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A place for me to post some art of mine that I really liked for one reason or another ^^ Including assorted fandom stuff and OCs, probably.

11-26-21: Izumidaaaa my beloved :sob: (ft. Manami)

11-23-21: Midousuji is really fun to draw... I said I would never like him but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

11-11-21: Can you imagine actually watching Big Mouth? Unfortunately, yes I can

11-09-21: I got into Yowapeda... I like Naruko and Makishima a lot lol.

10-17-21: Thought about DMMD for the first time in eons and wanted to draw my fave brothers...

10-11-21: Fanart of Saya from after I finished the game.

07-10-21: A little doodle inspired by a wedding dress in Love Nikki...

06-04-21: Pride month in South Park...

04-22-21: Evil OCs I made up with a friend.

02-11-21: Joke post from when I started watching Yugioh Arc V.

12-21-20: Shin and Kaiman from Dorohedoro for a gift exchange :)

12-11-20: My OC Roman.

11-20-20: Asmodeus and Iruma from Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (pleading)

11-20-20: Yako and Nougami Neuro. I re-read MTNN this month...

11-17-20: More MTNN. A redraw of a scene that hit me really hard.

11-05-20: Ideas for a Dorohedoro/MTNN crossover.

10-21-20: Asu from Dorohedoro in his human body.

10-19-20: Riceball robots from Osomatsu S3, drawn after I saw the trailer.

10-10-20: Ami Kirio my behated </3

09-01-20: Art of Swerve from MTMTE and my OC Rover <3

08-28-20: Slob Fern (Slobbern) from Bogleech's Awful Hospital!

08-26-20: Vent (?) art of Asu from Dorohedoro... I was thinking about his rough life :( 


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