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The other day - December 10th - was my birthday!! For the past few months, I've been planning to throw a big birthday bash with some of my friends. Affectionately dubbed "Meat Day", the idea was to celebrate a big mix of things all happening in December: my birthday, the 15th anniversary of sweet pool, the 20th anniversary of Saya no Uta, John Torrington's baptism date, Zenya's birthday, and a somewhat early Christmas!

I was a little nervous about how it would turn out, but it was so much fun!! I prepared some dishes in advance - devilled eggs (since Zenya loves eggs) and red Jello (since it looks gross and slimy and red!!) - and also made a huge charcuterie spread the day-of. I also got a custom cake printed with the image shown above in the invite!! My friends provided yummy turkey meatballs and also planned to make burgers, but we had a lot more food than we expected, so we ended up just snacking on the appetizers the whole time.

The table was decked out with a shrine for Meat Day!! It was mostly John Torrington items, but my friend also drew a picture of me and Zenya that he gave to me (pleading emoji). I brought my sweet pool minis and set them up on the table along with a birthday boy ribbon for Zenya!! John Torrington was given crackers as offerings, and I gave Makoto a nice green grape! We decorated the snack table and the walls with Hello Kitty decorations I got on sale!

The party was so much fun!! We had a decent number of friends there and we snacked on the cheese board set up. We took lots of pictures to commemorate the special occasion. As we were all hanging out, we had the official Meat Day playlist on the television in the background. We also watched some yaoi Christmas AMVs later in the night.

One of two big events of the night was to call some of my online friends to partake in the festivities!! Some Neocities pals were kind enough to drop in via Discord while I read the lovely birthday wishes people sent in by e-mail. And those birthday wishes will be archived here for posterity:

a shimmering sunday morning. the tenth of december seems insignificant to most, but to the people with the highest of intelligence and the most refined tastes know very well that this is an important date...oh so very important.

okinaga zenya wakes up to the sound of his 8 o'clock alarm and the putrid smell of rotting corpses littered around his room. crushing his nitro+ phone with his bare first, he gives more notice to his senses. the smell did not bother him at all, but how they got there. because... ah... no, it couldn't be... a giddy smile grew on zenyas face as he connected the dots. throwing off his El Chavo printed bedsheets with excitement, zenya sprints through his room and out the door, basically frolicking around the presumably week-old bodies that litter his floor. running down the stairs like a happy boy on christmas morning, he meets saya from Saya no Uta face to face, a gentle smile being exuded from her fleshy presence. uhm actually, lets just pretend zenya sees her in her human form. before he has the chance to say anything, saya says gleefully "happy birthday okinaga-kun! did you like your presents?" i forgot where i was going with this so here's a twist. zenya suddenly blacks out and wakes up in the dashcon ball pit, wearing a pink birthday hat and a sash over his chest saying HAPPY NURTH DAY, and surrounding him is a circle of his closest friends, and youjis prolapsed anus (well, its actually his flesh babies, but prolapsing is funnier). it all brings him to tears. kristi is there. shes gnawing on a ball from the ballpit. zenya picks her up and spins her around and gives her a kiss on her little reptile forehead. this was truly the best birthday he ever could have wished for.

gay zenya bootyhole

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koinuko dort pink. koinuko dot neocitirs dot org. wow. that s a real koinuko moment. wow. just wow. im amazed. floored. flabbergasted. GO SHAWRTY ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY WE GON PARTY LIKE ITS YOUR BIRTDHAY

thanks for being my buddy. you are my one of my earliest childhood (neocitys) memory. i saw your blowfly girl post and read it in the middle of my english class in high school. it was rancid (awesome)

may okinaga zenya haunt (bless) your dreams and life

She day on my meat til i eat cake idk this doesnt make sense

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im too lazy to attatch it nor if im sure if i want to but imagine im sending you the zenya youji ending "winner!" meme

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As you can see, we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs!! After we did the dramatic reading and reveal of the lovely birthday wishes, we watched the Five Nights at Freddy's movie. It was fun!! I'm glad we finally got to watch it!!

Basically, I had the best time ever. It was definitely the best birthday I have ever had, and it was so much fun to also celebrate Zenya and Saya (and John!) at the same time!! Here are some highlights of the party. To see the images below at a large size, you can click and hold, or open them in a new tab!


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