Government Assigned Yugioh Boyfriend Quiz!
(designed mostly for people who don't watch Yugioh)

There are 9 questions. Make sure that you submit each answer before moving on to the next question! There are currently 17 possible results. More will be added at a later date.

When you get your result, save the image to your site, and please link back for other people to take the quiz! If you get a tie between multiple characters, feel free to choose whichever one you prefer!

1.) You want to watch a movie, but can't decide on one. Which of these ideas sounds the most appealing to you?

Check for reviews online to help you make up your mind. I don't want to commit to 90 minutes of something that isn't worth it.
Ask a friend for a recommendation. Even if it doesn't sound like my thing, if they're excited about it, I can probably get excited too.
Pick a famous 80's movie. It might be a bit tropey, but it's a classic for a reason!

2.) When you play games, you're usually thinking about...

...nothing! I play games to relax and unwind. quickly I can win, or finish the next mission.
...the level of skill and challenge involved for me. much hard work it took to make what I'm currently playing. awesome they are, and how much fun I'm having! hard they are!
I don't usually play games.

3.) Which of the five basic flavors do you enjoy the most?


4.) What is one of your biggest weaknesses?

I can be too selfish sometimes, and put my needs ahead of others.
I'm not confident in myself, and I let others walk all over me.
I let my emotions control me in stressful scenarios, and it can cause trouble for me.
I tend to withdraw from others, and try to shoulder all of my burdens by myself.

5.) Your best friend tells you that they just had an encounter with a ghost! How do you react?

"Ghosts aren't real. You need to quit believing in all of that made-up, supernatural stuff."
"Really?! Do you think it's still there? Let's go check it out!"
"A ghost?! Wherever you saw it must be haunted. I'm never going near there ever again!"
"As long as you don't bother it, it won't bother you! Just chill out."
"I don't know if I believe you, but I don't know enough about ghosts to dispute it..."
"That's somebody's spirit. Make sure you're being respectful if you run into it again."
"Yeah, it's probably going to kill you. Nice knowing you."

6.) You're playing a turn-based strategy game. You have the option of going first or second. Which do you choose?

I have no real preference, so whatever I choose in the moment.

7.) When you go to somebody looking for advice, what do you want to get out of it?

I want them to think about both sides of the situation, and give me an unbiased assessment of what's best.
I want them to give me advice that will help me do what's best for me personally.
I just want them to listen. I can usually figure out what I need to do about a problem after I talk it out.
I've pretty much already made up my mind about what I'm going to do. I just need someone to help me spin out what the consequences of my actions might be.
I want somebody who will tell me that I can figure things out on my own, without their help.

8.) On a fundamental level, which of these things is the coolest?

A dragon.
A demon.
A wraith.
A phoenix.
A mecha.
A wizard.
A superhero.

9.) Choose an adjective ripped from the imood status menu.



Yugi Mutou


Joey Wheeler

Seto Kaiba

Ryou Bakura

Yami Bakura

Marik Ishtar

Yami Marik

Jaden Yuki

Chazz Princeton

Bastion Misawa

Aster Phoenix

Jesse Anderson

Axel Brodie

Jack Atlas

Yusei Fudo

Crow Hogan