Dead Things I Own (+ some other things)

I am fairly interested in collecting bones, teeth, and other things like that! I can't tell exactly when I started getting interested in this hobby, but it probably happened when I was walking to class one day and found a whole bird head (?!) just laying on the ground. I had no idea where it came from. There was no body, and it looked like some kind of stork, or fairly big bird. I picked it up on instinct and threw it in a box with my paints until I could figure out what to do with it. Since then, I found several other (?!) birds and assorted animals, and even got some as gifts. Here's a page to talk about them a little bit!

January 2018: Weird stork head I found on campus

- my art supply box with a bird head in it
- linocut prints I made of it
- digital design with a better quality image of the head

I don't have this bird head anymore - I can't remember exactly what happened, but I think I ended up throwing it away because I didn't know where to keep it. I did hold onto it for long enough to do two art projects based on it, though. I still have no idea what kind of bird it was, or what happened to its body. Very weird.

March 2018: Dead mouse from a baseball field

- painting study of the mouse
- bone box (pic incoming)

I was visiting my aunt (who is the coolest person ever) and telling her about my new hobby. Coincidentally, her nephews or something had just told her about finding a dead mouse when they were at baseball practice. I convinced her to drive me out there, and we called them on the phone until we hunted down the mouse. It was all dried up already, and stuck inside a little electrical cage or something.

I pulled all of its fur and skin off with tweezers, and there was very little mess and no blood, because it had been dead for a while. I brought home all of the teeny tiny bones and organized them in a little plastic case. I think I gave away some of them to a classmate who wanted to turn them into jewelry, but I still have most of them. 

June 2018: Baby teeth

- two baby teeth

My little brother let me keep two of his teeth. I turned one of them into a copper ring. I have it somewhere and I'll take a picture when I find it. I think I have another tooth of his somewhere, too.

October 2018: Extracted tooth

- tooth in a cool medical envelope

My dad had to get one of his molars extracted so he asked the dentist if he could take it with him and give to me. It's in this very cool little dental envelope thing.

??? 2018: Baby bunny head

I don't know if I have any pictures of this, actually. This was a gift from my uncle. He found a severed bunny head in a big package of mulch, so he freeze-dried it and mailed it to me. I don't think I have it any more.

??? 2018: Nasty dead rabbit

This story is very gross, fair warning. Hover to read.


May 2019: Partially feathered bird head

- photo of the display

My great uncle got this for me and sent it to me. It's on a shelf in my room with some of my other bone-related items and stuff I've picked up at thrift stores.

December 2019: Bobcat head

- photo of me holding it with gloves on. it is skinless and kind of gross looking

This was a gift from my little brother's friend's dad, of all people. They go hunting, and I guess they eat the meat, usually, but they didn't have anything to use the head for, so they gave it to me. I was really really excited, and I tried to macerate it to clean it off, but I really wasn't prepared and ended up having to get rid of it. It sat in a coffee can full of water in our outside fridge for several months before I finally had to force myself to throw it away.

I thought about burying it so bugs could clean the rest of the meat and its eyes away, but my dog ate a spine that I was cleaning outside once, so I knew I couldn't do that because he would most DEFINITELY eat it. I am pretty upset with myself for not finding a way to clean it off, but the flesh was still really attatched to the bone and I couldn't scrub or cut it away, and I had to avoid keeping it outside for too long so it wouldn't rot. Overall I just wasn't equipped to finish this project.

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