released as a playable character!!

I'm the type of person that hoards all my resources in games, but I pulled him in gacha and levelled him up to level 15 the day he came out <3 He's the only cookie I've ever done that for! I also got really really lucky and pulled his cute pirate costume in the gacha during his release, too!! I'm so grateful hehe. >:3

I am actually taking a break from Cookie Run right now, but I had to come celebrate best boy's birthday!! Until the Chess Choco update + Vampire buff, my Trophy Race combo for quite a while was Pancake with Sorbet as my relay cookie. They carried me through a lot of races, and I can't thank them enough!! Even though I can't use him in Trophy Race anymore, I still love running with him! Happy one year anniversary, Sorbet Shark!!

Birthday (Release Date): July 15th, 2020

Pet: Helmsman Will

Favorite Gift: Rescue Certificate

Magic Candy:


Sorbet Shark Cookie's Treasure Hoard!!!

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