Tetris my beloved!!!!!

I got mega-into Tetris in early 2021 when I bought Puyo Puyo Tetris for the PS3. I was captivated by the super cutesy stylized art and characters. I kind of had no idea that Puyo Puyo was already an established franchise and I still to this day barely know how to play Puyo at all, so I mostly use it just for Tetris. I love Tetris SO MUCH. Even if I'm still super mediocre at it, something about it is just so fun to me. I also like the idea of practicing the game in other formats as well, so I've started doing that recently.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

I really adore PPT because of how fun and bright the interface and characters are! I mostly play as Sig, but I also use Lemres and occasionaly Schezo as well ^^

PPT was my first introduction to Tetris where I actually tried my best to improve. I looked up strategies and watched a whole bunch of in-game videos by different creators. It's still kind of my go-to when I want to play the game and I feel like setting it up on console!




I just started playing Jstris, but I love it!! It's so clean and simple. Not being able to hold blocks has been a bit of an adjustment, but I think it's important to learn how to play both with and without holds! I'm registered as koinuko!


20 Line Sprint: 45.569 seconds on 08/23/22

40 Line Sprint: 1:51.380 seconds on 08/23/22

Ultra: 9,020 pts


Max APM: 14.46

Max Combo: 4

Most Sent: 25

Longest Game: 2.46 minutes