aaaaaaaa i love jaden yuki so MUCH >__<;;; i just wanna talk about him all the time but i knowwwwwww it gets old. at least here i can talk about him as much as i want,,

wahhh,,, a list of things i love about him

1.) his name is so cute... i lov saying his full name for some reason... its really silly and idk why but it gives me butterflies... like it sounds like hes some famous duelist or something >_<

like there is a big difference for me between "i lov jaden so much :)" and "jaden yuki (pleading_face)..............." i cant explain it its just one of those silly things that makes me rlly excited

2.) i love his smile... he's like sunshine... his smile makes Me smile...

3.) i love how he laughs at his own silly jokes, i love his laugh in general!!

4.) i love his "gotcha!" he's so cute when he says it,,,

5.) i love how much he loves card games!!! i love that he isn't shy or embarrassed about enjoying what he likes! i love his passion for the game and i love how he takes care of his cards and treasures them!

6.) i love how he inspires other people! i love how nice he is!

7.) i love his soft fluffy hair, i wanna run my fingers through it and play with it >///<

8.) i love his eyes, no matter what they look like or what color they are at the moment... brown or gold or orange + green, it doesn't matter, he has lovely eyes...

9.) i love that he enjoys food so much... i wanna go out to lunch with him, or maybe cook for him...//

10.) i love how he never gives up... even when things seem absolutely impossible, he finds a way to make it through. he's such a strong person...

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