NeoCities Christmas 2021!

This was my first Christmas on NeoCities! I did very little for the holiday beyond redecorating my homepage a little bit (which you can see archived here), but plenty of other people did really cool games or made graphics!

*Some of the scripts might be a little wonky at the moment, but I'm sure they'll work once the holiday's totally over!

theenderdraco made this cool 13 Days of Christmas Event where you can collect little gifts!

Jellyworld's awesome Advent Calender involved commenting on a cool Neopets-themed Christmas GIF every day!

Key's Klubhouse sent out this awesome e-card for the holidays!

Even though I didn't do a lot this year, I definitely want to take a page out of these awesome sites' books and figure out a fun, interactive collectable sort of event for another holiday! Or maybe just for fun whenever!

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