Welcome to my Animal Crossing: New Horizons page!

My first Animal Crossing game was New Leaf for the 3DS. I loved that game a lot; I played it probably every day. I had a great time decorating my town, breeding flowers, etc... until one day I brought it to school and somebody stole my 3DS, game and all. That was four or five years ago, and I'm still a little heartbroken...

But for Christmas this year, I was taken aback when I got a Switch, and a copy of New Horizons!! All of my friends had been playing it for over a year, so I'm late to the party... but I'm so stoked to finally have the experience for myself!!

As of right now, I don't pay for Switch Online (because it's a total rip...), so I can't invite anybody over to my island or visit anyone else. At some point I'm planning on buying just a month or two to hang out for a bit, so when I get to that point, I'll put my information on here!

Pixel friend (Renee) claimed from ac.kuchiki.net!

Check out some of my favorite photos I've taken in game!

Current Villagers!

(Moose, Renée, Cranston, Marshal, Cheri, Ankha, Wart Jr., and Norma)


Previous Villagers


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