what is there to say about yugioh duel monsters that hasn't already been said before? it's baby's first anime, a show a show about spiky hair and children's card games, (in)famously ruined by 4kids entertainment - though everyone is quick to point out how EDGY it really is if you read the original manga !!!1!1!1one!!!


duel monsters is the first series in the yugioh anime (not counting the toei adaptation of the manga, also called season 0). it's followed by gx, 5ds, zexal, arc-v, vrains, and sevens. it's a whopping 224 episodes long, 40% of which are filler. by no means could i call it 'good,' or 'well written,' nor could i 'recommend' it to my 'friends'. it has more than its fair share of problems, and yet -- i love it. i just freakin love it, for so many reasons that it would be impossible to list all of them here. i loved it as a kid, and - after starting the show from the beginning "as a joke" last may or so - i love it now.


there's still plenty left for me to experience when it comes to yugioh. i've got upwards of 600 more episodes to watch, the entirety of the manga(s) to read, and entire TCG strategies to learn. (not to mention all the cards to buy...) i genuinely look forward to all of that and more. while i'm certainly surprised that yugioh has had such a big impact on me at this age, i don't regret it for a second.