“Jaden, what Pokemon are you hunting again?”

“Huh? Oh, hold on, lemme check--”

Jaden rolls over on the bed, flipping himself over so that he’s laying on his stomach. He pops his laptop open and spends a couple minutes screwing around, looking for his answer.

“You can just look at the game and tell me,” you remind him, with a smile pulling at your lips.

“Well, I’m lookin’ for more than one!” he argues playfully. “I got set up on that site you showed me, so I have, like, eight going on right now…”

 “Eight?” you demand incredulously, turning your head and looking at him. “Why do you have eight shiny hunts going on right now?”

Jaden sighs and pushes his laptop away, rolling back over and letting his head hang over the edge of the bed, arms straight up in the air with his 3DS raised over his head. “I get bored doing the same thing over and over again! This way I can switch it up!”

“But then you’re never going to get a long enough chain to get the higher odds,” you shoot back.

“A what? A chain? How do I do that?” He tilts his head as best he can to look at you while still upside down.

You scoot closer to him, your back against the side of the bed. You point at his bottom screen. “If you use the DexNav and tap on the Pokemon you want, you can track them, like when you sneak up on them in the grass,” you explain, and you try to angle your own 3DS to show him, but it’s kind of hard with the whole ‘upside-down’ thing. “Oh, but you have to go buy repels, because if you miss a sneak attack or something attacks you, your chain breaks. And you gotta get to 49 before the extra chance kicks in.”

“The what?” he says again. “Oh, those Pokemon that pop out of the grass? I don’t bother. It’s too much work trying to catch those ones. I just run around in circles until something shows up.”

“But the odds!” you repeat.

Jaden peers at you petulantly. “I thought the odds just go up every time you find the same Pokemon. It doesn’t matter how I find ‘em.”

 “But it’s inefficient,” you whine, gesturing with your own handheld. “You’re never gonna find one -- ah, you know what? Here. Which shiny do you want the most? I’ll help you look.”

“What about your Natu?” Jaden asks.

“Eh, he’s a little boring,” you admit. “He’s just got orange stripes instead of red, I think - he doesn’t look that cool. I don’t mind taking a break. What do you want, babe?”

Jaden hums in thought. You can hear his feet hitting the bed lightly as he kicks them. “Ummmmm… which one is the coolest?”

“No, which one do you want?” you ask again.

“Ehh… honestly, I don’t… care?” he says, with a quizzical tone. “I still haven’t found any yet, so maybe I just don’t get how cool they are.”

 “Just pick a Pokemon!” you insist.

He lets out a long groan as he wracks his brain. “Okayyy, I want… a… which one turns into Flygon?”


“Yeah! I want him,” Jaden says, rolling over onto his stomach so he can look you in the eyes right-side up. He leans forward and catches you in a little kiss before you can react. “Catch one for me!”

You giggle, feeling your cheeks warm up. “Good choice,” you say, kissing him back. “I want one, too, actually. Flygon is one of my favorites.”

“Ohhh, can we both have one on our team?” Jaden asks excitedly, sitting up higher. “We can name them after each other!”

“What? No, don’t name your Pokemon after me,” you laugh, turning away as you do out of embarrassment. “That’s so lame, you have to name it something cool--”

“Huh, you think it’s lame?”

“No!” you say, trying to backtrack while still fighting back giggles. “I don’t think the idea is lame, it’s really cute, just… it should have a cooler name than mine, that’s all!”


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