This page is dedicated to the worst show I've ever had the displeasure of actually enjoying <3

I got really into shitty comedies near the tail end of high school, and I needed something to watch after binging Superjail, IASIP, and Archer. I have always had an extreme distaste for South Park and never imagined myself watching it, but I wanted something that would occupy me for a long time, so I just started on episode one and watched it without expecting much. I sure would love to know at what point I started actually getting into it and caring about these dumbass characters because I would take it all back if I could!!!! Anyway I ended up vibing with South Park for a solid year or two, and I still really like it. (cringe)

That being said, I am the first person to admit this show highkey sucks and is definitely not for everyone. For every joke that I laughed at and enjoyed there is an equally terrible one in some other episode. I definitely do think there are some sleeper hits and I've laughed a Lot during this show, but I'm not going to glorify it or act like it hasn't included som awful stuff over its 20 year run, but I definitely do think it has improved and matured on a lot of topics, which is nice!

I will not endorse any racist, transphobic, otherwise hateful content etc on this site, so if I mention/link to episodes or clips and there's something especially objectionable, I will warn for it! However, because of the Nature TM of this show, I can't warn for every single thing, so be mindful as always!! Generally, I'll warn for slurs, excessive violence/gore, sexual abuse, and especially shocking/gross content - stuff like foul language and general fuckery probably won't be marked, so proceed w/ caution! Thanks!!

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