I recently watched a YouTube video by streamer SmallAnt where he beat Pokemon Soul Silver using only shinies. I very rarely watch gaming streams, but this one caught my eye, and I was amazed by his patience and commitment to such a project. In all my years of playing Pokemon, I think I had only ever encountered one shiny, and this guy sat there and reset his game 16,000 times for one playthrough before he finished it!

This video inspired me to pick up a Pokemon game for the first time in a few years, and try shiny hunting seriously - well, casual-serious. I decided to shiny hunt in Alpha Sapphire. This will be a log of any shinies I encounter and my process! I have been using this tool to keep track of my chains and probability while I play.

Current hunts:
Wailmer | Xatu | Ponyta | Corsola | Seviper | Aipom | Feebas | Ralts

Shinies collected:

12/24/21: Merry Christmas Eve!

There was a huge surprise in store for me today! I decided to try and get some results in my Wailer hunt. I went chain fishing in Lilycove City, specifically in the Team Aqua Hideout. I spent probably an hour and a half over the course of today specifically looking for Wailmer (my current count is at 414), but when the shiny finally showed up - it wasn't a Wailmer!!

I am so shook!! Like for real!!! There's only a 5% chance to get a Staryu from fishing, according to Serebii.net, and for it to spawn at the same time that the shiny check cleared?? Are you kidding me?? Well, obviously I was stoked! I caught it with a Quick Ball right away. I named it Truffle! I was thinking like a white chocolate truffle or something rich, because it's such a lovely color. I cannot believe my luck!!

12/19/21: What?!!

I am blown away right now... I picked up my 3DS today and scrolled through the Routes trying to decide what Pokemon I would hunt next. I found out that Zorua can be found on Route 101 and the shiny version was pretty striking, so I decided to fly to Route 101 and start looking. Imagine my absolute surprise when this guy showed up for me in less than 30 minutes???

This was my 23rd Zorua in the game, ever. I literally blurted out "holy shit" when he popped up. I tossed a Quick Ball and snapped him up just like that. Like... woah, right?? I won't argue with it, but I was so surprised! Especially after burning through 1,000 Eevees during my last hunt. I named him Razzberry (with z's, so you know I'm talking about the bright blue fake flavor in slushies and candy, not the real fruit) and carefully tucked him away. I'm 90% sure I'll end up evolving him, although I do like shiny Zorua juuust a bit more than shiny Zoroark.

Also, this marks my sixth shiny. I think it would be very cool to put all six of them on a team and take on the Elite Four... I'll definitely think about doing that, hehe.

12/18/21: Finally!!

Yes!!! After a little over a week I finally found him!! I've been DexNav chaning on Route 116, so every single counter I had to do individually. I achieved two 100-chains and multiple 50-chains during my hunt. At one point early on I joked that I had reached a speed of 50 EPH (50 Eevees per hour). Now it finally paid off! I booted up the game and caught him in my first 10 encounters of the day! However, this is because I had passed the 1,000 Eevee mark, so I've definitely put in enough effort to justify such an early catch in the day!
His name is Sugar! I couldn't think of any specifically silver foods, so I went with something shiny-ish and white instead. I am so happy!! I gasped out loud when I saw him hehe! Into the box he goes!! I don't know if I'll evolve him, or keep him and hunt for another one...

12/14/21: Patience pays off!

I've been trying to track down a shiny Lotad for a couple days now! Granted, most of my attention has been set on hunting down an Eevee and I've just been doing horde encounters casually in the mean time, but I've still sunk quite a decent amount of time into Route 102. I finally got lucky today!

It was really funny because I was getting ready to quit for the night and watch something on TV instead. I jokingly shook my 3DS and went, "okay, just give me a shiny Lotad, you bitch," out loud, and then did three or four more encounters. I announced that I was only doing one more before I saved and turned the game off for the night, and GUESS WHO SHOWED UP...
So yeah, I finally found her in the middle of a horde on Route 102. I wonder if a shiny in a horde always spawns in the middle, or if I just got lucky twice? Anyway, I went through 931 whole encounters before I finally got her, so I was definitely happy to finally catch her. I named her Berry because she's such a lovely reddish...purplish...? sort of color.

12/10/21: Birthday present!

Caught a shiny on my birthday, how fitting! I stumbled upon this guy while generic horde hunting on Route 116. Search level was at 112, although I guess technically it would have been 107 before the encounter?

I caught him and couldn't think of a fitting fruit, but we are 3 for 3 on food names, becuase I named him Toffee. Also realized how hard it is to take a good picture during battle so I snapped this pic once I caught him, too. At least now he isn't blurry lol.

I have also been grinding for Eevee the last few days, but it has not panned out yet. I finished my second 100-chain and also hit Eevee #600, so I called it a day there. We'll keep trying tomorrow!!

12/09/21: Chain fishing success!

I've been alternating a few different methods these past few days. I've continued with DexNav chaining, switching between routes and target Pokemon when I got bored, but I've also tried attracting hordes and chain fishing as well. I was fishing on Route 119 and realized 'hey, wait a minute, did I just get 3 Feebas in a row...?' So I think I found a special tile that only spawns Feebas, which is insanely cool, because before I found it I kept fishing up Carvahna and Sharpedos too. I don't mind those Pokemon and I would have been happy to keep fishing randomly, but a Feebas-only spot was too good to pass up!

This little beauty showed up on chain link 12! This was only my 86th Feebas encounter overall, so I was really surprised!! It's a little hard to see in this picture but she is indeed a shiny, she's lavender! I caught her and named her Plum! So now I have two lovely shiny ladies named after fruits, hehe. I don't know if the fruit trend will continue, but we'll see! I'm going to keep this chain going for a hot second because I don't know if I'll be able to find this Feebas spot again. If I get really lucky I'd like to maybe find a second shiny before I leave!

12/06/21: My first shiny!

I think this was my second day of hunting. I got really lucky! I decided to start by DexNav chaining Swablu, since I like them and I actually didn't have a well-trained Altaria in the game, so I wouldn't feel like I had wasted time training a normal Pokemon only to switch it out for a shiny later. The color difference was also super noticable, so I wouldn't kill it on accident haha. I was hunting on Route 114 I believe, below Fallarbor Town. I don't remember the chain number, but on encounter number 139, SHE appeared!!

I was like.... "woah!!" That's what it felt like. I felt like I ran into her super early! I always keep my Level 100 Sceptile, Belladonna, with me, because she knows False Swipe, so I swapped her into battle and used her to catch the Swablu. I was stoked! Because she's yellow, I named her Lemon, and I tossed her into my PC Box so I could keep hunting. I'll train her sometime soon, maybe when I get tired of all this strenous searching!

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