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I have a very hard time watching movies, especially live-action ones. My brain and attention span are much more suited to cartoons and shorter media. I can watch 6 episodes of a cartoon in a row much more easily than I can convince myself to sit down and watch even a single movie. However, there are lots of movies I would like to watch eventually! Here is a partial list of them! The green boxes are movies I've crossed off my list, and the blue boxes are ones I still haven't seen.

I am by no means a movie buff (as explained above lol), so please don't get mad if I mislabel genres or don't explain the movie very well. They are in no particular order, either. Also, some of these movies might be a little intense! Be safe and informed if you decide to watch any of them!


The Outfit // Drama, Thriller

A quiet, English tailor gets caught up in a Chicago gang's violent rivalry.
[Watched 10/03/22!]

Charade (1963) // Mystery, Comedy, Romance

A woman's husband is murdered by three men in search of his stolen fortune.
[Watched 9/19/22!]

Yu-Gi-Oh: Bonds Beyond Time // Fantasy

Yugioh crossover movie, no plot to speak of, Yugi/Jaden/Yusei bro moments.
[Watched 8/31/22!]

Super Mario Bros. // Sci-fi, Comedy, Adventure

Mario and Luigi find themselves in a dystopian, fungus-infested dinosaur world.
[Watched 8/8/22!]

Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul // Horror

I literally never want to go anywhere near this movie ever again
[Watched 7/04/22!]

Hello, Dolly! (1969) // Comedy, Romance, Musical

Dolly Levi finds romance for all her clients in this stirring musical extravaganza.
[Watched 6/30/22!]

The Thing // Sci-fi, Horror

A shape-shifting creature hunts down an Antarctic exploration crew one by one.
[Watched 6/19/22!]

Juno // Drama, Comedy

A pregnant teen plans her child's adoption and navigates rocky relationships.
[Watched 6/18/22!]

The Matrix // Sci-fi, Action

A group of hackers aim to save humans who unknowingly live in a simulation.
[Watched 5/29/22!]

The Blob (1988) // Horror, Sci-fi

Teenagers in a small town try to fight off an amorphous, acidic monster.
[Watched 5/23/22!]

Lake Michigan Monster // Comedy, Horror

Captain Seafield and his ragtag crew hunt down an elusive lake monster.
[Watched 5/20/22!]

Funny Girl // Musical, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Barbra Streisand plays Fanny Brice, a real-life performer in the Ziegfield Follies.
[Watched 4/25/22!]

Hausu // Horror, Fantasy, Comedy

Seven girls take a trip to a house that turns out to be 'haunted' by the past.
[Watched 4/15/22!]

964 Pinocchio // Sci-fi, Horror

Violent Japanese cyberpunk romp recommended to me by a friend after I watched Tetsuo and enjoyed it.

But I'm a Cheerleader // Comedy, Romance

Comedy about a straight (?) girl whose parents think she's a lesbian. Wacky hijinks and potentially love ensue??

Caterpillar // Drama, Historical

Based on Edogawa Ranpo's short story, this film is about a disabled military  veteran and his abusive relationship with his wife during wartime.

Funky Forest: The First Contact // Comedy, Sci-fi

Collection of surreal comedic skits, most of which make heavy use of some very impressive practical effects.

Rampo Noir // Horror, Thriller

Anthology collection of four stories based on Edogawa Ranpo's works: Mars Canal, Mirror Hell, Caterpillar, and Crawling Bugs.

Videodrome // Sci-fi, Horror

A television station begins broadcasting explicit depictions of torture and violence to attract viewers.

2001: A Space Odyssey // Sci-fi

Classic, critically acclaimed movie that I actually know literally nothing about, besides the famous scenes that have made it into pop culture.

The Holy Mountain // Drama

An artistic, experimental film filled with plenty of religious and sacreligious imagery alike.

Antiporno // Drama, Adult

Part of the 2016 Nikkatsu Roman Porno Reboot project. Deals with the life and struggles of a porn star both on and off screen.

Metropolis // Sci-fi

Early and highly influential sci-fi movie dealing with the division of classes and a love story that aims to mend the gap.

Anatomia Extinction // Sci-fi, Horror

Independent film by Yoshihiro Nishimura that served as the basis for his later film Tokyo Gore Police.

I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK // Drama, Romance

A surreal love story that takes place between two patients in a psychiatric hospital.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas // Adventure, Comedy

A cult classic film featuring two men on a wild drug binge through Las Vegas. Another recommendation from a friend.

Dirty Dancing // Drama, Romance

Love story about a girl and her dance teacher? Right? That's what this movie is about? I have no idea. Nobody puts Baby in a corner though.

Footloose // Drama, Romance

A city boy moves to a town where dancing, music, and fun of all sorts is prohibited, and tries to change the attitude of the people living there.

Die Hard // Action

High-energy thriller wherein John McClane saves a skyscraper full of people during Christmas; or, Jake Peralta from B99's favorite movie.

Love Exposure // Romance, Drama

Challenging, four-hour-long movie tackling romance, sexuality, and religious guilt, directed by Sion Sono.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari // Thriller, Drama, Horror

A hypnotist uses mesmerism on a patient in order to get away with murder. One of the earliest horror movies, if not the very first.

Hellraiser // Horror

An unwitting man opens a puzzle box that releases a group of Cenobites, sadomasochistic demons that tear his body apart.

Fantastic Planet // Sci-fi

The tale of two distinctly evolved species. The Draags - large, blue humanoids - view the smaller, Earth-born Oms as vermin and playthings.

Horrors of Malformed Men // Horror, Mystery

A man seeking his own identity discovers an island where a madman plans to disfigure humans and form his idealized world.

Flashdance // Romance, Drama

A young girl follows her dream of becoming a famous ballet dancer.

Re-Animator // Sci-fi, Comedy, Horror

A medical student is caught up in strange experiments centered around bringing the dead back to life.

Across the Universe // Fantasy, Drama, Romace

A psychedelic jukebox film about a young man drafted into the Vietnam War.

Trog // Horror, Sci-fi

Absurd B-movie horror film about a caveman adapting to modern life.

The Lawnmower Man (1992) // Horror, Sci-fi

I actually have no idea what it's about. Recommended to me by a friend with the caveat that it's completely stupid.

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