How could I be here today without the help of all of the many cartoon characters I've fallen in love with over the years???

Well, I would probably still be here, but I would be significantly more normal LOL. This is just a page for me to try to catalogue all of the aforementioned characters that have Noticeably Affected Me TM over the years, in rough chronological order. As a wise man once said:

Don't like, don't read!!!

Character: Snap from ChalkZone
Date: ~2004 maybe

Ok so............... wow I didn't realize this show was that old (it came out in 2002)... first of all What. Second of all: I really liked Snap, mostly because of his voice more than anything else lol. I absolutely adored like, every single character played by Candi Milo when I was a kid, and it's probably because of Snap. Idk, funny little Jersey accent and he was goofy and kind of sarcastic. All in all a very good lad. Just look at him. :)

Character: Max from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (anime)
Date: ~2004-5 (did this really come out that long ago wtf)

Seeing all of these characters lined up on one page is hilarious tbh. Baby me clearly had a type, and it was just nice boys with glasses. Mostly, I liked Max in the Jirachi movie, because that was one of my favorite Pokemon movies. I guess I probably just liked how nice he was to Jirachi and how he protected it. Some of these early dates might be wrong because I can't really account for re-runs and stuff. All these early 2000's crushes probably happened around the same time.

Character: XLR8/Ben Tennyson from Ben 10
Date: idk like 2005?? 2006?? time aint real

I think I probably had a crush on Ben himself too, but most of my attention was directed at XLR8. I just thought he was so cool and badass, and like, would be fun to touch because he looked really smooth and sleek LOL. I would sit on the bus and look out the window and pretend he was running next to the bus. It was all very sweet and I never really thought about him and Me together, per se, but I definitely crushed on him hardcore.

Character: - Syrus Truesdale from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (dub)
Date: ~ 2005ish, 2006ish?

Syrus, my baby boy... I remember liking him a lot. I just thought he was so nice and cute and I liked his voice a lot. As a kid I had a few Vehicroid cards, his deck was always my favorite from GX when I was a kid!! He's such a darling boy tbh. Now that I'm watching GX subbed it's really nice to see what his character was actually supposed to be like! Although, I will say - having grown up hearing his dub voice, the sub was a little bit of a shock LMAO.

Character: Inuyasha from (you guessed it) Inuyasha
Date: ~ 2006??

I saw a couple of episodes of Inuyasha randomly as a kid when I would stay up too late and ~secretly~ watch Adult Swim. I really liked him even though I had no idea what the show was even about. I was weirdly into the necklace he wears that makes him obey when someone tells him to sit and I would draw comics about it. Anyway, I probably would have liked him a lot more, but I saw a scary episode where they all got eaten by a plant and I never watched the show again lmao.

Character: Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew
Date: ~ 2006?

YOU. You ruined my life. I want you dead. Dren/Kisshu/Quiche/Whoever the fuck is a weird example, because I actually fucking LOATHED him as a kid. I hated him with every fiber of my being. I was so furious on Ichigo's behalf because of how he kept creeping on her and following her around. (But also I was sort of... O_O)
Anyway, fast forward eons later and I was hit with the sickening realization that he was the Blueprint for my awful tastes now. I hope he has a terrible day.

Character: Eriol Hiiragizawa from Cardcaptor Sakura
Date: ~ 2006-7

I'm gonna be honest here, I hardly remember anything about him. I ended up accidentally buying my volumes of Cardcaptor Sakura out of order, so he just randomly showed up as I was reading, and I never really questioned why. I remember he was like, Clow's reincarnation or something? Anyway, I actually don't remember why I liked him, either. I guess he was just quiet and nice (but vaguely evil), and that was enough for me.

Character: Lard Nar from Invader Zim
Date: approx. 2010 - 2011 (minimum)

Where to even BEGIN...!! Lard Nar was my main man from 5th-6th grade and probably way longer, tbh. Long story short, I wanted to ship my OC with Zim, but my friend had already taken him, so I chose the next best option (we both hated Dib lmao). I ended up creating this huge spun out storyline over several years. He and my OC eventually got married and had a son. :') I still have pages and pages of old drawings, even though most of them are lost by now. LNaAR ftw :')

Character: Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist
Date: 2011...?

feels weird thinking about how long ago I watched FMA for the first time... 2011 doesn't Feel correct but I guess time isnt real. anyway ... Envy hit some Real Buttons for me and the ramifications are only now beginning to fully reveal themselves ten years later. i had an OC that was in lov w them but Envy hated her and honestly its really funny. idk exactly what to say here bc i worry that ill just say smthing h*rny abt their outfit. but yeah Envy was Formative i'll say that much

Character: Jack Noir from H*mestuck
Date: 2011 - 2012

ya i read (past tense) homestuck........ sorry lol
Anyway I thought Jack (and by extension Spades) was very cool. I made it EXPLICITLY CLEAR that I ONLY liked Jack and NOT Bec Noir because I was NOT "a furry" whatever the hell that means in this day and age. I had a sense of superiority over reading the Intermissions so I really liked the Midnight Crew and carapaces and assorted charas. Anyways stream Black it still rocks

Character: Korosensei from Assassination Classroom
Date: Jan. 2015 - forever

Korosensei is one of my Forever Characters... he was the first character I legit self shipped with. I remember being so embarrassed by it at first haha... but this was like a Turning point in my life where I started doing more of what I liked and what made me happy and tried not to worry about it as much. He makes me feel safe and happy :) He's so lovely... would love to hug this squishy man any day!! He changed my life tbh, both him and this series :')

Character: Nougami Neuro from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
Date: June 2015 - ???

YOU. You. You changed my life too... but not in a good way....... the details of how I feel about Nougami Neuro are too sordid to put here in their entirety so lets just say that Neuro is @__@;. I actually reread the series recently and got hit with a renewed wave of rabies thinking about him. He's a very interesting character from a very very interesting series that I never would have read if not for getting into Assclass first. Yūsei Matsui stop making these characters so *barks*

Character: Assorted Matsus from Osomatsu-san
Date: 2015 - now, but only when im on crack

I really don't want to make separate entries for all of them LMAO not at the moment anyway. When the show first came out I was like haha Ichimatsu sexy because of That One Skit (if u know u know) but liking Any Of Them is a gateway drug so pretty soon I was like Karamatsu is sort of cute, and then I liked Oso (???), and now six years later I am into Choromatsu and Todomatsu. People change but not always for the better. Sometimes it gets worse :)

Character: Joseph Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (part 3)
Date: Late 2017 - forever

Joseph Joestar my beloved..... the first Jojo character I fell head over heels for. I love him with all my heart.... we have been married for 3 years now :) Funney old man with a good heart. Joseph is the first and maybe only character I've ever self shipped with that has made it into Legit Husband territory. Even if I find other characters I love that come and go Joseph is Forever. He is one of a very select few Constant Characters that will always stay in my heart <3

Character: Vinegar Doppio from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (part 5)
Date: 2018? - until the day I die and then even Longer

i dont think it would be an exaggeration to say that i would do anything doppio told me to do Without question. im not going to say that he did nothing wrong but you sure as hell wont see me criticizing him. i love this man more than i love my own safety and wellbeing. proud poster boy of my "freaky middle aged men who just need Love and maybe they'll become Normal" group of faves. all jokes aside i have some rlly deep and genuine feelings about him :') he's v dear to me...

Character: Asu (Kawajiri) from Dorohedoro
Date: June 2020 -

Sometimes I read/watch something in its entirety without developing a crush until I'm completely done with the series, and that's what happened with Asu. After I binged the manga I drew him once or twice, and then suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about him, and then suddenly he was my boyfriend LOL. He's kind of a brat but also just a lonely thirty year old who needs to learn how to make friends and i guess i like weird lonely men. Also hes very sexy as a devil >:)

Character: Asagiri Gen from Dr. Stone
Date: Early April 2021 -

what the fuck. what the fuck . this happened so fast that putting him on this list feels wrong but this man has stolen my capacity for rational thought. for the past month i have thought of nothing but holding his hand in a field of flowers underneath the stars. he is so beautiful and handsome it makes me look stupid. his voice is so cute. drinking soda irl makes me sick but i want to share a cola with him. asagiri gen is a master manipulator and i am not immune

Character: Dr. Xeno Wingfield and Stanley Snyder from Dr. Stone
Date: Late April 2021

this is Actually embarassing to put on here. i cant believe dr. stone rotted my brain so fast like........... are you Okay (@ myself)

um anyway what can i say here to defend myself. probably nothing. xeno is fcking ugly, stan is (rlly) hot but hes Mean. and neither of them are good people so ...  you know what i dont have to explain myself fuck you they just hit different

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