This is going to be a pretty hard task, but I'm going to try to narrow down my top 10 favorite songs in all of South Park, using this list as a guide! To make things easier on myself, I'll only include original songs.

1.) La Resistance

It was really tough to narrow my top picks down, but I genuinely do think La Resistance is one of the most well-written songs in all of South Park, if not THE best. The way it effortlessly intertwines all of the movie's previous songs into an engaging, climactic medley shows that Matt and Trey are actually talented musicians, a fact that they'd show again later in further musical productions, like The Book of Mormon. The nods to Les Mis also make this song unreasonably hype for a South Park song of all things. It has no business being this good!!!

2.) Put It Down
(content warning: threats of suicide)

REALLLY hard choice for me here. Almost tied with La Resistance, but I had to relent and give the top spot to the older song. Absolute perfection from the moment it begins to the moment it ends. I highly recommend watching the clip from the episode for full effect. Genuinely catchy, layers of comedy, extremely memorable, perfect song.
3.) San Diego

(link) (sorry, all the clips were copyright claimed)

I HATEEE how catchy this is. It's so funny............... Honestly, I think all of these first four songs are tied for number one in my heart. This was #4 at first but I kicked Mountain Town down another slot because Jackin' It In San Diego can't be beat. GENUINELY so good. I can't stop listening to it once it starts. The green screen effect in the real clip ends me.

4.) Mountain Town

SUCH a good opening number. It sets up every part of the plot in such a frickin funny and catchy way, and I love listening to it on its own or to start off the album. You have to admit these guys know how to write musicals!!! My favorite lines are "Oh, what a picture perfect child / Just like Jesus, he's tender and mild / He'd wear a smile while he wore a thorny crown!" and "(mumbling) / That's right!"
5.) Blame Canada

For any non- South Park fans that stumbled upon this page, it's very important to me that you know that this song was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2000. (It didn't win, but still, how badass is that.) This song is a real winner. It's simple but effective. I love the commentary on people's unwillingness to admit their own faults and their desire to find a scapegoat, and beyond all that, it's another fun song to listen and sing along to.

6.) Make Bullying Kill Itself
(content warning: slight joking about suicide)


This is another winning song, honestly - the lyrics are so god damn funny. This is actually from the same episode that San Diego is from! Weird how both of these songs are copyrighted so heavily... Anyway, that episode's another one of my favorites, and these two songs are a big part of why. For a random bonus here is the Japanese dub of this song that I stumbled upon accidentally while trying to find a version I could embed here.

7.) Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday) ft. Sia

This was actually #8 at first, but I bumped it up a spot after listening to it again. It has a kind of comfy feeling to it, because it's from one of my absolute favorite episodes (S18E3, The Cissy). It's still a funny song, especially the scene in the episode when Randy shows it to Stan, but then add in the fact that they actually got Sia to sing it (??? how honestly) and the montage in the episode with Stan questioning his gender identity after he learns that not everybody is cis, and I realized I like it more than I thought.

8.) What Would Brian Boitano Do?

This song is so cozy and dorky. I love it a lot, especially how they kind of mess up the weird high note on "aaaannyyYYBOOOoOodyyyy--" and they transition so fast and sloppily into the next line. Peak content from my lads.

9.) I'm Super

One of my favorite songs from the movie, actually - which isn't saying much, because they're all really good - but it's this low on the list because I really only listen to it when I listen to the whole soundtrack at once. I still love the energy to it, though.

10.) Let's Fighting Love

I cannot count the hours of my life I have spent with this stupidass song stuck in my head. It's the perfect length, just short enough that the joke doesn't get stale, and to this day I still lose it at "daijobu, WE DO IT ALL THE TIME!!" A true classic.

Give Life a Try
(content warning: threats of suicide)
The ONLY reason this song didn't make it into the top 10 is because Eric gets an even more fire verse inside of Put It Down. That being said, this one is still insanely good on its own. The absolute silence at 1:10 with the backing vocals still going on kills me every time.

Kyle's Mom's a Bitch

Putting this one on here because the scene in the movie genuinely is really funny (I really wish the soundtrack version kept Kyle's "shut your fucking mouth, Cartman!" line), but it's not a song for easy listening, and the racist montage in the middle pretty much ruins it for me.

Princess Kenny Theme
While I adore Princess Kenny with my whole heart, and her theme song is a joke/motif that really hits well, it doesn't have a lot of lasting power. The "making fun of anime songs" appeal is already covered pretty much perfectly by Let's Fighting Love. However, I had to include it in the honorable mentions so that I could tell you (if you were not already aware) that it was based on the opening to an anime adaption of an eroge called Princess Lover, which is a fact that makes me laugh every time I think about it.

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