Syndaver Surgical Canines


This page contains simulated medical gore! I talk about and show images of an anatomical model of a dog used for vet training. Nothing shown is real, but it is very lifelike, so please proceed with caution if this content will bother you!

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Well, for this page, I don't have much of an introduction; it's simply something I stumbled onto and I think it's quite interesting. I saw an article about it way back when and found it again deep in my favorites, so I figured, why not make a post about it?

SynDaver is a technology company that specializes in anatomically correct models for use in medical and veterinary training. These models can replicate breathing, bleeding, and come equipped with special attatchments and modules to replicate certain pathogens and medical conditions. The SynDacer Synthetic Human is fully mobile, boasting life-like tissues made of water, salt, and fiber. However, more interesting is the SynDaver Surgical Canine, a veterinary tool intended to replace canine cadavers and live specimens in surgical training.

These SynDaver dogs are... well, they're certainly something to look at! They're very interesting, especially given the knowledge of how much work it takes to make them, but they're really freaky looking if you don't have any backstory.

In addition to the full canine model, you can buy just the heads or abdomens, as well as replacement organs. You can look at these canine bodies and some other projects linked on the SynDaver website above if you're interested, or you can just peruse the images below!

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