This post is going up the tiniest bit early!! I celebrated Jaden's birthday three days before the actual date, since I knew I would be at work on the 31st. I baked a cake, and decorated it - I really wanted to do something special, so I tried doing this technique where you make your design in frosting separately, and freeze it every few minutes so that it solidifies while you work. And I'm happy to report it turned out way better than I expected!!


(i drew this before i made the cake, i expected it to turn out a lot worse LOL)

I'm glad I got to do this - I was really excited about taking on this project, and seeing it done made me really happy!! The day didn't go exactly how I expected, but that's okay. I'm gonna relax for the rest of the night tonight, and enjoy the day as much as I can tomorrow after work. <3

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