Links to various websites, tools, archives, articles, and anything else that might be worth a visit. ✩

Art Tools - in-browser drawpile alternative to draw with your friends.
krita - free art program. i started using it when i lost my copy of paint tool sai and i've stuck with it ever since.
color.adobe - generate a color palette from an uploaded image, with hex codes.


jonni phillips - independent animated film maker, very unique style, films available on YouTube. highly recommended.
naomi iwata - Gregory Horror Show, character design


pointerpointer - move your cursor :)
waifulabs - AI generated waifus. fun to waste a few minutes on!
wolfram tones - generate 15 second 'clips' of music using AI and various settings. - site for reviews of new snacks and food items in japan.


kittens game - a long-lasting, minimalist incremental game! with kittens!
notpron - the (in)famous hardest riddle on the internet. i personally don't think i've ever gotten past level ten or so.
taiko web - Free web version of Taiko no Tatsujin! Unofficial but very professional.

Gaming Resources

bitsy - a browser game maker, designed for the tinest of pixel walkarounds. very easy to pick up!
joytokey - plug your controller into your computer, and use it as a mouse/keyboard!
tcgplayer - if you're looking to buy trading cards, buy them here!!!!!
edopro - really good automated yugioh simulator. you have to join the discord server to get the download link.


background masterpost - tumblr post with many different tiling backgrounds. - japanese banners and web advertisments.
banner-hiroba - same as above.
blinkieobsession - lotsa blinkies!
enchantingcastle - cute site with even cuter graphics.
divider masterpost - huge assortment of cute pixel dividers.
gifcities - search engine for images saved from old geocities sites. - good source for cutesy, pink pixel graphics.
jansgraphics - lovely site with plenty of cute graphics, blinkies, etc!
stamp collection - enormous group of DA stamps for anything you can think of. requires lots of scrolling though.
bloggif - generate glitter text.
textanim - another text gif generator.


learn css grid - exactly what it says on the tin.
microsoft expression web 4 - the janky program i write all my code in. it's probably terrible, but i love it dearly.

Language - excellent online japanese dictionary.
drrrkari - japanese language chatroom. based on the app from durarara. i like to just sit and read coversations sometimes.
nhk news web easy - nhk news stories in simple-to-read japanese, for younger kids or language learners.

Other Websites

366weirdmovies - exactly what it sounds like. a review site for odd and sometimes disturbing movies.

animecovers - old fansite with scans of anime DVD covers. in russian, but easy to navigate using the a-z links at the top.
 ☆ avaneshop - a small online store with interesting anime and cartoon merch. i have not bought anything here yet but i would like to at some point.
danimation-cels - a cool personal site of an anime cel collector.
hellokittyworld - older hello kitty fansite. still up, but no longer updating.
marheavenj - gorgeous vintage anime fansite, with hundreds of cliques and links and so much to explore.


anime magazine archive - hundreds of scanned magazines on the internet archive, including ones in english, japanese, and spanish.
digital comic museum - online collection of public domain comics.
nakayoshi magazine scans - large collections of back issues of shoujo magazine nakayoshi.
yugioh gx manga megathread - reddit post with imgur links to all chapters of the ygo gx manga.


amplitude.js - really slick looking javascript-powered audio player for use on websites. i was not smart enough to get it to work though lol.
tinypng - upload images and this site will cut down their file size without losing any quality!! really helpful.
pinga - similar to above, but downloadable! quicker and with no limits! some images might already be optimized.
whatthefont - find the closest match to the font used in an image.



caterpillar (1988) by shozin fukui
hausu (1977) - skip to 17:50
jun togawa 30th anniversary dvd
wordgirl full series

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