an about page, for the curious ......

I've become increasingly fed up
and frustrated with traditional
social media since the middle of
high school. Tumblr was the last
thing that I ever really used, and
even that faded in the early days
of college. Discord was (and is) the last 'social' sort of app I use.

This frustration stemmed from lots of different reasons - FOMO, feeling self-conscious and comparing myself to others, doomscrolling, wasting unsettling amounts of time, being exposed to discourse and horrible news that I didn't want to immerse myself in. Cutting out a lot of this stimuli was really the first step I took to in trying to take better care of myself.

Of course, humans are social creatures... I still wanted to interact with Something. Art, or fandom, or what have you. Being on tumblr from a young age (and before that, Sketchfu, and before that, and Warriors RP sites...) had already conditioned me to seek an online space to house pieces of myself. I didn't know what I wanted, though. I hated Twitter, I was bored of tumblr, I didn't know how to draw furries so FA was out (lol) ...

Anyway, I had tried making an epic retro olde web type site a year or so ago, on I gave up after a week or so. I wanted to get back into it when I decided to make a fansite and my friend suggested I try NeoCities to host instead. That first site went up in December of 2020, and though I've taken it down, this one went up not long after! And as you can see I'm making the most of my time and space here on NeoCities.

This is less of an about page so far and more of a little essay, haha - but that's just fine. I don't want to put too much information on here. The comfort of just being able to do whatever silly stuff I want on here is so warm and fulfilling, and the fear of hostility on other platforms is already so ingrained that I don't feel the need to write a whole heck of a lot. You can have this much, though. :)

✩ 21
✩ she/her
✩ my favorite color is pink
✩ i love doggies :)
✩ i like anime, toys, yugioh, hello kitty, art, other stuff, nice stuff

I suppose if you've read this far (and you haven't been to this site before) I should mention that I avidly self-ship with lots of characters. It's all marked though, so you can avoid it if you don't want to see it. I also have a smaller section of the website where I can post scary stuff without it messing up my cutesy aesthetic. You can find it on the main page by clicking on the "too gruesome to show" button.

I hope you enjoy your time here. :) Feel free to look around anywhere you like. I have a guestbook linked on the homepage, and my site email is if you want to email me for some reason haha. Clicking on Hello Kitty will take you back to the index.