This is my little writing page. It's quite barebones at the moment, but hopefully I'll be able to add to it periodically!


Bits and Pieces

DEVIL DISSECTION - Dorohedoro, 2020. Was going to be a
'field guide' to devil biology, but I only wrote like one thing.

Untitled - Transformers MTMTE (2012 IDW comics), 2016.
2500+ words, one-sided Tarn/Megatron, some violence. Takes place before the battle on Necroworld in issue 40-ish or thereabouts. Tarn can't bring himself to throw away the things that Megatron already has.

Untitled - Transformers MTMTE (2012 IDW comics), 2016.
2500+ words. I think it was going to eventually be tense Rodimus/Megatron but I don't remember. Rodimus is frustrated by the fact that nobody takes him seriously, despite his unwillingness to take things seriously himself.

Archived Writing

- FanFiction account from 2012
- FanFiction account from 2013

Original + Personal Writing


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