Creepy Vocaloid Songs I:
Childhood Edition

What better way to christen the darker and edgier TM section of my site than with a good old-fashioned 'creepy stuff I watched as a kid' list? Peak content, honestly. Doesn't get any better than this.

I'm a big fan of Vocaloid, and I have been for ten years now, maybe longer. And as anyone who listens to Vocaloid can tell you, it's a hotbed for some darker content than you would expect. Some of it is campy, or just plain laughable in its execution, but there are some genuine songs that give me chills to this day. It's all a matter of personal opinion.

This will just be a beginner's list of some of the 'creepy' songs I used to listen to as a kid, with a blurb and a rating for each. NOTE: The videos provided may not be the original intended by the producer, but they are the versions that I grew up watching.

Fear Garden

Chaa ft. Kagamine Rin

I liked this one a lot. I found it fairly early on into my Vocaloid experience, before I knew anything about producers or crediting songs. (I actually just now found out who produced it, after ten years, lol.)

In this song, Rin gives the listener the lowdown about her secret hobby - killing people and cutting off their arms, which she then plants in her 'garden' like flowers. I don't remember ever being scared of this one as a kid. I thought it was edgy and fun. Weirdly enough, though, ever since I've revisited it lately, the bit in the middle where she drones tonelessly freaks me out. At the end, it's implied that everything we saw happening during the video was just a fantasy of Rin during her day at school, but a single 'flower' shows that she might be getting ready to put her plans into action soon.

Rin's voice is really lovely here. I'm a sucker for the tonal quality that the early Kagamines had. Not very scary on re-watch, but that's perfectly fine. I think the art in the video holds up really well, and the censored Len getting shanked at the beginning is both unsettling and kind of funny. At the end of the day, it's not as much of an easy listen as it used to be, since the instrumental (and Rin herself, honestly) are a little grating. Still, it's a classic.

Nostalgia Factor: 8/10
Creepiness: 3/10
Art/Video: 7/10
Listenability: 5/10

Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance

Machigerita-P ft. Hatsune Miku

Another one of my favorites. Just to put a timestamp on when I was listening to this sort of music, I once wrote a (long since deleted, don't look for it) Hetalia fanfic based on this song. This is a fairly straight forward story of a yandere Miku who pines after KAITO and kills his girlfriend Luka, and some kittens just for good measure. KAITO gets his revenge in the end, and everything gets wrapped up in a nice little bow.

This is the video I always used to watch, but there's another version with a very striking illustration by SRB-GENk (link) that actually used to bother me quite a bit, haha. It's the eyes, I think. As for the song and the video, they're servicable enough. The song isn't really exciting enough to listen to without the video accompanying it.

As a bonus, have an original illustration by Machigerita-P himself that I had never seen before writing this! Thanks, Vocaloid wiki. (link)

Nostalgia Factor: 7/10
Creepiness: 1/10
Art/Video: 5/10
Listenability: 4/10

Evil Food Eater Conchita

mothy ft. MEIKO, Kagamine Rin and Len

I'll love this song until the day I die. I don't know what it is that keeps me coming back, but I'll never get tired of it. This song is part of the Evillious Chronicles by mothy, which is a series I'm actually not too familiar with besides this song and Daughter/Servant of Evil.

In this song, MEIKO plays the role of Banika Conchita, a woman obsessed with consuming the world's most exotic foods. When these meals can no longer satisfy her, she gorges herself on her servants, and then takes things one step further.

Honestly, the vocals in this song are kind of atrocious. It's nearly impossible to understand anything MEIKO says, even with the lyrics onscreen. But I'm extremely biased, and I love it to death just the way it is. I'm still obsessed with the bits of the video with Conchita holding up her skirts and the food patterns scrolling by. This is a personal 10/10, but not even close to that in an impartial ranking.

Nostalgia Factor: 10/10
Creepiness: 1/10
Art/Video: 4.5/10
Listenability: 10/10

Kakome, Kakome

Zawazawa-P ft. Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka

Alright, this one got to me a little bit upon rewatch. I haven't heard it in years, and Miku and Luka's voices sound amazing considering this song is from 2009. Kakome, Kakome is based upon a children's game, as well as a creepypasta (not one that I've read), and I've heard it thrown around that it's also based on a true story. Anything that claims to be based on true events immediately wigs me out, so I haven't done any further digging into those claims.

Deep in a forest, the ghosts of children in a forgotten orphanage invite you to play a game with them. A long, long time ago, they were used for medical experimentation. Their bodies are broken, but they can still play.

A few tiny things creep me out about the video, but I wouldn't say it's "scary." The medical diagrams on the wall, as well as the illustration of the doctor holding the child's brain and spinal cord, give me a chill - probably because it's a drastic shift in art style from the rest of the video. There's also a split second at 3:43 with an image of a bloody Miku. It's only because of its blink-and-you'll-miss-it presentation that it made me jump a little. This song is more plaintive than anything else, but I still feel a little shudder after listening.

Nostalgia Factor: 7/10
Creepiness: 4/10
Art/Video: 4/10
Listenability: 6/10

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