Classic Vocaloid: Pre-2012

There is really no way to split Vocaloid songs into 'classic' and 'modern', as far as I'm aware - this is just a random distinction I made myself based on my personal experience with Vocaloid. These are the songs that I jammed to as a kid! Or, in some cases, these are decorated classics that I somehow missed out on, and am discovering for the first time recently. Both types of songs are awesome! I still have a fondness for that very specific, stilted vocal style that a lot of these older songs have. Here's a list of decade-old Vocaloid songs that I have fond memories of, still enjoy listening to, or just think are important for new fans to hear!

This page was inspired by LiterallyHifumi's own Singing Synthesizers Daily page!

I Like You, I Love You by JevanniP ft. Kagamine Rin (Remix by KatahotoriP) (PV by Okome*)

Uploaded 3/8/2008 [remix: 3/14/2009]

VocaDB is teaching me so much... I had no idea this was even a remix. This video is the one I've been watching for 12 years, and I just assumed this was the original! This is a quintessential Rin song for me. I know saying something like this doesn't make any sense given the enormously free and collaborative nature of Vocaloid media, but this always felt like a very 'canon' Rin to me. Plus this song is so cute!!

Go Google It! by あー民P ft. Megurine Luka and Kamui Gakupo (PV by Julie)

Uploaded 2/8/2009

This song gives me flashbacks to Vocaloid shipping wars in the YouTube comment section, lmao... there were honestly quite a few Gakupo songs that I found around the same time as a kid, and I listened to them a lot, but I never really 'liked' him as much as I did the other Vocaloids. Because I very rarely see him used these days, his voice feels very nostalgic to me.

Hyperventilation Dance by NashimotoP ft. Hatsune Miku (PV by ミミミ)

Uploaded 8/3/2011

This song has such a strange and tangible feeling to it. Miku's voice is subdued and pointed throughout, and the style of this fan-PV made by ミミミ really captures the strangely upbeat yet pained sound of the song. This is another song I personally discovered recently; within the last year, I believe. I really love the art direction of the video and Miku's unusual tone.

Specimen Girl by Kiyozumi ft. Kamui Gakupo

Uploaded 8/5/2011

People just don't use Gakupo anymore, huh... I actually only found this song a couple months ago. I totally would have loved this as a kid though because I liked creepy songs. Anyway, yandere!Gakupo defiles a corpse in this song, I don't really know what else to say about it. Gakupo's voice sounds amazing for 2011 though! I love this echo effect that was popular in older Vocaloid songs, too. The last ~30 seconds are a preview for an unreleased song, so you can ignore that.

Sweet Float Flats by manbo-p ft. GUMI

Uploaded 10/24/2011

GUMI explains why drugs are actually good sometimes! (Just kidding.) This song is so silly and wacky, and GUMI's voice is soft and lovely as always! This is her Sweet voice append. This song is about a cast of people living in the same apartment building, all unhappy in their lives, until a freak accident makes everyone switch rooms and things (sort of!) work out!

おちゃめ機能 (Mischevious Function) by GojimajiP ft. Kasane Teto (PV by F91)

Uploaded 3/28/2010

Another definitive Teto moment!! The famous head-shaking PV for the song was posted two months after the original song was uploaded onto NicoNico. This song is also known as Fukkireta, the name for the dance/meme that it popularized. This was the first UTAU song to ever hit 1 million views on NND! A literal piece of history! There's also a very popular Utauite cover by Lon you may have heard.

machine muzik by 固有名 ft. Hatsune Miku (PV by Deino)

Uploaded 12/19/2008

I actually thought that Deino was the producer as well as the animator before I researched this, haha! I've only listened to the song in conjunction with the video. It used to scare me as a kid but I like it now. This character in the video actually isn't Miku - her name is Calne Ca! She's Deino's character Calcium cosplaying as Miku. This song is an instrumental, but I guess Miku's vocals are featured as an 'instrument' of sorts.

Paradichlorobenzene by Owata-P ft. Kagamine Len

Uploaded 8/15/2009

I used to be obsessed with this song. It's part of the Benzene series along with a few other songs, most notably its alternative/mirror song, Antichlorobenzene, sung by Rin. These two songs can be layered over each other in a really mesmerizing, amazing way, as shown here. The combined version is mandatory viewing, as far as I'm concerned; I find the structure of these two songs fascinating.

Circus Monster by Circus-P ft. Megurine Luka

Uploaded 8/25/2010

A vintage Vocaloid English song by Circus-P, who would later go on to work on songs like WILDFIRE!!, Copycat, and ECHO! Apparently, this song was made when the producer was just fourteen years old, which I had no idea about! Circus Monster is a very simple song, but I have a soft spot for it in my heart. I like the twist on the circus-y 'soundfont' in the backing track paired with the hand claps.

KKasane Territory ~ Always Teto's Turn by oxi ft. Kasane Teto (PV by Riot)

Uploaded 9/26/2008

This parody of SilverForest's Touhou fansong "(9)destiny ~ Always Cirno's Turn" was posted to niconico in 2008 as a simple lyric video. It wasn't until February 15th, 2009 that Riot (りおっと) created their fan-made PV for the song, cementing its place in UTAU history forevermore! This song made me fall in love with Teto way back when and still fills me with such a nice, warm feeling!!

Hot Cocoa ~A Restless Night's Song~ by ShirokuroP ft. Kagamine Len

Uploaded 3/20/2008

I used to listen to this song all the time while doing homework in elementary school/junior high. This is another song that's very nostalgic and feels super cozy to me. The "nanimo hajimaranai / toriaezu nomouka hotto cocoa" part was one of the first lines in a Vocaloid song I was able to pick out by ear. Len used to be my favorite Vocaloid as a kid so I listened to a lot of his songs religiously lmao.

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