Went to my local game store and picked up my box of Burst of Destiny yesterday!! (terrible quality pic lol sorry)

I pulled Empen :sob: I was so grateful... I got one Robina and I think one or two of the spells, plus the commons (Stri + Toccan). At locals on Wednesday I'm gonna try to trade for the ones I'm missing. I can't wait until I get to play for real!! I'm going to build my Suships in the mean time...


Tomorrow is the day!! Burst of Destiny comes out, finally!! Aaaaa I'm so excited. I'm gonna buy a whole box!! I've been preparing for this for a few months now!! 

I don't have too much more to say other than I'M SO EXCITED!!!!


Siiiiigh... been feeling pretty listless lately. As you can probably tell, lol. That being said, there are actually a loy of things I've been looking forward to that are either happening very soon or have happened recently.

There are lots of good anime airing now, or coming out soon. Komi-san, Demon Slayer, and Stone Ocean in December... I'm very excited to watch all of these!! Plus a few other assorted shows I'm watching as well...

Tomorrow and the day after I'm going to two parties in a row. Which will be fun, but I'm also nervous... I think I'm going to be really exhausted afterwards. I hope I have fun...

Next week Burst of Destiny finally comes out!! That's the biggest thing I've been looking forward to for months... I don't really know how I'm gonna feel when it's finally out, but... I can't wait to build my Flundereeze deck!!

Ouh... I need to get myself and my life in order soon... that's scary. But I need to do it... I'll feel a lot better afterwards. I need to get a job... After Halloween, I'm going to get serious. (Eek,,)


My emotions have been a little all over the place recently! That's probably why there have been smaller updates lately... I haven't updated my website for four days. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I think that might literally be the longest I've gone without updating since I started!! Don't despair though... I will never let this site die >:)

I.......... *breathes in* ......... sent out another job application today... It was really hard for me to do bc it was actually a job that I think I would really like...!! But I am proud of myself for getting another one out there, even if I'm really slow... baby steps :)

I finally started watching 31 minutos, a show I have wanted to watch for a while... I really like it LOL.... idk if anyone will understand this but like, you know those characters that are just like. Funny Little Dudes? Generally they are just Creatures TM and there is nothing remarkable about them. They are just like. Funney and charming animals or creatures maybe.

Anyway, I have always liked those kinds of characters... I think Juan Carlos Bodoque is a prime example of this type of character, because I mostly categorize them by their appearance. I don't know what it is but I always end up really liking them to a stupid degree for some unidentifiable reason.

Juan Carlos Bodoque from 31 minutos

Why am I mentioning this? Because I know myself. I know when something is going to happen in my brain that makes me unreasonably attatched to a character. I want to have written evidence as a warning so that in a week and half when he is all I can talk about you will not be surprised.

Also, I have looked up pictures of him like 10 times already (see? why? why would I do that? I've seen like three episodes. i'm insane) and there is an abundance of like, toeing-the-edge of tumblr sexyman art of him and that is so funny and perfect to me. I love that for him.

I LITERALLY just looked him up again for no other reason than I like to look at him. I need mental help (affectionate)


Today's entry will be in Spanish. :)

Las noticias de hoy será en español porque necesito practicar... casi no puedo recordar el tiempo más reciente que realmente hablé español en la vida real... probablemente durante el semestre penúltimo de universidad...? Pues, un tiempo demasiado largo...

Estoy en el proceso de encontrar un trabajo... yo (como se dice quit? lol) terminé mi trabajo previo con Walmart porque lo odiééééééé. Cada día fue un miserio hsdbhfhhsdfhfds y me orgullo que yo fue capaz de salir pero al mismo tiempo tengo las ansiedades nuevas que viene del escoger... supuesto que nadie puede tener todas las cosas en orden al mismo tiempo. Pero todavía es una pena...

Es una noticia pesimista pero, estas son las cosas pasiendo... qué mas... durante la semana pasada yo ha sido hacer ejercicios... nada monumental pero creo que es importante celebrar las victorias pequeñas, no...? Y también quiero aprender como hacer los gráficos de vectores para posiblemente tener un trabajo futuro en diseño gráfico...? Cosas más ridículas han occurido...

Ok... creo que es todo... yo sé que mi tono fue muy letárgico wwww lo siento.


I've been playing so much Psychonauts 2... it's so fr*cking good!!! My friend showed me the first one and now I'm obsessed... it's so creative and breaktaking in its design, while being really heartfelt, and also hilarious... one of the best games I've ever played, fr.

Bad news is, my card store won't be doing locals on Sundays anymore, so my weekend plans need to get shifted... They will still play three other days a week though lol. I just need to figure out what day I'm going to play on instead.

Hm, what else... mostly I've just been playing Psychonauts tbh haha. Idk what else is fun or relevant to talk about. Been trying to deal with some ~emotional baggage~ (haha, like in Psychonauts) lately and having mixed results, but that isn't very fun to talk about. I'll end my post here because I don't have much else to say that's nice.


The last week was really hectic... my brother and his girlfriend came to visit for a few days, which was nice; we haven't seen them in a long time. They got a lot packed into the few days they were here.

Psychonauts 2 came out yesterday!!! I have been playing it and really really enjoying it! This game is visually phenomenal. I have't played a ""real"" gamer game in a long time so I am suuuper bad at it but oh my god it is so FUN!!! I am on the second brain right now. I won't say anything to spoil but might end up making a page for it later. If you have the ability and desire to play it, definitely check it out!!

I want to make some paper this weekend now that I have everything I need. My mould also came with some dried flower petals that I'll probably play with :3

Biggest news though... I decided to quit my job. I have hated it for so long and the management is just awful. I kept telling myself to just grin and bear it but when it comes down to it, I deserve better than this, and I know I can get it. The job search will be kind of scary, but I'm putting in my two weeks on Monday. I haven't felt this happy or relieved in months...


My little letterpress and mould + deckle came in!! I really need to start a letterpress page to show them off more effectively. Look forward to that sometime soon, hopefully. I might try to make some paper next weekend.

Jaden's birthday is coming sooner and sooner everyday. I think next Saturday is when I'll try to make his cake. The plans changed a little bit but everything should still be pretty fun. I think I'll find some of his cutest episodes and watch them, and take some screenshots.

Today is locals!! Excited to go play today. I'm bringing my trade binder as well, hoping to maybe pick up some Magikey cards if more people come today than they did last week. I might practice a little bit before I go, just to freshen up my strategy since I've been playing other decks online. :)


I have been having a bit of a rough time these past two days, but I am gonna try not to focus on it and focus on nice things instead. My baby letterpress should be here by the end of the weekend. In fact, I actually forgot to cancel my bid on the Goodwill auction, too, so I will... actually have two of them!! This is probably actually good, since I will have more type to work with.

I also ordered a mould and deckle, since I want to make paper, too. I really miss being able to do handset type and I only ever got to use the paper mill at my college one time... so I really want to get myself set up to have another enriching hobby at home. I am really excited. It's hard to wait!

Um, what else... I'm feeling a little stressed, so that might be all for now. But I do think it's important to pay attention and be grateful for the good things in your life.

OH!!!! How could I forget! Jojo Part 9 was announced today. So I will hopefully get off my butt soon and finish SBR and start Jojolion. This is the year of Jojo fr. When the Stone Ocean anime comes out in December it'll be nice to have my passion for the franchise reignited. Ok, thanks for reading. Have a good one :)


I went to locals today.... AND I WON MY FIRST GAME EVER!! I have been going to play Yugioh on Sundays for a month and a half or so. I had a really good match against someone with a Despia/Darklord deck, and I beat him in game two!! I was so proud of myself, it was the best I've ever played. We also traded and I picked up Vanity's Fiend, plus Rescue Rabbit and a few other cards.

I bought two packs of Dawn of Majesty, and I got two more for free for playing! I pulled one of the Magikey spells and the Despia dragon. I'll probably put them in my trade binder, since Magikeys seem kinda interesting, but I have no concrete plans to play them yet.

Overall I had a lot of fun today! Psychonauts 2 is going to come out soon. I never played the first game as a kid but my friend just streamed it for me and showed it to me. I got XBox Game Pass for my little brother and I think we'll still have it on August 25th so I am gonna try it when it comes out!

Jaden's birthday is also getting closer... wah... I'm excited but also a little nervous... I really want him to have a good day. I was thinking about maybe making tamagoyaki for breakfast the day of the party, I don't know for sure yet. I will keep it in mind... I also have to decide what kind of cake to make. I don't actually like cake all that much to be honest. Hm... I have 2 weeks before the party to decide. I will figure it out before then!


Today I got it in my head that I needed to find a way to do letterpress at home, or I was gonna die... I got in one of my weird manic moods where I pick something super inconsequential and then focus super hard on it for 2+ hours.

It ended up being more fruitful than I expected, actually, even though I had to burn through 5ish hours and really tire myself out haha. I found this weird, tiny little baby press on a Goodwill auction of all things, and then looking up the name led me on a wild goose chase across eBay and a bunch of other sites...

I ended up buying a Superior Cub Printing Press, which used to be a kids' toy. But then I kept hunting, and hunting, and found lots of other cool stuff... I would be better off just making a letterpress page at this point, haha. I'll put it on my to-do list.

I get to play Yugioh tomorrow. That's always fun. The Burst of Destiny booster pack got delayed, though, which is a bummer. I was really looking forward to it. But I have plenty of stuff to look forward to in the mean time, too. I decided that I'm allowed to have fun and look forward to things. In fact, I'm telling myself to. I gotta keep myself going somehow. Make sure to enjoy yourself, too.