Time to cause some potential controversy, because here we go... I'm going to list off my personal favorite episodes of South Park. I like to think that I have good taste, but then again, you never know. A lot of these are biased picks because they're good Eric episodes. Also, if you're reading this and you're one of those people who popularized the trend of lists always putting Scott Tenorman or Warcraft in the number one spot: please please please get a life those episodes are not that funny </3 (JK, they're fine I guess, but I wish they would stop being touted as the funniest episodes of all time, I'm so tired...)

Take these picks with a slight grain of salt, because I'm due for a rewatch on almost all of these episodes. WIP for episodes without a description.


Butters' Very Own Episode (S5 E14)

"Everyone knows it's Butters! (That's me!)"
Classic episode. I'm a sucker for any Butters-heavy episode and the title says it all. His family is so fucked up lmao.

Memorable joke: Too many.

Toilet Paper (S7 E3)

I honestly remember very little about this episode. It's just a funny no-stakes ep with the boys doing stupid kid stuff. I like those ones a lot. There should be more of those.

Memorable joke: Eric taking Kyle out on the boat and whacking him on the head with a wiffle ball bat.

- Christian Rock Hard (7.9)
- Casa Bonita (7.11)

All About Mormons (S7 E12)

Honestly, the Joseph Smith portion of the episode gets old really fast, but the parts with Gary's family are really funny. I live in an area with a large Mormon population and it's just so accurate. I also like that the message is actually to just chill out, be nice to people, and mind your own business.

Memorable joke: "He... he invited me over for dinner with his family tonight."

- Raisins (7.14)

Good Times With Weapons (S8 E1)

I howl with ungodly laughter every time I watch this one. Soooo fucking funny. Butters getting knifed right in the eye with the ninja star is so awful but I cannot stand how funny it is. I probably laugh as hard at that scene now as I did when I first saw it.

Memorable joke: The entirety of "Let's Fighting Love".

- Quest for Ratings (8.11)
- Woodland Critter Christmas (8.14)

Marjorine (S9 E9)

Classic. Unabashed classic. One of my absolute favorites and also a big comfort episode for me too lol. Makes me laugh every time and also has Butters Gender Moments TM.

Memorable joke: "Well, I like dancin', and ponies, and - and getting my snootch pounded on Friday nights."

- Tsst (10.7)
- Mystery of the Urinal Deuce (10.9)
- Le Petit Tourette (11.8)
Guitar Queero (S11 E13)

I actually did rewatch this one recently, so I can confirm it's still hilarious. I've seen it probably a dozen times but the whole, like, lame band movie plot angle just hit me super hard on the rewatch and I found it even funnier than usual.

Memorable joke: The kid playing "analogue" Guitar Hero with the buttons clicking awkardly with no background music.

The List (S11 E14)

Two really solid episodes right next to each other. This episode is just consistently good, with lots of really funny gags in it. The level of reverence for the titular list really hits the South Park sweet spot of like, the absurb importance that kids can place on inconsequential things. Super good.

Memorable joke: Kyle - "Ike, do you think I'm ugly?"
Ike - (silence, looks at the camera)

Super Fun Time (S12 E7)

Haven't seen this one in a while tbh, but I'm biased when it comes to good Eric and Butters episodes. I love them together. It's really sweet when Cartman actually feels bad for making Butters cry.

Memorable joke: The insistence of the theme park workers to stick to their characters.

- Breast Cancer Show Ever (12.9)
- Elementary School Musical (12.13)
- The Ungroundable (12.14)
- The Ring (13.1) 
- Butters' Bottom Bitch (13.9)
- W.T.F. (13.10)
- Sexual Healing (14.1)
- 200 + 201
- Creme Fraiche (14.14)
- You're Getting Old/Ass Burgers

1% (S15 E12)

This episode is my Eric Cartman propaganga machine, the episode that nobody gives a shit about except for me, the episode that kickstarted a lot of my headcanons about him that would be reinforced later. I am the only human being on earth that cares about Polly Prissypants and her toxic effects on Eric's psyche. I know this, but I will still make you listen to me talk about it.

Memorable joke: I actually can't remember any jokes from this episode lol, I'm always taking mental notes on it.

- Butterballs (16.5)
- Cartman Finds Love (16.7)

Informative Murder Porn (S17 E2)

This episode KILLS me. All of the topics/plot threads manage to be relevant while still getting in plenty of good jokes about each one. Minecraft, spousal murder, ineffective customer service - what else could you want in an episode?

Memorable joke: "Stan -- STAAAAN -- how do you tame a horse in Minecraft????"
or: "I've thought about this a LOT!"

The Hobbit (S17 E10)

I actually haven't seen this one in a while, but it's one of the few episodes of South Park that really made me feel Bad TM, which means the writing hit home. This episode is about young girls' self-esteem being tangled up in social media and the approval of others. The last scene in the episode with Wendy at the computer is very impactful.

Memorable joke: Don't recall one, actually.

- The Cissy (18.3)

Tweek x Craig (S19 E6)

I have a simultaneous love/hate relationship with this episode. It makes me lose my fucking mind laughing but I also cry without fail every time I watch it. Genuinely have no idea how they managed to cultivate such a weirdly vulnerable atmosphere while having it interspersed with fan art of anime boys kissing, but this episode is one of a kind for sure. Also has my specific brand of "Eric Cartman is gay and has D.I.D." propaganda that very few episodes give me so I have to take what I can get.

Memorable joke: "No, you may not touch my penis at this time."

A Boy and a Priest (S22 E2)

I laughed a lot at this one when it aired. It's also pretty sweet with Butters being the only one to stand up for Father Maxi. It's just a Good Butters Ep (registered trademark) and that's good enough for me.

Memorable joke: Butters bringing Father Maxi to game night and Randy taking photos in the background to show Sharon.

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