i have a weird obsession with teeth and dental stuff in general... i have for quite a while!! it ebbs and flows in its intensity, but it's definitely a big part of who i am... and that includes all of the gritty little details as well.... o_o i don't really know why i like it so much but i do!!

i find tooth extractions so cool and fascinating and exciting... i had my wisdom teeth pulled around three years ago, and it was so so cool @_@ it was so awesome... it was such a cool feeling... i wish i could live like that and feel that all the time... the huge ache in my jaw and the blood in my mouth, the lethargy from the pain and the sensation of prodding at the stitches with my tongue... i took a lot of pictures of my mouth during that time and enjoyed every second of it as much as i could, since i knew it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity... as much as i would love to have my teeth pulled again, they don't exactly grow back x__x so it's not like it's something i could just do for fun...

because it's not something i can ever really experience again (barring major mistreatment of the very limited number of teeth in my head), i like to imagine it a lot instead. luckily for me (usually i hate it but i'm grateful for it in this case--), i am a very empathetic person, and this extends to pain, too... which is part of the reason i have a really hard time stomaching gore in movies, and why i can't watch or read anything about true crime. so when i imagine it hard enough, or i watch dental or oral surgery videos, i can feel it... i can feel that pulsing pain in the roots of my teeth, you know? so i can still enjoy it even if i can never re-live it... which is pretty nice. i find it really fun.

in addition to finding videos of real extractions (which don't bother me because i know the people are safe), i sometimes also get pleasantly surprised by teeth-pulling scenes in things that i'm watching, though it doesn't happen very often. whenever it does happen, i get disproportionately excited by it, because it isn't a situation that comes up too much in media. in fact, i decided to start this whole page because of a 30 second long scene in It's Always Sunny that catches me off guard every single time, no matter how many times i've seen the show -- i just always feel like, 'hey!! it's that thing i like---' ... and like i said, i dunno, i get way too excited over it, lol.

Teeth Pulling Scenes (Fictional)

Castaway (2000)
I'll be honest: I watched this movie like six years ago, and I actually fell asleep during most of it, so I can't vouch for the quality of the overall movie. I bet it's good though! Tom Hanks is stranded on a desert island, and develops an abcessed tooth. He has to get rid of it to avoid severe health complications. I was awake for this scene and it's the only part of the movie I remember.

He uses the blade of an ice skate as a lever and pounds it with a rock to force the tooth out. The scene is not very graphic (there's a discretion shot and all you see is the tooth flying out with a bit of blood) but the build up is pretty good. The actual tooth-popping-out bit comes at 1:06 in the linked clip. I remembered being a lot more interested when I saw it for the first time, but that's probably just because it surprised me. Now I find it pretty underwhelming.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - "Mac and Charlie Die"
This scene is so perfect to me. It's so funny and I just love the tone of it overall. Mac attempts to pull out one of Charlie's teeth with a pair of pliers, but the tooth just comes right out without any difficulty. Charlie proceeds to pluck out another two teeth right afterwards. I am literally so jealous every time this scene comes on lol. The video also includes another scene from the end of the episode where Charlie pulls out another one of his teeth and Mac just tells him to drop it in a tin 'with the other ones'. Top scenes of all time.

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
An absolutely great movie if you've never seen it. I had no idea that a major character in the movie was actually an evil dentist, so imagine my surprise when watching this with friends and having not only a musical number about it, but also a hilarious four minute long scene. A sadistic dentist is matched with a masochistic patient and, as they say, hilarity ensues. There's no gore or anything graphic, and it's all played for laughs. I guess this isn't technically a tooth extraction scene, but then again you don't really know what's going on in there, so it very well could be.

Extraction Videos (REAL)

Fully Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal
I haven't watched this whole video through yet. Involves cutting through the gum + tissue, removing the whole tooth, and sewing it back up. Minimal talking. The video is also age-restricted on YouTube. Real blood and gore warning, obviously, in a medical setting! The tooth comes out at about 5:20.

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