This page is intended to be a compilation of varying resources for when I need some help with my mood, or otherwise need some pleasant reminders or general advice. While I'm putting this list together for myself, it would be great if you could get some use out of it, so of course feel free to take a look here if you need some cheering up, relaxing, or even just a way to vent out some bottled up feelings.


Let your mind rest for a bit.

The 478 Breathing Technique - Despite often trying to do 'deep breathing' to help with nerves and anxiety, it never seemed to accomplish anything until I was told about this specific ratio. You breathe in deeply for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale for eight until your lungs are empty. The results are almost instant, and it's the only sort of breathing technique that's ever worked for me.

The 333 Technique - Similar to the one above. You name three things you can see, three things you can feel, and three things you can hear. It often takes a moment or two to focus enough to name three of each, which helps in getting your mind settled on a neutral subject.

Mint Jams (1982) - An upbeat, cheerful album of instrumental songs. It just seems to get me out of a funk when I listen to it. Good for study music or something of that ilk, too jamming to be a sleep album though!

Sleepless Nights

For when the nights are long and sleep seems out of reach.

Relaxing River Sounds - White noise generally doesn't work for me, but for some reason, this video really puts me right to sleep. It's three hours of unedited running water with a video to go along with it.

Sounds for the Supermarket (1975) - This album relaxes me a lot. It's good for just turning your mind off. I would count it as relaxation as well as something good to toss on before going to bed. All instrumental.


Other unsorted links.

Kino Yoga - When I was actively trying to find an excercise regimen that I enjoyed, Kino's videos were simple enough to follow along with, and didn't make me feel self-conscious about not being able to do exactly what she was doing.

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