About the Owner

So... you wanted to know more about me, it seems!! I am unfortunately 1.) not all that interesting, and 2.) not all that good at talking about myself, but... anyways!

You can just call me Koinuko, after my website, or Pepper if you'd like!!

<-- picture me like this maybe

I guess to start off I'll just put the normal about page things on here... I am a girl (she/her) and an adult and I sure do love coding!! I like writing drawing watching anime/cartoons I am so boring fr

When it comes to online content, I really love self-insert, original characters and stories, obscure media, vintage fandom spaces, and passion projects! I enjoy hunting on Yahoo Auctions and other Japanese sites for cool merchandise and items. I like archival work as well. There is something so very cool to me about being the only one who cares about a subject or being the one to discover something previously unknown or obscure

Okay now comes the part of the about page where we go plain off the rails

Yugioh cards I aspire to emulate:

Favorite Bands/Artists: They Might Be Giants (my #1 of all time), The Aquabats, Nine Inch Nails, the B-52s, Savage Garden, The Violent Femmes // Jun Togawa, Jimmy Buffet, Tatsuro Yamashita

Interesting Hobbies: Papermaking, collecting animal parts, language learning (Spanish and Japanese), browsing and trying to help out on r/tipofmytongue, playing the Yugioh TCG + collecting cards, self-analysis through the lens of fictional boys

More random things to know about me:
- I love self-insert and self-ship, it makes me happy when people love and spend time with their faves ^^
- I am slow to pick up on new trends, slang, memes, etc., because I don't have social media anymore and usually only learn about them from my friends
- I like dark stuff as much as I like cute stuff, and the intersection of those two sentiments is fascinating to me
- I don't like arguments or negativity and they tire me out so I try to avoid stuff like that to the best of my ability

If you want to contact me for any reason, be it something regarding my site or just for funsies, you can reach me by e-mailing me at koinuko (@) yahoo.com! I try to check my e-mail at least once a week.

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