apologies for a page w/ nothing on it lol, this is mostly a reminder to myself to do some research and find out some more information.

I found these Winners videos in high school, I think 10th or 11th grade. I used to listen to them while studying but I would always lose them and have to find them again. I always vaguely wanted to look more into the music but never did.

WINNERS was a mobile DJ collective, or SONIDO, that emerged in Mexico ~5-10 years after the collective Polymarchs debuted. Two DJs for WINNERS were Antonio Morales and Victor Estrella. Victor remains active DJing for Polymarchs after the death of their former DJ, Tony Barrera, in 1998.

Links I need to read/watch:

Música de Barrios MX Interview
short article
Lo que no sabías de sonido winners parte 1
las mezclas del blaqui blog
polymarches wikipedia

In the mean time, check out an example below. I can't embed any of the YT vids bc of copyrighted music lol, but there are a lot of videos of their mixes uploaded by COSMO TRON or by the official YouTube channel that I just found here.

pandro_iiii · Polymarchs vs Winners (Lado B)