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I played the rhythm game for the first time six or seven years ago - maybe longer! I got into it right around the same time that I first played LINE Cookie Run. I pretty much switched between those two games on and off ever since I found out about them, with my only severe break coming when I started playing Love Nikki: Dress-up Queen, and I had to delete them both.

I am taking a big Love Nikki hiatus now, as well as a Cookie Run break, so Love Live it is! I haven't played in nearly two years, my longest break ever. The game is... pretty different now haha... but luckily I like it for the actual gameplay the most, and the cute cards second. And I love a lot of the music! I watched the first season of the anime but wasn't really into it. We'll see if I ever get back to it!

In high school, I hated Nico... for no reason honestly. She really bothered me, but I soon realized it wasn't really because of her, it was the weird way that 'fans' would treat her... and then I realized, I actually love her LOL. I think she's really cute and I like a lot of her songs. Nico Puri is one of my favorites of all time!! So now I have a bias towards her in the game too haha! I have some lovely URs of her ^^

Visit my in-game card collection!

Check out my in-progress accessory guide!

Take a look at my LLSIF inspired layout (it's free to use, by the way!)

See my celebrations for Nico's birthday (07/22/22)!

And feel free to snag a button on your way out! (more coming soon!)

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