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Welcome to my humble little page for Old School Runescape, or OSRS. OSRS is like a time capsule of sorts, an officially sanctioned and continuously updated version of the code and server that the MMORPG Runescape used circa 2007.

I played Runescape as a kid from probably 2005-2007, or thereabouts. One day a few years ago, I wanted to play the game again for nostalgia purposes, but was harshly met with - gasp - updated graphics and polished, immersive gameplay. I was heartbroken. I didn't even finish the tutorial.

Thankfully, I recently realized that OSRS existed. I've been playing for a little while now! Even though my original account has long been forgotten, the many memories I made are kept alive in this lovingly preserved polygonal world.

I will occassionally post updates or milestones I reach in the game here, just for funsies! :)



04/30/22: Haven't played in a bit. I'm no longer a member since I don't think I'll be playing enough to make it worth it. Just going to chop some trees, kill some giants, burn some logs, etc. Might work on levelling cooking or something. :)

03/13/22: Just bought a second month of membership. Starting to knock out some quests. Working on levelling up Herblore and Fletching as well, since they're pretty mindless bankstanding activities.

02/15/22: Been exploring members worlds for the last few days. Went on another Bronze Clan raid tonight. Captain Tier 2 with a green cape!

02/11/22: I slayed Elvarg and finished Dragon Slayer I. With this, I've completed all F2P quests, and about to experience membership for the first time in my life. Here are my final F2P stats before I undergo the great change. (Combat level 50)

02/09/22: I've levelled up a whole lot. 500 total achieved! I'm close to finishing all F2P quests. Once I do that and skill a bit more for funsies, I'm going to buy a month of membership and achieve a legit childhood dream of mine. I've been playing with the Bronze Clan a bit more and reached Captain rank.

02/03/22: Pretty detrimentally obsessed w this game lol. Racking up hours like crazy. I've started running around looting PKers in the Wildy and it's really fun to me. I made 80k the other day from selling arrows and swordies.

01/30/22: I... I don't even know where to start... today was completely insane. Wait patiently for a page about the Bronze Clan and how I accidentally got inducted...

01/27/22: Finished 'Rune Mysteries' quest. Hit 300 total skill. Unlocked Cooks' Guild. I met a friend who bought me new armor and we hung out for like two hours.

01/25/22: Finished 'Misthalin Mysteries' quest. With this, I've reached 10 Quest Points, so I've achieved all the requirements for unrestricted trade on the Grand Exchange.


Combat Lvl: 55
Total Lvl: 881

Fish/52 Mine/52
Magic/51 Cook/53

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Bronze Clan: Captain (gold trim); Cape 33

'Harmony' // 'Yesteryear' // 'Barbarianism'