Nico's Birthday 2022! ♡

Landing page for my Nico's Birthday Celebration Extravaganza!! Click on the buttons below to explore and read about the Week-o of Nico (7/15 - 7/22)! (Back to Love Live homepage)

Nico is my favorite character in Love Live! For her birthday, I thought it would be fun to splurge and spend a whole bunch of the currency and items I've been saving up just on Nico cards. I'm very much a hoarder in games like this, but what's the point of hoarding if you don't have something to spend it on, right?

So, I saved up 500+ Love Gems and a decent amount of Green Tickets in preperation for her birthday week, plus a whole bunch of other items. Let's go ahead and get into it! Nico nico ni! ♡ Click on the buttons below to see different areas! (WIP until 7/22)




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