I was introduced to paper and printmaking during a class in college. I absolutely loved everything about it, but unfortunately, I had to take my last year and a half of college online, and I missed out on the opportunity to further explore the process. However, I eventually want to get to the point where I can do some of these things at home. This page will be a reference of all of the equipment I have and, hopefully, eventually some of my projects.

April 2nd paper batch

April 10th paper batch

Pictured above is a Superior Cub Printing Press! I bought one on eBay recently because I miss letterpress printing. It's a vintage kids' toy, but it's fully functioning. It's definitely janky, but I was really happy to buy one. I've played around with it a bit, but haven't produced anything worth looking at yet.

You can only print lines made up of the physical letters that you have, so I'm making notes of all of the Cub letters that came with my press:
Letter Quantities:
A 6 | B 3 | C 5 | D 4 | E 9 | F 3 | G 3 | H 2 | I 7
 J 4 | K 2 | L 3 | M 4 | N 7 | O 7 | P 4 | Q 3
R 7 | S 7 | T 6 | U 4 | V 3 | W 3 | X 2 | Y 3 | Z 2

3 1's | 2 2's | 2 3's | 2 4's | 2 5's
1 6 | 2 7's | 2 8's | 2 9's | 4 0's

2 :s | 2 ;s | 2 ?s | 2 !s | 2 -s
4 ,s | 4 's | 2 $s | 2 &s | 4 .s

Tool to count # of each letter in a phrase


Poked around at a few garage sales today, and I was about to leave one of them when I spotted this out of the corner of my eye! I've been looking for a shredder for a while, actually, so that I can make paper. Tearing up all of the first-batch paper by hand is tedious and straining, so I wanted to automate the process. I got it for two dollars and it looks like it retails for about $50, so it was definitely a good deal. There was a dead scorpion in the shred bin (lol) but other than that it works perfectly fine. I'm super excited, and it's really fun to shred stuff just in general, even if I don't get around to making paper for a while.

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