This page is nothing more than a list of websites for local, independent, or just generally interesting stores selling anime merchandise. However, I don't have any experience buying from these stores, so take that as you will!

'That's stupid,' you say, 'why are you making this list then?' Well, maybe I WILL buy from them someday, also, I like seeing small independent stores that have some interesting, off-the-wall items for sale for once, also, shut up!! It's all fun and games looking for obscure merch on Japanese websites until you find something cool and have to decide if you want to spend $40 on shipping and wait two months to get a keychain from 2005. I thought it would be fun to make a list of places where someone might be able to snag a weird product for less hassle!

ONCE AGAIN: I have not bought anything from these stores and do not have personal experience with them, so keep that in mind! If you have any reviews or comments about these stores, let me know and I can add some testimonials for them!

Avane Shop

Small shop focusing specifically on vintage collectibles, 10+ years or older. Mix of anime merch as well as Western cartoons. Lots of Sailor Moon items. Their prices seem insanely cheap, there could be plenty of good deals to be had if you see something interesting! There are some social media links and they seem to have favorable reviews.

Hammer Girl Anime

Has a mix of popular franchises, some less popular ones, and the occasional oddball series if you dig deep enough. They carry trading card game products as well. They offer $4.99 shipping on orders over $25 in the continental US. There's also a physical location. The store seems to have good reviews, and has been in business for over a decade.

Anime Zakka

Quite an interesting mix of products. Includes a lot of limited-edition and otherwise weird items for pretty popular franchises, like Jojo, Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, and others. They feel quite pricey, though. They have a physical location and good reviews.

Cyren Anime

Not quite sure about this one. There are a few interesting items if you dig for a while, but it seems like mostly new products for what's popular right now. Prices seem a little high to me. They have a physical location and the reviews they have were quite positive.

Robert's Anime Corner Store

A site that's been around forever, with very positive reviews. You can find some cool older stuff on here. I also dig the overall presentation of the site itself.

Shop Tokyo Retro

This site has all sorts of random stuff, including older/vintage gachapon sets. Prices seem quite high (I guess that's why they offer free shipping!) but there are some very cool items on here. Good reviews.

Takamura Store

Focuses on anime cels and other production items! According to their site, they have been around since 2005, and a cel-collector Reddit post affirmed that they were a good place to buy from.

The Saniwa Shop

This site carries mostly straps, keychains, and can badges for bishie/otome/BL franchises. The prices are pretty good overall, usually $4 - $8 per item. Shipping is quite cheap. I'm actually planning on buying something from them, so I'll tell you how it went! They also used to sell on eBay and have good reviews there.


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