Erratic attempt to try to categorize and explain why I find myself obsessed with certain characters so that I can get a better understanding of my diseased brain and how it works. Posting what I have so far and hoping I will have the energy to add the other sections and put in more characters for examples. Featuring a variety of characters that I have been really really passionate about during various fandom phases or have otherwise affected my brain for various lengths of time.

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RAT MEN - nothing appealing about them in theory or in practice; usually looked down on/disliked in canon or in fandom

SUBSECTION: literal rats and
rat-adjacent creatures

INFERIORITY/SUPERIORITY COMPLEX - takes out their feelings of indadequecy or superiority on others, often very smug

FERAL - acts mostly on instinct and personal desires rather than what society/others dictate; often one-track-minded

KINNIE MOMENTS - weird guys i relate to for really specific reasons

SELF-CONFIDENCE ISSUES - i can fix him. in this essay, i wi---


GOOD BOYS - oh my god. how can people even be this nice. they have such good hearts

BRATS/LITTLE BITCHES - spoiled and annoying, they make me want to choke them to death, they all ruined my life

chill boys who like to have fun, good-natured but a little lazy