Shintaro Kago Custom Portraits

Content warnings: For this page: gore, body horror, eye trauma.
For Shintaro Kago's work in general: Explicit/extreme NSFW content, extreme gore/guro/body horror, unsanitary, constantly pushes the boundaries of good (or even bad) taste


Shintaro Kago is an artist that I respect a lot, but I will just be blunt: he scares the *@$! out of me. I don't consider myself a fan of his work, primarily because I'm too squeamish to read a lot of it - however, he is an extremely interesting person with a Lot Of Work that is... let's choose something positive and call it unique and creative. I genuinely do have a huge amount of respect for artworks and artists that can make me feel disgusted or other negative emotions, and he definitely accomplishes that with his work. He's a boundary pusher for sure.

ANYWAY, this page is not a review or even a discussion of Kago's work - I do not have the time nor the desire to approach that!! This a page about one specific thing, and that is a certain page on his website. I don't remember why I stumbled upon his website in the first place - it might have even just been linked on his Wikipedia page, I'm not sure - but the site itself is very old-looking and quite boring. (Link here, gore warning.) The part that we care about for the purpose of this write-up is that you - yes, you, or anyone else!! - can commission him to draw a guro portrait of yourself getting killed or dismembered.

Okay, just let that sink in for a moment. Isn't that like the most baller thing you've ever heard?? Like, that's an absolute power move, right? On both accounts, tbh. Imagine being a guy that says "pay me $200 and I'll draw someone eating noodles out of your broken skull." Or being the person that has a framed image in your home of your own eyeballs spilling out of your face. I don't personally desire to have an original Shintaro Kago guro drawing of myself, but like, if a horror artist that I was a genuine fan of was doing this, I'd be pretty frickin' tempted. I just really enjoy the whole concept of such a transaction.

He has a handy cheatsheet right on the commission page, detailing the fifty (!!) possible grotesque fates that can befall you, ranging from having a cute cat drive your skull around like a car to having your face zipped open like a costume. There really is quite a variety to choose from here! (The one I blocked off is a particular eye trauma image I can't look at, so I censored it lol.)

I don't technically know if these are still available, but the order button still seems functional. It costs $200 USD for him to do a watercolor portrait and send you a scan; if you want the physical work itself, it'll be bumped up to $250. He has two examples on the commission page itself, and if you poke around you can find a few that people have posted on other sites. Here is the commission page itself!

Anyway, isn't that wild?? Idk, I just found it quite interesting and wanted to have someone to talk about it! Mayhaps I'll talk about some of his work in another post, I'm not sure... I'll have to be brave enough to read more than two things he's made LOL.

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