This page will hold all of the Jaden-related items that I own! Most of them will be cards, but I hope to get a lot more merchandise eventually!

IF YOU HAVE ANY JADEN MERCH YOU ARE WILLING TO PART WITH (and I mean like literally, anything with his face on it LMAO) please send me an e-mail and let's see if we can maybe make a deal!! You can reach me at koinuko (at)! Chances are I will appreciate any offer that is made to me ;o;

Physical Merch

Yu-Gi-Oh! King Series Deformed Acrylic Keychain

Manufactured by SK Japan

I bought this on Mercari Japan along with the Jaden and Yubel acrylic stand below!! I actually haven't even opened it yet lol, I wanted to start on my merch page ASAP as soon as it arrived!

Jaden & Yubel Acrylic Stand

Manufactured by Cospa

I LOVE THIS STAND SO MUCH!!!!!! It's a lot tinier than I expected but oh my God LOOK AT THEM!!! <333 I've wanted some physical merch of Jaden for a long time and Yubel being with him just makes it even more special!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Volume 2

Published by Shueisha

No Jaden on the cover unfortunately, but this art of Chazz is awesome!! I've never read the manga adaptation of GX, but I found three volumes at a local bookstore and I knew I had to snag them!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Volume 3

Published by Shueisha

Bastion gets the cover slot this time! The art style in the manga is quite different from the anime, it looks really nice!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Volume 5

Published by Shueisha

Featuring Alexis on the cover! This volume apparently came with a card (YG05-EN001, an Ultra Rare copy of Darklord Desire), but obviously since I picked it up at a second-hand store, the card had already been taken.

Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 2 (Unlimited Edition)

TCG Booster Pack released February 7, 2007

Older booster packs usually sell for much higher than their retail price, starting at $10-$15 or even reaching absurd prices like $100. I managed to snag this one on eBay for around $5. I'm going to keep it sealed and display it!

Jaden & Winged Kuriboh 1/7 Scale Figure (pre-ordered)

Manufactured by Amakuni; re-release

God is real and he told Amakuni to re-release this figure because he knows how much I love Jaden and how much I deserve to own it!! After almost a year and a half he's finally home!!!

(has its own page here!)

Character Cards

[Korean OCG] Token (Jaden and Elemental HERO Neos - 20th Anniversary)

CHBI-KRBT2 || Ultra Rare

A Token of Jaden and Neos! I've wanted a Jaden Token for a long time and found this one on eBay for less than $2, so I snapped it up! I don't mind that it's an OCG version ^w^

Here Goes Something!

SGX1-ENS01 || Common

One of the Skill Cards that came with the GX Speed Duel Box!

The Right Hero for the Job

SGX1-ENS09 || Common

The other Jaden Skill Card that came in the GX Speed Duel Box!

Jaden's Cards

Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare

LCGX-EN199 || Secret Rare

This card is so special hehe <3 I've wanted to get copies of Yubel for months now, and I know I could order them online, but I really wanted to find them out in the world. My local card store had her in the singles binder when I stopped by on a whim after work, and she was even the Secret Rare version!! <333 She's so awesome!


I want these things so bad it's UNREAL!!!!

Jaden Yuki Pyokotte Clip

Manufactured by Cospa

THIS THING IS SOOOO CUTE </3 I want to put him in my pocket.....!!!!! I would love love love love to find this somewhere eventually, I will have to keep my eye out for somebody who is not price gouging it to be like, $100 when it was $8 on release @_@

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