Archetype Cheatsheet: Branded Despia

[NOTE: I am not good at this game!! This is not a guide on how to play the archetype, but rather a cherrypicked list of highlighted information so that I can get familiar with different decks.]


Aluber the Jester of Despia


Lv. 4

On summon: Branded S/T search.

While in GY: if a Fusion is destroyed/leaves the field, free Special Summon from GY, and negate one opponent's monster until end of turn.

Ad Libitum of Despia


Lv. 8

Optional: All monsters gain ATK equal to Lv. x 100 until end of next turn.

If used as Fusion material from hand/field, now in GY/banished: Special Summon other GY/banished Despia material or Lv. 8+ Fusion.

Despian Comedy


Lv. 1

When opponent targets a Despia card (Quick Effect): discard from hand + negate.

When in GY: Tribute 1 Fusion, Special Summon from GY.