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I collected the super ultra rare button from jellyworld! Go find your own, I won't tell you where it is!

List of achievements (7/9) from Jellyworld's lovely Halloween 2021 game:

Honored recipient of the Happy Flowers Award from smokeyjoint!

Below are awards that I've made! No need to apply, just post them on your own site if you meet the criteria!

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The ladylike Cocoa Cookie is as cute and considerate as can be. This lovely cookie is friendly to everyone. But she is shy. Therefore she finds it difficult to start the first conversation with someone new.

You like to spend quality time with close friends, perhaps talking with them over a cup of coffee. You have a warm heart, therefore focus on people's inner thoughts or feelings. You like to purchase and collect cute stuff.

Once you fall for something, you fall deeply into it, but just make sure you are not ignoring other important factors surrounding you. When you get stressed, you eat. So if you plan a strict diet, it.. may.. not.. work... Good luck, cutie pie!

I should visit Norway!
I should visit Norway, I guess!

This weird internet quiz said I'm British!
This weird internet quiz said I'm British! Wow

Pretty!  I'm a daisy!
Which Flower Are You? Find out!

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